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You can see that I have created this blog just to help other new bloggers like you to make blogging their serious career and this can be possible if and only if we all contribute our blogging skills on this blog and one day I am seeing this blog on top rank among all similar blogs. 

Anyone can share their blogging skills, interesting tips and tricks here, if you think that by sharing those valuable tips you can help others then you are most welcome, initially we are not going to pay for that but later we have a plan of sharing 50% of generated money among all active and regular shareholders of this blog who will share frequently and we we will definitely share earned ads revenue among all active members of this blog. 

Now when everything is clear about sharing blog skills and also sharing ads generated revenue, one may ask following questions to us for starting on this BlogingFunda.

What to Share?

Before answering about this question, I must tell you that all content, tips and tricks which you wanted to share might already be on the net. So you have to use your writing skills to rewrite the same content with your wordings and it should not be the work of copy and pasting. I hope, it is clear to everyone and you must recheck your content with smallseotools, a tool for checking plagiarized or copied content. 

We will recheck the same and if found copied exact then, your content will be rejected by us. You can share your blogging skills for any category mentioned below to help new bloggers. We have categorized these in three types:-

1. Beginner Level - 2. Intermediate Level - 3. Expert Level

You can share anything which you think that can be helpful and best suited to above three levels of blogging.

The main areas can be classified for the Beginner Level of a bloggers as follows:-

Beginner Level

How to get started with a Blog - 7 Steps to Start a Blog

The first and most important level is Basic Beginner Level and this contains 7 absolutely perfect 'How-Tos' for a new blogger. Have a look below:-
  1. How to create Blog Account
  2. How to setup Blog Name
  3. How to setup Blog Theme
  4. How to change Theme Color
  5. How to add Blog Widget
  6. How to add Blog Social Sharing
  7. How to write First Post
    • How to chose Font
    • How to chose Font Size
    • How to align your Blog Content
    • How to use Header Tags
    • How to use Font Color
    • How to Link Internal or External URLs
    • How to add Images
    • How to add Videos
    • How to add Jump Break
Above mentioned 7 steps with 9 sub steps to start a blog are just for the Beginner Level Blogger (BLB). You can write as long as you think is good to explain for the new bloggers. We don't have any objection about the length of your post. 

You can use appropriate images and diagrams as I have used in my other post about Basics Guide about Blogging if your think adding images would add some more help in understanding the concept, but make sure do not use Copyrighted images of content. And if you are downloading any image from internet then you must credit proper information along with the full path of that image or diagram from where you downloaded. 
Do not bother about your mistakes of English Grammar or communication skills because I don't think this will impact on your Creative Writing.

Intermediate Level

6 Steps to deal with Blogs Advanced Settings

Well, the term "Intermediate Level in Blogging " is first ever used by BlogingFunda on March 13, 2015 and we are going to disclose the secret about this new term.

However, writing about blogging is itself a vast topic and we need to collect all information from the scratch but most of the bloggers just write about the major topics under blogging. I know that part is also important but if one is a new then can we assume that without the basic guide about blogging how a blogger can start blogging as a serious career.
  1. Creating Blog Menubar

    • Add Blog Pages
    • Remove Pages
  2. Blog Statistics

    • Overviews
    • Posts
    • Traffic Source
    • Audience
  3. Earnings from Blog

    • Adsense
  4. Blog Layout

  5. Blog Template

    • Customize
    • Edit HTML
  6. Advance Settings

    • Basic
    • Posts / Comments
    • Backlinks
    • Meta Tags
Above mentioned terms are will be helpful for Intermediate Level Blogger (ILB). Again, I am requesting you all to use images to demonstrate these advance settings. This will also help an intermediate level blogger.

Expert Level

3 Steps to deal with Blogs Advanced Settings

This is the 3rd and final level of Blogging guide and I have already written about this. In this section you will find all the three major setting of a blog. This will surely give boost to start blogging as a serious career. You can read it from from Basic Guide of Expert Level Blogger (ELB).

This section deals with the three options of taking backup, restoring backup of a blog and also to move your blog from one admin to another. There are several methods available to save your hard work and we are going to discuss each and every step from scratch to make you feel safe with blogging. 

Following are the types and you have to just click on any option out of three to visit the full page with complete settings.
  1. Download / Upload Blog 

  2. Import / Export Blog

  3. Moving Blog / Migrating Blog

Now how are you feeling after reading about to write for this blogging community. We are waiting for your reply and also suggestions are most welcome to write better posts full of tips and trick about blogging.

Send your entries about blogging tips and tricks to us for publishing with your credits and for full details for sending your entries Click Here.

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