Saturday 2 May 2015

What is the Latest Trend of Blogging in 2015

The Latest Trend of Blogging in 2015 by Blogging Funda

As you all know that Google has changed their search algorithm for all websites and blogs to be searched in search engine.

Now there are some specific changes which google wants to be implemented by each and every blogger or website admin in their blog - website.

And all the changes are applied from April 21, 2015. 

You can see the updates by searching any topic now and there are major difference in search results.

There are few major areas, which are affected by this change in algorithm. 

Due to these changes, you can easily see the #LatestBloggingTrend which has changed and the major changes are very effective and helpful for all.

What are Latest Trends of Blogging?

This is very much clear to observe the latest trends of blogging and one can easily find the overall difference in performance of their blogs and can easily compare current and old performance.
  • Rise of  Visual Content

  • Rise in Social Sharing Trend

  • Mobile Friendly Sites 

In blogging, sharing visual content is coming as under global trend and impacting design or visual content, more sharing of visual content. 

We can differentiate further in three categories to Visual Content. 

  1. Blurred Background Images 
  2. Clear Background Images  
  3. Linear Foreground Images

The Latest Trend of Blogging in 2015 by Blogging Funda


Latest Trend of Marketing

As you can see that the marketing trend also changed after the announcement of the algorithm change by google. 

The change in google algorithm for search was done on April 21, 2015 but the online marketing companies started an effective way of online marketing with the latest tools for online marketing or any product.

This change affected following areas on major basis.

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Online Marketing Strategy

  • Social Network Marketing

  • Online Marketing or Internet Marketing Trend

Every blogger or web-admin has to follow some guidelines as per the new algorithm of search engine. 

For this I am embedding an infographic shared by

This is best for all bloggers who are either preparing to start their blogging career or already setup their blogging journey and facing some difficulties in terms of traffic, quality etc.

The Latest Trend of Blogging in 2015 by

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