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How Google+ Communities can help to Grow your Audience?

How Google+ Communities can help to Grow your Audience - By BloggingFunda
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Grow your Blog Traffic with Google Communities

Do you know about Google Communities?

I guess you all know.

Because, a blogger who is using Google+ for sharing the blog post, would know about these communities from where we can get viral traffic for our blogs.

There are some tactics for using google communities.

Do you know how to use these communities?

Alright, I assume that you know but still, there is few steps which almost every blogger skips or ignores.

What are those steps?

Do you really want to know those steps?

If yes, then read this below topic in full to capture those steps. 

This topic will cover all tactics to use Google communities and steps to follow while sharing your blog posts on these communities.

Google communities are just like other social websites but serve a lot more than all.

What is a Social Website?

Now a days, social websites means a vast topic and its definition also has several mouths to speak.

But here, in blogging and specially in Google Plus Communities, you will read only about 3 major topics covered under one root.

Social Websites - What it Covers? 

It mainly covers 3 major topics and all has in-depth meaning while sharing content through google communities. These topics are call branches of social websites.

3 Branches of Social Websites

  1. Social networking sites 
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Social networking

Social networking Sites

Google+ is a largest social networking site and communities under google plus are its further branches with endless benefits if you are using these communities properly.

Social media Marketing

Google+ communities also serves as social media marketing and promote your blog to the endless readers under its roof.
If you are using these communities well then I don't think that you need to worry about traffic for your blog.

Social Networking

There is not other good example of social networking than these Google+ communities. These are designed like an extended forest of communities.

There are some rules while creating these communities and working with and one should take care to get the maximum benefits of these communities.

Hence, there are some rules, one should follow before sharing the content with community members.

What are rules while engaging with communities?

There are basically two golden rules we all must follow if we want loyal readers and re-visitors of our blogs.

2 Golden Rules of Google Communities

  1. Create only one community under each blog niche
  2. Join as many as you can manage under each blog niche

One community for each blog niche - BloggingFunda

Why to create One Community in each blog niche?

In the first rule, remember that you are creating just one community under each of your blog niche.

If you are creating multiple communities for the same purpose then, this is just a waste of your time.
And your followers would soon be considered you as a spammer after receiving same content posted more than one or two on daily basis.
However you can share your content on daily basis if you are frequently writing new blog posts. This will not harm your blogger image. 

If you are still thinking that I am just threatening you all then you must read the drawbacks of creating multiple communities below:

Drawbacks of creating multiple Communities

  • Your Blog value may decrease
  • You may lost your online respect
  • You may lost your loyal readers
  • Your blog may fall under spam
  • Your followers can neglect multiple posting of one blog, if you are creating multiple communities for one blog niche.
Above are the major drawbacks for creating multiple communities. So be careful while creating communities more than one for a single blog niche.

How joining multiple communities can help to grow traffic - BloggingFunda

What are the benefits of joining multiple communities?

The second golden rule of Google Communities is to join as many communities as you can mange. The more you will join, the more your content will share with among the communities and this way you will get natural traffic.

But for this you have to follow some rules for sharing your content among all communities you have joined.

Before I write about the benefits of joining multiple communities, I must write about few rules of sharing in these communities.

You might have observed that some bloggers share their each blog and every community they have joined, no doubt, they are receiving plus one and natural traffic but did you notice that if you are writing on daily basis, then your followers just give you plus one and not visiting on your blog post.

Do you know why?

I guess you know but ignoring this.

Followers, once visited on your shared post and given plus one would not waste their time for revisiting same content share by you on other communities on the same day.

I also will not do that because for me time is money.

So you just follow some rules while sharing same content on same day on multiple communities.

  • Do not share same content on more than one or two communities in a single day. However you can share multiple different posts on each community, one post on one community in a single day and second post on second community on the same day and so on.
  • Never post your blog link in the comment system of while commenting or giving plus one to your followers from the communities. (Strictly prohibit)
  • Do not spam, by sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitation in communities you are joined or not.
For further clarification about Google+ policies you can visit the Google's official page.

Also you can visit the Google+ page of +John Skeats to know a bit more about these communities.


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  1. Hi Mohinder,

    Yes indeed, these are the ways one can grow blog traffic through G+ communities :)

    I liked how you told us about the pros and cons, because we need to follow the rules of every community, just like we have our own blog rules. Once you read the rules and follow them, the rest comes easy. I haven't started any community due to lack of time for moderating them, but am part of many.

    Also, now they've started Google Collections, wonder if you heard of them? You can make your own and that again people follow and share further.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend :)

    1. Hi Harleena Ma'am, thanks for spending time for reading my post and let me tell you one thing that whenever I get a comment from your side, I feel full of joy, courage and positive feelings about my blogging career.

      Yes, I have heard about Google collections but could not maintain due to lack of time because I am running an educational institute of advanced computing courses along with website designing and online advertisements.

      Once again, thanks a ton for visiting and commenting on my post.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dear +Richard G. Stevens for this praise