Thursday 2 July 2015

How to find Category of Blogging suits Best to You?

Which Category of Blogging suits Best to you - BloggingFunda
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Well this topic is not yet written anywhere on the internet and you can easily find by searching for the below quote:

"Which Category of Blogging Suits Best to You?"  

No result will be displayed in search result with this search string except one result.

Do you know why?

It is very simple because before this post, no one written on this topic.

As you might know that I have already written several times about blogging and I often use one sentence:

I can prove this to you but give me some time and soon I will be reaching on this topic with several facts as a proof.

But before this I would like to discuss something interesting and that is about Blogging Categories.

I know that there are already lots of blog posts on the same topic written on the internet, but believe me this will change your thought about blogging.

What are Blogging Categories?

There are several categories of blogging but here I am going to write only the best categories.

4 Best Categories of Blogging

  1. Beginner Level

    • A beginner level category of blogging means when you are new to blogging and you are planning to start a blog.
    • In this category there are lots of things you must take care before starting i.e. 
      • Blogging niche
      • Domain name
      • Hosting Plan etc.
  2. Intermediate Level

    • An intermediate of level of blogging mean, you have setup your blog and already selected blogging niche, domain name and the hosting plan.
  3. Expert Level

    • An expert level blogging means that you have the capability in handling critical situations while blogging i.e. changing blog theme without making any mistake, properly importing or exporting your blog from one account to another etc.
  4. Professional Level

    • A professional blogging means that you can write frequently without wasting your time or money and choose the correct blogging tools to explore more about blogging.
    • You can also guide others for setting up their blogging career easily.
Now it is your turn to think and write that which category suits best to you and in which category you are thinking that you should be. What are you doing to maintain your online position of blogging.

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