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What is Keyword Research and why it is Important for Content Creation?

How to do Keyword Research in Blogging by BloggingFunda

Before we start the main topic of this post, I think you must know a little about the term Keyword.

Because this is the basic of keyword research and every search begins with keyword and it is the in-depth study of blogging.

So a keyword expert must know about this term to research about keywords.

Importance of Keyword Research in Blogging

What is Keyword in seo?

Keyword, in the search engine optimization, it is a word or phrase. In other words, a keyword is a root of a webpage. 

These are also referred as shortcuts that help others to find an entire page based on the searched word or phrase.

Follow some steps before doing Keyword Research:-
  • Collect some keywords
  • Choose your keyword relevant to your product or content theme

Types of Keywords

There are two basic types of keywords however you can elaborate this topic but I don't think that it is required here.
  1. Short Tail Keywords - These are very effective and relevant to the seo needs of a webpage.
  2. Long Tail Keywords - These are longer phrase or sentences and specific keywords that visitors are more likely to use.It is a better way to increase engagement and also to get organic search traffic.
Long Tail keywords are most effective and valuable for those who want their content ranking well in organic search result.

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What is the Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is an online activity or practice which is done by the Search Engine Optimization expert.

It is used to collect and research on various searching words which other people use into the search engines whenever they need any bit of useful information. 

The main reason being the keyword research is to generate search traffic with organic search result that are highly relevant to the content based on the keywords you use while creating your content.

As I have already explains about Keyword research, in other words, it is one of the most important and high return activities in the search engine optimization.

It is crystal clear that a major factor that is called Ranking, can make or break your website if no proper keyword are used while creating your web content.

How you will do Keyword Research with Free Keyword Tool?

After when you have understand about the term keyword, short tail and long tail keywords and also targeted long tail keywords in your adwords campaigns, you can get search engine ranking on relevant searches.

if you really want to find a reliable source of long tail keywords, you have to use any of the keyword planner tool, either free or paid.

There are several free and paid keywords planner tools available in online industry, you can use any of your choice and trust.

Like you all, I have also tried a few but usually I use the most reliable free tools for keyword planning as follows:
  • Google's Keyword Planner Tool - Below is an example created with this free tool provided by Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
  • Keywords Planner by Google offers free tools for basic keyword research and its analysis.
  • But all the results are relevant only for Google search engines.  Features of AdWords Keyword planner:
  • Get traffic estimates for the keyword every month for the last one year.
    • Generate new keywords by combining different keyword lists. 
    • Create new keyword variations based on initial keyword.
Average Monthly search for Long tail keyword with Google Keyword Planner 


How to Research Keywords for your SEO?

Like you collect all the required goods before going to your vacations. Similarly, collect or make a list of important and relevant topics based on what you know about your content or product.

If you want a good search rank or better organic search traffic with search result, think about the topic you want to rank for in terms of organic keywords for searching.

What are 7 Steps of Keyword Research?

These 7 steps are the backbone of your content and is required to get organic search result and search engine ranking.

However, there are several other factors also required while blogging but keyword research is the in-depth study of blogging.

What are 7 steps of Keyword Research by BloggingFunda

Have a look on these 7 steps of Keyword Research.

Keyword Research Step 1 #Collect generic topics or words

I guess you will come up with about more than 5 or 10 topics you think are important to your business, and then you'll use those topic as your keywords to help come up with some specific keywords later in the process.

You might have some common keywords like:
  • blogging
  • seo
  • email marketing
  • digital marketing
  • social media
  • marketing analytic etc

Keyword Research Step 2 #Make common phrases for search

If you have collected or written some common topics for search then the next task is to fill these topics with a common phrase or sentence, you think would use for search engine.

No, this will not work until the proper formation of these sentences. 

Now it is time to reuse these Keyword Planner Tools to get long tail keywords and your result should be like these below mentioned phrases:
  • How to set up your blog?
  • What is seo or search engine optimization?
  • What is marketing?
  • What is the difference in digital and email marketing?
  • How social media is responsible for search ranking?
And so on but this is not your final list of keywords and there is lots of other steps you have to do for better search engine ranking or getting organic search traffic.

Keyword Research Step 3 #Check out the Competition

If you’ve collected keywords, do a search for it on Google and other search engines to see what your competition is already doing for better ranking and search engine traffic.

You must pay attention to the following:-

  • The domain and URL of your competition 
  • The titles and headings
  • The type of content that’s ranking
  • The types of businesses or product that are ranking 
  • How authoritative those sites are?
For this you can use an inbuilt plugin like SEO for Firefox to check the age of the site in the top 10, the size of their link profiles and so on as per your requirements.

Keyword Research Step 4 #Create content on your research

It is time to create your content based on the the details you have collected in about 3 steps of Keyword Research.

While creating your content, you should also take care about the basics of blogging, like,
  • Use visual content
  • Optimize your graphics with proper attributes
  • Take care about the size of your visuals
  • Do not use copyrighted graphics
  • Optimize your content headlines with proper guidelines
  • Break your long paragraphs in chunks for better understanding
  • Use proper headlines for each section of your content etc.
If you are following step by step, I am 100% sure that your content will surely get better search ranking and organic search traffic too.

Keyword Research Step 5 #Publish your content

Well, you are ready to hit the Publish button so that your content out into the global audience.

Now, you may need to be careful about the schedule you will follow after publishing your content.

There should be some specific schedule of publishing your content, if you want your loyal readers to come and read  your hard written content.

So do not neglect the concept of scheduling your content before immediately publishing online.

Keyword Research Step 6 #Promote your content

Take care while promoting your content because this is the step which you should start with utmost care.

Before promoting your content, there are few steps you should keep in mind.
  • Choose right social media
  • Schedule your content to promote on the social media
  • Every social media has its own scheduling time, so follow it
  • Keep attentive while responding the queries on social media
  • Follow guideline of medial you are using to promote content
  • Do not spam your content to get cheap traffic count because your readers will only love your content, not spam content
But before this, ask few questions to yourself:
  • What is the purpose of this content?
  • Will your content help others in solving their problems?
  • Are you able to tackle or response on each query your content will generate after publishing?
  • What would be the strategy of dealing with the exploded audience?
  • How will you support your readers if they need your assistant? 

Keyword Research Step 7 #Analyze the result not content

After completing steps 1 to 6, if you think that you are done, then sorry to say that this is not done yet.

The most important step is analyzing the result after promoting your content. There are several factors you should collect from the result.

For this you can use Google's Analytic or Google's Webmaster tool to check and collect the required information.

What you will get with these tools?

There are lots of in-depth information is linked with your content after publishing in on the webs.
  • Behavior of your content readers
  • GEO of your audience
  • Active users of your content
  • Your site speed and load time
  • Demographics of your content readers and may more
In-Page Analytic Report with Google Analytic Tool by BloggingFunda
In-Page Analytic Report of BloggingFunda

Points to be Analyzed:-

  • Is really optimized your content
  • Is really Researched your Keywords
  • Is your analytic has better result than before
Ask these question to yourself and analyze your data and I am sure if you are dedicated to these 7 steps for Keyword Research then there is not any reason to get viral traffic through organic search.

I am applying these techniques and getting better results than before.

What do you think about this post and the steps written for keyword research?

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