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Why do we need an SEO and what is the benefit of doing SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization - A post by BloggingFunda
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Before we continue on the topic "Why do we need an SEO?", we must know what is an seo? and how it affects our blog or website in the search result.

Because, it you know the basics of blogging and also understand the concept of seo, then your blogging journey will be an outstanding.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process which helps us for the visibility of a blog or a web page in a search engine's organic search.

It is also called free or unpaid search result. Further, it is also known as "natural" or "organic" search results.

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In other words, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine results.

There are different search results. It includes image search, video search, any specific text or information search through the search engine.

Points to Remember:-

Apart from the search engine optimization technique, one should follow the basics of Blogging in terms of SEO to get organic search traffic through search result. The more you will share your blog among social medias, the more it will get traffic through organic search result.- BloggingFunda

I guess, you understand about the term Search Engine Optimization (seo). 

What is the need of Search Engine Optimization by BloggingFunda
Image Created in Photoshop by :BloggingFunda

Now the question occurs in mind that why do we need SEO? 

There are different opinions available about this term but the conclusion is same for the need of Search Engine Optimization of a blog or website.

Your BlogProgress solely depends on the proper search engine optimization you have done on and it further depends on keywords an seo expert will use while optimizing your blog or website.

Before continuing, you must know properly about below questions:-
  1. What are keywords? 
  2. What types of keywords are being used in seo?
Well, above questions are already explained by professional bloggers and I don't want to re-write just to extend my post lines.
You can easily search about both the question through search engine. There are some reasons you need search engine optimization.

5 Reasons of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  2. Increase Search Engine Traffic
  3. Increase Brand Awareness
  4. It reduces Marketing Cost
  5. Increase Conversion
The above mentioned 5 reason of doing seo for your blog or website are the root level reasons however, there are several other minor benefits of search engine optimization, one can find on the net easily and I don't think I have to discuss here.

How to do a best Search Engine Optimization?

If you are a professional blogger and you have already done then below portion of this post is not for you.

But if you are a new to blogging or did not optimize your blog then keep a close eye on the points mentioned below. You can also read about how to become a professional blogger.

4 Points to Remember for SEO

  • Optimize each part of your blog separately
  • Optimize all images of your blog if any
  • Optimize your blog keywords
  • Optimize videos of your blog if any
Above 4 points are basic requirements of search engine optimization but apart from these, you must follow further 8 points which are as necessary as these 4 points.
Because, after the latest update of google, every blogger or website administrator has to follow these 8 points to keep their blog in search results.
If you really want to dig in depth about search engine optimization so that you can take full benefit of seo then you must read about the 8 steps to increase search traffic. 
Now the best way to optimize your blog or website is to update it regularly with fresh content.

What is the meaning of Fresh Content?

Here, the meaning of fresh content is that;
  • you are writing your own experiences about the topic you are writing on.
  • you are writing your own experiments for gaining positive results with your content.
  • you are writing the problems you have faced while blogging and,
  • you are writing about their solutions so that other bloggers can take benefit while blogging for their blogs.
  • You are pin-pointing major drawbacks of using third party tools or services.
  • if you are using any particular service to enhance your blog traffic then you are writing about the results that no other can share about your blog content.

What is the basics of search engine optimization?

Well, there are several points which you should keep in mind while performing an SEO on your blog or website but here I am going to discuss on few which are most important and has direct impact on your search results.
  1. Use only optimized image

    • Add image title,
    • Add image alt,
    • Add image height & width to optimize properly
  2. Use only optimized keywords

    • Always use keywords which are optimized
    • Use proper keywords (Long tail keywords work better than short keywords)
  3. Optimize your Blog title

    • Use 66 character long title for your blog post
    • Use killer title for your blog
  4. Optimize your blog headlines

    • This is same as your keywords
  5. Optimize videos  

    And if you are using from youtube then it should be optimized before using on your blog. It is a separate topic and I am not going to discuss here. 
Now when you have understand about search engine optimization and the need for your blog or website then do not forget to keep in mind about some do's and don'ts while writing your blog.
  • Do not use extra large images, optimize images before using in your blog
  • Do not use linked images with providing url or image
  • Do not skip any attribute of image tag
  • Use proper keywords and tags for your blog content
  • Do not auto play any video on your blog because it will slow down your blog loading speed
  • Try to use visual content along with your textual content, it is an added advantage


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