Tuesday 12 May 2015

Part 2 - How to Keep a Track of Your Blog Success?

How to Keep Track of your Blog Success - BloggingFunda

For those who missed my first part about keeping a track of blog success, I am sharing the link here to make you familiar with the latest concept about How to Keep a Track of Your Blog Success?.

For those who have already read the first part and understand the basics of blogging, must read this second part because this will be the actual explanation and I don't want that my loyal readers miss this opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of keeping track of their blog success.

Is there any benefit to keep a track of blog success?

Yes, definitely there are several great benefits of keeping a track of your #BlogSuccess or #BlogPprogress because if you are not keeping track then You are driving a car without holding the steering.

What are those benefits?

Before writing about benefits, I am assuming that you have already read the first part and followed the last Topic name "Track your Blog Progress".

However there are several benefits of keeping track of a blog success or blog progress but I will write only 4 major benefits here.
  1. You will know about the location from where your blog is getting much attention
  2. It helps us reinvent our marketing strategy every day
  3. It gives us a key insights that help drive the weakest strategy
  4. It shows the area of improvement you think it is not worthy
Now, when these benefits are clear to you, then I think you have one more question in your mind. What is that?

Why Google Analytic to keep track of blog success?

There are few other tools, which are helpful in getting required information about your blog success.

But google analytic explains each and everything segment and collect in-depth information on one place which you may require while analyzing the data collected with the help of this analytic tool of google.

If you are using google analytic then no need to worry about installing several tools to collect the same data because it alone can do everything for you in one shot. 

What is the need of Google Analytic?

It requires adaptation when there is some change in business occurs and for this I think below infographic will help you to understand the need of using Google Analytic.

This infographic is prepared by

Insight of Google Analytic

It has two major features to keep a record of a blog or website. These are :-
  1. Tag Management:- If you want to focus on marketing instead of marketing technology then Google Tag Manager is the most popular tag management solution for all bloggers. It lets you add or update your website tags and mobile applications very easily and also for free.
  2. Re-marketing:- If you are missing out something on valuable customers, re-marketing with Google Analytic combines the power with the reach of the Google Display Network to re-engage your users based on their on-site actions. You can track their presence on your blog and plan your marketing strategy according to your data collected.
Apart from above tow features, google analytic has following more related features:-
  • Event Tracking 
  • Flow Visualization
  • In-Page Analytic
  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Site Search
Let me tell you one thing that when I was not using google analytic, I was just shooting without watching target.

But when I started Google Analytic to track the progress of my blog, then only I was able to know about the interest of my readers, their geography, their time of visit and so on.

And this increase my loyal readers because now I am following scheduled writing routine according to my visitors and getting day by day more visitor and I am now able to turn them re-visitors.

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