Tuesday 24 March 2015

What happened to my 1400 Plus words Post?

I have done a Blunder

Today I have learned a big lesson when I have lost my 1400 plus words post with a fault in my electricity panel. I worked hard in writing, formatting these 1400+ words post but due to some reason I could not save my post to my local hard drive and I paid for this big blunder.
What a blunder Mistake by BlogingFunda
Everyday I take backup of my post before final publish but I don't know how and why I did this mistake that I did not backed it up and lost my hard written post. However the concept is still in my mind but I wrote with some selected pearls from my ocean of knowledge but all is vain. but it gives me a new lesson and I hope you all would also learn something from these lines.

How to Keep your Content Safe?

Today I am not very happy after loosing my brilliant post among all my previous posts and I worked hard to write my post which is now memory of mine. But I can give you some tips so that it should not happen with you.
  • Always keep a copy before finalize your post
  • Do not write directly on blogging Platform
  • Do double check that content is backed up
  • Do not hurry while publishing your content
Always keep in mind that content which you write with utmost care would not be written again however the content is yours. Even no one can write as it was written before.

Now I think, I must add this experience in my How to setup a Blog post and I will definitely do this. This is the worst experience of my blogging journey.

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