Monday 25 May 2015

Which Identity should be adapted by Every Blogger

Identity of a Blogger by Blogging Funda
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On daily basis, do you know how many blogs are being written by how many bloggers?

I guess no one try to know this fact because this has nothing to do with their blogging.

But, don't ignore this, as your blogging career depends only on this fact.

And for this you have to adapt an identity to be a long run blogger.

Not only long run, but also to be a successful blogger. What do you think about? Have you already adapted this identity?

In this post I am not going to tell you the number of posts or the number of bloggers are their online but I am trying to discuss about the identity, a blogger must adapt before or while blogging.

Before I start explaining, you just think and give an answer to yourself that Do you deserve to be a blogger?

If your answer is Yes, then, you have to rethink after removing the following perceptions:
  • You are a good writer
  • You can attract readers 
  • You can promote your content well and finally,
  • You are a blogger with unique content
But, if your answer is No, then, you must know the basics of core blogging. Do you know about Core Blogging?

If you are a passionate blogger, I guess you would know about the term Core-Blogging which is first ever used by BloggingFunda on May 22, 2015.

What is Core-Blogging?

What is Core Blogging - Blogging Funda
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In this blog we are just trying to pin-point only concepts which are the next generation blogging concepts. 

However, these concepts are already used by most of the bloggers but with old tactics or style, we are enhancing all concepts because these are core blogging level and every blogger must know about.

This blog focuses on next-generation blogging and micro array blogging technologies or styles.

We are mainly focusing on enhanced topics in our blog, however this is a Blogging Community, and intended to give all types of basic and advanced help in blogging to new bloggers, and we are in process of writing topics beyond the imagination of bloggers.

Core-Blogging Concept

  • Search engine Optimization
  • Search engine Ranking
  • Online marketing or internet marketing 
  • Social media strategy or Marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social marketing tools or social media platforms
I hope you are well aware about above core-blogging concepts and ever keep in mind while blogging because your blog search ranking depends on the search engine traffic and further it depends on the proper marketing and search engine optimization of your blog.

What should be the Identity of a Blogger? 

Every blogger is a gem in his / her blog niche and is also  responsible for the success or failure of the brand for which blogging is being done.

So, the question arises are, what is an identity of a blogger and how one can adapt this identity and who will verify the identity adapted by a blogger?

What is that Identity?

A blogger should be ethical while blogging and do not cheat others in terms of copying content, however one can get ideas from other blog posts but do not ever rewrite with your own style.

If you are having this type of Identity, then I must say that you are a genuine blogger because I was just talking about this identity a blogger should adapt.

How to adapt this identity?

You can adapt this ethical identity just by writing your own content or the enhanced version of other posts without rewriting the same old content.

By doing so, you are just making it complicated for the google algorithm while searching by other bloggers about the original content.

Who will verify the ethical identity? 

No one, just Google Algorithm itself will verify the ethical identity of all the bloggers and it has already started penalizing those who are plagiarizing and making the internet a dumping zone for their copied content.

Never try to be over smart than programmed algorithm as it may cost you and also it can ban online presence of your blog if found guilty or indulging in some unethical services.


So, I guess you all understand that which identity a blogger should adapt and how to make the internet clean for other surfers.

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