Saturday 6 June 2015

Does Google's +1 Button Affects SEO?

How google plus one affect search engine optimization of blog post - BloggingFunda
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Google's +1 is a mystery for almost 90% bloggers.

This is my personal opinion and may vary blogger to blogger but I will stick to this value.

You tell me honestly, do you know each and everything about this little +1 or not?

I guess, not all bloggers.

There are few questions, which should come in mind of a blogger while giving Google +1. What are those questions?

Alright, I am coming to these questions soon but first you tell me that why you give plus one to posts of others?

I am waiting for your one liner answer for this simple question and if you think that I have pinched you by sharing this shivering question then it is your turn to show your gratitude by commenting or following BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers.


As per my opinion, the simple and more effective answer about why you give plus one to posts is Like Mindedness

This can be in taste, design, thoughts etc. People with same likings shares the content to their circles by giving +1 to that content, any other posted media including images or videos other than text.

Healthy Relation

This works for the healthy relation between the two persons. One who has posted the content on Google Plus and the second who is giving Plus one to that post. 

It has one more positive effect that it also creates a healthy relation with google's search engine 

Strange Mechanism

For others, Google's +1 button has a strange mechanism about its functioning but for me its impact is crystal clear. The more a post gets +1 the more it will get higher ranking in near future after the several changes in the algorithm of google search engine.

Correlation between Google +1s and Search Rankings

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between the google's +1 and search engine ranking?

BUT it is true that there is very strong correlation between the two factors and in near future posts with more +1s will get higher ranking in google search engine.

What to do now? 

If you are really serious about search engine ranking of your blog or website, then you must start thinking about the following points:
  1. Make healthy relation on Google+
  2. Share quality content to attract natural links
  3. Make easy to share content
  4. Make provision of Google's +1 button on your content
  5. Always share your content publicly
  6. Always use Google Badges in your posts
  7. Complete your Google Plus profile


In the end, I would like to say that Google's +1 strongly affects SEO of your blog post and you must take care about the pinpoints mentioned here to take maximum advantage of giving or getting google's plus one.
Open your eyes for this topic and it will be online soon next week. till then, prepare your posts with google plus one badge or buttons.


  1. In my opinion, it will affect the SMO for your website, and nowadays SMO is really needed to get maximum traffic. Thanks for sharing it.
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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the post. I hope it is worth for new bloggers. Please help me in sharing this content.

      I do agree with you dear but I think when a blogger is writing on small scale, it is not required but if you have something you think no one has pointed it before, you must go with the SMO option.

      Once again thanks for spending your valuable time.