Thursday 28 May 2015

Why there is lack of Quality Content in Blogging?

Quality Content: Achecklist by Blogging Funda

Quality Content: A Checklist in Blogging about Content Quality

Quality Content is the treasure for almost every blogger and every blogger in today's competitive environment is chasing for Quality Content. If I am not wrong?

But only few blogger are proving their ability to produce a quality content in their blogs for the readers following to them.

Do you know why? 

I guess you don't know.

Because, you don't know the basic meaning of quality content.

Most bloggers are at the dark side of blogging and their blogging career is not so bright. Why?

Because, they are trying to find the difference between the Quality Content and the High Quality Content.

As per my opinion, you must know what is quality content instead of finding the difference between the two keywords.

If you really want blogging as your serious career and also want some passive income from your blogs then you must know the Benefits of Blogging.

What are Benefits of Blogging?

There are several benefits but most commons benefits are of three types and this is my personal opinion on this:-
  1. Passive Income 
  2. Product Promotion & Sale 
  3. Making a Brand
Apart from above three benefits of blogging, there may be numerous other benefits but all depends on the nature or type of blogging.

Some bloggers choose blogging as a hobby and some find it part time job but the count of bloggers is greater than these two types of blogger who falls in the above mentioned three types of blogging benefits.

Do you know that there are two terms ever used in blogging?

Again I guess, you don't care about because as per my personal experience, most of the bloggers run for the high quality content and forget to write quality Content.

Is there any difference between quality content and high quality content - Blogging Funda

Is there any difference between Quality Content and High Quality Content?

Simply NO is the best answer of this question.

There is not any difference between the two keywords.

The right keyword is Quality Content and the second keyword is generated by the marketers itself to promote or sell their services.

They also use this keyword to sell their products, or for the other services which could be hired by other bloggers, marketers or entrepreneurs to get best out of their blog content.

This is a minor difference or nothing between the two keywords because both are twins or you can say that two sides of the coin and has the same meaning for the blog content.

What is Quality Content?

To overcome from this confusion, you must first understand about quality content.

Are you a blogger from the same crowd that finds how to write a high quality content then you must know about the Quality Content first.

A quality content contains few major points to remember while writing a blog post. So that you can create post with all the features which are required for a quality content. What are those points?

How to create a quality content for your blog?

To create a quality content for your blog, you must take care about the following points before starting your blog. 
Because these points are the backbone of a quality content blog and every blogger must take care about these points with utmost care.
  1. A Blogger should make a Content strategy
  2. A Blogger should be Productive
  3. A Blogger should Post on a regular Interval
  4. A Blogger should Listen to the Audience
  5. A Blogger should have Short Terms Objectives first

Apart from the above, a blogger should have the ability to create a compelling content with strategic approach and people will definitely like that.

If you are fulfilling these major points while blogging, then I must say that you are a blogger and you are writing a high quality content for your blog.

But if you are writing quality content then will it get search engine traffic in organic search?

Again my answer is Simply NO. Why?

Because every content needs search Engine Optimization before publishing for the search traffic.

And for this you must know how to optimize your blog title or headings used in your blog content.

I have tested this with my few blogs and websites. 

Even my name and my images are now optimized, one can search just by typing my name in google search engine.

An optimized blog by Blogging Funda
I am using some basic techniques to optimized each and every important keyword, image, title and also to the URL of my blogs to get the organic search and the result you can see in above two different screen shots of my different blogs.

On-Page SEO: A Reference guide for best search engine optimization

I am following several best blogs for learning new techniques in blogging and on daily basis, I read about 5-6 blogs on different topics to understand the current requirement in blogging.

You can read in detail about On-Page SEO from one of the best blog I am learning advanced blogging skills from is

I hope that the above link will help you in understanding the complete process for On-Page SEO. You can also read details about 12  key steps factors of On-Page SEO from an infographic created by BACKLINKO.

And if you are keen in understanding each step under On-Page SEO then you must read another post written by

This blog has mentioned 9 steps for on-page seo and beautifully described each step to understand easily by the bloggers.

I guess, you have now understand the basic difference between the quality content and high quality content.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Mohinder,

    Good to know that you are learning so much and implementing things on your blog - that is just how you progress :)

    Yes indeed, quality content is the one that brings in readers and they keep returning to your blog, asking for more! It's the one where you give full information about the topic you write, the apt links, resourceful pages, well formatted and written posts, optimized images and the right keywords that it shows in the searches, and that is what Google loves too. Just my two cents :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    1. Hi Harleen Ma'am, feeling glad that at least I am progressing in blogging and this change is noticed by a Professional and successful blogger. This gives me a great strength to dig the topic and fetch the exact information a blogger should know about blogging.

      Once again thanks for sharing your lovely and encouraging feedback and this will give me moral support to forward my steps towards a successful blogging career in near future.

  2. High Quality content is sure one that is having stuff for readers interest and having good seo optimization.

    1. Thanks +Sharad Gupta for stopping by and your in-depth comment about the topic. I hope you find it worthy for others too.

  3. Hi Mohinder
    good info about the content , very well said about the difference in the quality content & High quality

    1. Hello +sivakumar U

      Thanks for the praise and it will encourage me to write more in-depth content about blog and blogging.