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How to become Professional Blogger?

How to become Professional Blogger with BlogingFunda Blog

This question is quite difficult to answer but not impossible. To become a professional blogger you just need to follow some Pro-Habits or you can inherit these habits from other pro-bloggers.

For doing this you just need to adapt some habits of professional bloggers either around you or on the internet, you can easily find them. I am not saying that you have to be a Copy-Cat but you have to learn about their blogging habits and develop your own habits to be a successful blogger. You just do exactly what is mentioned below and follow step by step guide to become a Professional Blogger. These are basically 3 (three) basic guidelines to become a pro-blogger. What are these? Just have a look on those in details.

3 Basic Guidelines

  1. Find your Niche

  2. Writing Schedule

  3. Commitment


  • Find Your Niche Blog

    The first step before setting up a blog is to find your blog niche. If you know your niche then you will soon be on the the way to success in blogging career. And if you don't know about niche blog or how to find a niche or what is a niche blog then i have something already written on this for you. Read Here about Niche.

  • Set Writing Schedule

    Whether you are writing regularly or few times in a week, you must obey your writing schedule because if you are writing on a particular time or day which suits to you, then your audience would ever wait for your next content on the exact date or day as you are frequently writing. And if you are not stick on your writing schedule then this will affect badly in terms of your audience. So make a schedule time for writing and never break this schedule.
  • Commitment

    A professional blogger is committed in every step in blogging. It is from starting a blog to engaging with the readers with several ways. A professional blogger while interacting with the readers stay cool and never hurries in replying to their queries. Commitment is as necessary as quality content to setup a brand in blogging.
Without fulfilling above three requirements or you can say without adapting above three habits of pro-bloggers, you can not be a professional blogger.

I know it will take some time but if you are following all these step by stem along with the guidelines mentioned below then no one can stop you for becoming a professional blogger. Trust me.

Proofread Your Content

Apart from above three basic guidelines, you must proofread your blog content before publishing because while writing almost everyone including me, do not care about minor mistakes. 
These can be grammatical, proper formation, text color etc. So I suggest you all do proofread your blog content before final submission for your readers. This is the first and most important checklist before submitting your blog. So you must take utmost care about this checklist.

Use Social Networking

Now when you have thoroughly checked and rectified all the minor or major mistakes into your blog content and you are thinking about how to distribute your blog post in your circle then you must spend some to make list of your social networking tools where you participate actively and you have a bundle of contacts there.

Promote Your Blog

This is the next part of Using Social Networking. Now start your blog content on your social media network one by one and be ready to reply to any query generated by your social circle. The more you will engage with your audience the more they will promote or share your content to their circle. You can find the 5 best websites to offer free social sharing.

Stick on Blog Niche

This is the second most important checklist after Proofread Your Content. If you are writing whether more or less, regular or sometimes but sticking on your blog niche then your blog will get a higher search ranking and you will get a huge amount of visitors on your blog. Did you know that a blog niche is the best ever Success Tool of blogging or to be a professional blogger. If you did not know about blog niche then you can read it here.

Adapt Guest Post Concept

Guest posting is a direct link of advertising your own blog posts on other blogger's blogs and many of the pro-bloggers build their brand in blogging by including guest posting. For writing a guest post, it requires time your in-depth knowledge about the topic you are going to write a guest post. Guest blogging is required for promotional activities.

In blogging, if you are using the concept of guest posting or guest blogging then it will be an added advantage and a helping hand in becoming a pro-blogger. Guest post is of two types and you can chose either one at the same time or both. Did you know this before? I guess you didn't? 

2 Types of Guest Post

Have a look on both types of Guest Post. Both terms are first appeared on BlogingFunda Blog on March 26, 2015.
    • One Way Guest Posting 

      Either you are writing on someone's blog as a guest blogger or someone else is writing for your blogs but not both then this is called One way Guest Posting which appeared first time on BlogingFunda blog on March 26, 2015.
    • Two Way Guest Posting 

      When there is both side transaction of guest posts are in use then Two way Guest Posting id done. this is much better than One way guest posting. The second term Two way Guest Posting is also appeared first time on BlogingFunda blog on March 26, 2015.

Develop Learning Habit

Whether you are a hobby or professional blogger, you must have the ability to learn more and more content of other bloggers. So that you can write even better than others and in-depth content than others have already been written in their posts. Learning habit will definitely help you in reaching your goal more faster. This is my personal experience because day by day I am writing good and unique content after analyzing other bloggers content. Also this is increasing my blogging skills.

What I do in Free Time?

Whenever I am free, I start searching different methods of earning from internet at home and you won't believe that only blogging is the best method of earning which is getting highlighted in every search result. But before starting your career as a blogger or a pro-blogger, you must ask some question to self and also must find relevant answers if you want to become a professional blogger. You can also take help from other bloggers which are already successful in blogging and have made a brand. What are these question?

15 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

I have worked hard to research on the most relevant questions which every blogger must ask before the start of their blogging career. I have questioned myself before starting My Blogging Journey and answered all question by researching on the same.If you can find these questions in yourself and also give answers of these then I am sure that you will become a Professional Blogger.
  1. Why become a Blogger?
  2. What is the criteria to be a Pro-Blogger?
  3. How much time it will take to become a Pro-Blogger?
  4. How to create a blog?
  5. How to start a blog?
  6. What is a niche blog?
  7. How to find your blog niche?
  8. How to write quality content?
  9. How to promote your blog content?
  10. How to use social media marketing tools?
  11. How to increase your blog visitors?
  12. How & where to use an opt-in form?
  13. How to make money online with your blog?
  14. How to become a professional blogger?
  15. How to become a Model Blogger?
I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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