Tuesday 5 May 2015

4 Tools to Boost Your Social Sharing to Get Viral Traffic

Viral Traffic by Social Sharing Tools - By Bloging Funda

Don't be so choosy and try something new while blogging if you want viral traffic and search engine ranking. 

This can be achieved by not sticking on any specific application or tool being used with your blogs or for your blogs. What does this means?

Again don't think so much, just explore the web and you will find thousands of tools for your blog to boost social sharing to get viral traffic.

I have tested and also using top of the best tools to promote my blog posts on social sharing sites and you won't believe, I am getting 4 figure traffic on daily basis on my every post.

Don't be over burden on your brain because, all is organic traffic only. What are those Tools?

Postcron - Click to open new Window

Postcron is the easiest way to schedule posts on top three social sharing websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Features of Postcron

There are several features of using this amazing tool for automate your blog posting on different social sites. Below is the list with little explanation of each tool.

All in One

  • Profiles
  • Pages
  • Groups and
  • Events
It is the best tool to post to Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups and Events, Twitter Accounts and Google+ Pages in just one automated click or schedule.

Automatic Post Scheduling

Postcron specify the date and time for each post or use automatic scheduling feature. It depends on the user which feature to use.

Fully Integrated with Chrome

You can schedule a post instantly without logging in to Postcron but before using this you have to signup with any of three applications.

Schedule Tweets and Posts in Bulk

You can upload up to 1000 posts or tweets at once from an Excel or Google Docs file as per your convenience.

You can schedule more than one post and on three of the biggest social sharing sites at a time. Here is the screenshot of my Postcron Dashboard. 

Schedule a post with Postcron - Blogging Funda

Also you can review your scheduled posts later to modify is required. From scheduled window, you can also multiply your posts for reposting automatically upto 21 times max. Here is the screen shot of my scheduled posts.

Likealyzer - Click to open new window

This tool helps you to measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages. It allows you to monitor, compare and explore all the possibilities of your Facebook Page by evaluating your activity to ensure your success on the most popular social network in the facebook world.

Features of Likealyzer

There are four major features of using Likealyzer tool. Have a look on those to understand the functionality of this superb tool.

Complete Analytics

This is an online tool for all who want to be a successful Facebooker. Likealyzer offer comprehensive reviews and tips to improve your interaction with current and potential fans and customers engaged with your through facebook.

Instant Review Pages

It offers an Instant Review of Pages attached with your facebook id and  presents a simple, yet complete overview of your Facebook Page. It is a very quick and easy way to get your social campaign on the right track, giving you relevant feedback on where to focus.

Facebook Statistics

If you are a blogger and you have a facebook page then do not delay, just join this tool online to get daily updates of your facebook statistics for your  Pages of interest.Also you can monitor and compare your efforts with those of the world's popular brands or relevant companies, such as competitors or bloggers.

Free of charge Tool

You can check online that LikeAlyzer is a free of charge online tool, created by Meltwater, and can be used by beginners, web masters and social media experts. It will never cost you a penny.

Here I am sharing my facebook page review with the help of Likealyzer tool.

Review of my Facebook Page with Likealyzer Tool - Blogging Funda

After using this tool, now I am able to increase my facebook page performance more than 25% than before and soon I will be sharing the latest performance of my facebook page after following suggestions given by Likealyzer tool.

Facebook Page Performance with Likealyzer Tool - Blogging Funda

NetworkedBlogs - Click here to open new Window

It is a directory of blogs where you can share your latest blog posts on facebook pages created under your facebook id. You can share a single post on several pages at a time. This will save your time by 3 times than you share on each page individually.
Latest Blog Post sharing on several Facebook Pages - Blogging Funda

Postplanner - Click here to open new wipdow

Unlike other tools, postplanner is the bestever tool to share your content on social media giant Facebook and Twitter. It is offering several unique features on a single place and I guess you won't ignore this one.

Features of Postplanner

There are 6 main features of Postplanner for sharing your content.

  1. Viral Photos
  2. Top Content 
  3. Status Ideas Engine 
  4. Queue Schedule
  5. Branded Sharebar
  6. Bulk Uploads
The full explanation of above features is as under by Postplanner itself.

Viral Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing boosts engagement more effectively! Browse our image library or use our recommendation engine to discover awesome photo posts for your target audience, ranked by our top-secret Virality algorithm. You can add your own favorite Facebook sources anytime too for your niche.

Top Content

Keep up to date with the hottest and freshest articles and blog posts from across the web. Your audience doesn’t stand still and neither should your content. Browse or search our feeds by keyword and we’ll provide the highest performing content in your niche. Add your own sources at anytime from Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and Keywords too.

Status Ideas Engine

Variety is the key to social media success, so spice up your posting schedule with ready-made, compelling status updates. Challenge your audience with questions, fill-in-the-blanks, brand engagement, factoids, and obscure trivia selected from our massive database of fun facts. They’re proven to boost engagement and save you tons of time!

Queue Schedule

Rule number one: post consistently and avoid the pauses that kill your page ranking. We make it easy to set your posting schedule and select the kind of content you want, when you want, for any of your pages or all of them. It’s up to you. Sit back and let Post Planner do the work for you.

Branded Sharebar

Don’t lose your audience after they click on articles you share. Our Branded Sharebar makes your brand portable and keeps your message at the top of any content you post, even once the user leaves your page. Increase traffic back to your site and convert more business. Available on Guru plans and above.

Bulk Uploads

Not everyone works the same way. Maybe you want to prepare posts offline and upload them all at once to your queue? No problem. Post Planner lets you work the way you want, and still gives you the best engagement in less time. Available on Guru plans and above.

I hope that I have given a unique information to get viral traffic with the help of using these online tools. 

Don't think so much and just try at least one tool as per your requirement and see the difference.

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  1. Hi Mohinder,

    Informative post indeed :)

    I have just heard of PostPlanner and Network Blogs from this list, so the others are all new to me, which I have to check up.

    No, I hardly use any tool, though I do use HootSuite and Buffer just for my tweets. I prefer keeping my G+ and FB profiles personal and sharing things there myself than automating the updates, which I know many bloggers do. But you mentioned that with PostCron you can even target the FB groups so that needs to be checked out as to how it's all done.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Thanks Harleena for this detailed comment and I think you must at least once try the post planner for your blog posts and I hope you won't feel disappoint after using.

      You can schedule your oldest posts to republish automatically on your Facebook, profile, pages, or groups you like to get visitors from.

      For me it is a super tonic to boost my blog and get viral traffic.

      Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts and liking my post.

  2. Thanks for this suggestions.

  3. It's a very useful list. I appreciate it. Each of these tools has great features. Many SEO experts will surely make a review for it. However, I haven't tried these tools, but I'm going to try them to see if they can really help me get more traffic.

    1. Thanks +Daniels Scott for stopping by. I am feeling glad that you liked this post and tools to boost social sharing. I hope these tools are working for you as well.

      Once again thank for the the time spent on reading and commenting.