Basics Guide of Blogging

Whenever you want to start a blog, you must ever keep in mind few tips and tricks. So that your hard effort remains with you forever and changing your blog login credentials should not make any worse affect on your already written blogs whether you are uploading, downloading, importing, exporting your blog or even you are moving your blog from one login credential to another.

Blogger Basics

There are several methods available to save your hard work and we are going to discuss each and every step from scratch of blogging. Following are the types:-
  1. Download / Upload Blog
  2. Import / Export Blog
  3. Moving Blog / Migrating Blog
The first and most important step after making changes in your blog coding is to download whole template of that blog so that in future you can upload and all the coding changes will be applied itself and it will save your valuable time for re-formatting your blog as it was earlier. But remember, for this you have to take backup / download template on regular basis whenever you make any changes in HTML/CSS coding or write any new post.

1. Download/Upload Blog Template


When you are sure that you have modified your blog template as per your design or as per your color combination, or layout, then it is time to download blog template. Go through the below screen shots or the proper process followup.

  1. Login to your blog account.
  2. Click on Template  option to see further settings
    Downloading Blog Template
  3. Now click on Backup/Restore to see next steps
    Backup and Restore of a Blog Template
  4. On this popup screen click on Download Full Template
           Backup and Restore of a Blog Template 

This process is as simple as 1-2-3 and anyone can do this by following steps as mentioned above. Now you are again ready to do more with your blog without the fear of losing anything in terms of coding and styling your blog template. Because if by any reason, any error occurs with your blog then you can restore the downloaded template by following same process.

Just have a look on the below screen shot to follow the uploading process.
Restore of a Blog Template

When you click on Browse button then it will ask to provide the path where you saved the template after downloading in above steps. Just follow and it is done.

2. Import / Export Blog

This is second option for taking backup of your blog and with this you can export each and every setting of blog in full .XML file of your blog template.
  1. Login to your Blog
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then click on Others at the bottom left side of screen
  4. And then click on the Export Blog option as indicated in the screen shot.
    Export Import of a Blog
  5. This will show you another screen for your further action. Don't worry your blog will not delete with this action. Now click on Download Blog
    Exporting a Blog
  6. Now save template wherever you want to. This is done.
I hope this is absolutely an easy way to download or upload your blog template. Isn't it?

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