Monday 30 March 2015

5 Images which will change your Blogging Habit

Blogging is not an easy task, this is a game and only an active blogger can win the game. Also I have compared a blogger with an horse because blogging is a Race

Today I am going to write something out of my niche. Do you know why? Because I want to give a Habit Booster for Blogging absolutely free. This terms is first appeared on BlogingFunda Blog on March 30,2015. I am sure that once go thoroughly, you will ever write blogs with passion that will lead you towards a successful blogging career.

What your should DO?

First you need to motivate yourself for an upcoming life of blogging. Once you have motivated and prepare yourself then start collecting contents to read before you start your own blogging career. Read as many blogs as you can according to your blog niche. Give yourself a plentiful time to read, grasp the idea or writing, generate your first draft

When it is done then the second  thing is to have confidence in yourself because if you are confident then no one can stop you for forwarding yourself in blogging.
As I have said that take your own time. I am saying again this because I know reading several posts written by other bloggers in different style may confuse you in writing your own blog content. But the main funda (Tact) behind reading is to overcome all the difficulties you felt before starting your blogging career.
Make sure that you have read most of the blogs but just to grasp idea of writing and not copy pasting. Because this will give you kick on your ass. So be unique in your concept whether it is already published. Just write in-depth on a particular topic and you are done.
Develop a positive attitude like I can do This and this will give you moral support while dealing with different problems while initially blogging. 

What are Those Problems?

There are several problems on the way of blogging and if you do not tack small problem before starting your blogging career, these become big problems. I am mentioning only four common problems of every blogger whether, a blogger is new or old. Have a look on those 4 problems to understand all.
  1. Less Visitors

  2. Less Traffic

  3. Lack of Proper Formation

  4. Required Enough time in Writing etc.

These are common problems among all new bloggers and do not quit if you face these because this is natural and will be sorted out with the time if you don't quit.

But by any reason, you are still thinking to quit blogging then have a look on the below image:
If you are a hobby blogger then it is not a big problem to start or leave blog or blogging but if you are a full time blogger and very much serious about blogging then you must rethink before quitting because life is the act of step forwarding and that is why life has 3 simple rules to follow. Always follow these rules in life.

3 Rules of Life

  1. If you do not GO after what you want, you will never have it. 
  2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO.
  3. If you do not step FORWARD, you will always be in the same place.
An I am sure if you will follow above 3 rules and apply in blogging then surely you will be able to compete the world of blogger. Don't think estimate about the result just keep focus on change because:-

Also do not compare yourself with the other bloggers but ever try to make them your blogging inspiration. 

Who are the High Achievers?

To become a achiever in blogging it is required motivation, dedication, self respect, regular writeup because a high achiever always think beyond the box and you should ever inherit their characteristics. There are three main characteristics that a high achiever have. Have a look on those:-
  1. They have to set their own goals. 
  2. They avoid selecting extremely difficult goals 
  3. High Achievers prefer tasks that provide immediate feedback


If you are a new or old blogger, and if you are still thinking about to quit blogging then, it is your will but I will give you an advice absolutely free about blogging and forgetting.

You just remember these points and all should left on the rest. I am sure that if you have find your blog niche and constantly updating it with the latest and in-depth content then no one can stop you for becoming a professional blogger
  1. Plan about blogging
  2. Collect blog niche content topic
  3. Shuffle all content
  4. Rewrite with your in-depth knowledge
  5. Reviews first draft before publishing
  6. Final Publish your blog post
  7. Promote your blog posts
  8. Participate in social media marketing
Remember the other professional bloggers done this to achieve the Pro-Tag and now they are just maintaining this title to remain professional bloggers.You can too do this and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve through blogging.

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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