Friday 26 June 2015

Blogging Questionnaires - What you will say on these?

BloggingFunda - A to Z of Blogging - A questionnaire about blogging
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I am blogging on this blog since March 2015 and receiving a mixed response from my readers and followers.

But the response is totally amazing on my different blogs written on different niches. 

Do you know that my loyal followers are on every blog and this encourages me to write more and more on all blogs.

Before I continue this post, if you have some spare time and you want to help bloggers who needs help in setting up their blogging career, then you can give reply to these questions.

#1 - Are you getting the same response?

If yes, then,
What are you doing to overcome from this critical blogging phase?

Because this is the toughest phase of blogging and more than 80% of bloggers quit blogging due to not getting traffic or better search engine ranking.

#2 - Do you have your own blog?

If you are just writing for your time pass then it is alright but if you are writing as a professional blogger or you want something, you want to gain through your blogs then you must answer for this question.

#3 - How to setup your blog?

This is the first question which comes in mind while thinking about blogging career. I hope you would have faced this first phase of blogging when you set up your blog.

Below I am giving one reference for setting up a blog on blogger, you can give steps for wordpress blog.
@How to setup your blog on Blogger

#4 - Which blogging platform you are using?

I think this must be the very first question I should write but I started this post just for another reason so this is here on number 4.

#5 - What is the frequency of publishing new posts?

If you are a professional or full time blogger then please give your own experience because it will help lots of new bloggers who has just started their blogging career.

#6 - What type of SEO you are doing?

If you are already setup your blog and getting good response through search traffic then definitely you know about the types of search engine optimization you have done on your blog.

SEO Types

  • On-Page Seo
  • Off-Page Seo
@Does Google+1 affects Search Engine Optimization 

#7 - How you are optimizing your images?

As you know that visual contents are more beneficial for your blogs and if you are using optimized images then you will get more traffic and engagement.
  1. But how to optimize blog images? 
  2. Do you have simple way to optimize an image?
@What is the Advantage of using images in your blog 
Now take a deep breath because you have almost done first part of blogging after setting up a blog but still the rest is pending and that is most important to understand.


"Blogging is a Horse Race and only one can Win - BloggingFunda"

#8 - How to promote your blog?

Now the question arises that if you are writing killer title of your blog but still no one is reading and your search engine ranking is also not good.

Then what to do. Alright, if it is promotion or publicity of your blog then,
  1. Where are you promoting your blog?
  2. What are you doing to get better engagement?
  3. How are you getting better search engine ranking?
@ 5 Different website to create Social Widgets

I will appreciate you all for your involvement in this questionnaire about blogging because I am preparing an eBook of my own experiences and I need your support to complete that, don't worry I will not steal your credit.

Actually I want mixed opinion on the same questions, so that every blogger can read and learn as well.

And if you will give answers of above questions, then only I will be able to reach on conclusion about the categories of bloggers.

If you are really a true blogger and already seen different phases of blogging then I think you can give answer for these questions to help other bloggers.

You can add your thoughts or questions and if I left any and if you think that this post is worth for bloggers to think then you can show your gratitude by sharing this in your circle.

You can also follow us on Google Plus.

Thanks for reading this and now the waiting for your responses started.

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