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How to Achieve Millions of Lifetime Visitors with Blogging?

How to Achieve Millions of Lifetime Visitors with Blogging? This seems pretty cool and easy but, let me tell you one thing that if you are not following some basic guidelines then you are just hitting in the dark.
How to Add Millions of Lifetime visitors - A Beginners Guide by BloggingFunda


Are you looking for the best method to achieve 1000K visitors with your blogging?


This seems pretty cool and easy. But, let me tell you the real truth that you can not build a house on sand if it has not a solid base.

"Making a house on sand is not possible, unless or until it has not a solid base. - Mohinder Paul Verma" 

Can you build a house on fire?

No, it is not possible in any means. You can get millions of visitors every month with your blogging, if you have passion about blogging. And remember that...

Blogging is just like a fire and one has to go through it to become a shining star.

Why I am using the word "FIRE" in above lines?


For getting your first visitor, you have to work hard on all the aspects of blogging i.e.
  1. choosing your niche
  2. discover your blog's purpose
  3. setting up your blog
  4. choosing the best design or layout
  5. creating graphics for your posts
  6. optimizing your blog content
  7. optimizing your visual content if any
  8. publish your content
  9. using social media to promote your content
  10. collecting the report of your blog performance
  11. analyzing the report
  12. identify and rectify the weak points
  13. make new strategy for your blog
  14. implement in your new post
  15. and repeat from step 7 to 13 if required
If you have invested your time in reading and understanding the above points, then it is time to read in detail from the relates posts for better understanding of these points.

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#Tip1 - To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

If you are constantly or regularly writing your posts, then I am sure you will surely achieve the milestone of Millions of Lifetime Visitors with your Blogging. 

But for this you have to write your blog posts the way other bloggers are using. I mean here the best way of blogging.  

So, blogging on a regular interval will achieve the goal of lifetime visitors.

And now, you should ask yourself or search the internet for "The best way of Blogging".

What is the best way of Blogging?

Well, no one is sure on the way of blogging because every blogger has developed their own way to blog. But you can either follow them or yourself develop a new and unique way of blogging that others should follow.

But unfortunately, bloggers are misunderstanding the concept of blogging.

However, you can choose your time for blogging but you can not avoid proper scheduling. It is not a tough task to make a schedule for your blogging but harder to maintain.

"Making a schedule for you blogging is not a tough task but it is harder to maintain. - Mohinder Paul Verma"

#Tip2 - To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

So, the best way of blogging is, blogging with a proper schedule. If you can maintain your schedule of blogging then, you can be a successful blogger.

Remember to use schedule, but also not forget to maintain your blogging schedule. 

What is the concept of blogging?

In short, the concept of blogging is that you should write a unique content. However you can use the relevant resources to prove your points but you should avoid the exact copy paste of the already written content.

There is only one key for your success in blogging.

What is that and how to find the success key?

Well, this is a very serious question and you should at least first think about the niche, before you start setting up your blog. This is the very first step a blogger need to go through.

You must choose the topic, you are comfortable with and you can write at least 2-3 days in a week.

Now, I assumed that you have chosen the topic on which you are going to start your blogging career. But the next question is...

What you should write about the topic?

For this you must be familiar with the topic you have chosen. I suggest you to make a list of points, before you start writing. It will act as your draft copy before actually start writing on.
You should also remember some points:-
  • Make points which has significant impact on your topic
  • Make short phrases or sentence, you think would be helpful later
  • Use references of other blogs, bloggers in your draft
  • Do not use their content as it is published on their blogs
  • Use your own style of writing, don't be a copy cat
  • Proof read your content twice to avoid any mistake
  • Use optimized visual content, make sure it is not copyrighted of others
  • Do not used directly linked images from other blogs as it will slow down your blog processing

#Tip3 - To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

There is only one key for your success in blogging. That is the unique content, written in your style or wording

You can be a successful blogger, if you are blogging without any mistake. But we are human being and we all are learning with our day to day mistakes.

I hope, you will agree with me on this thought.

Do you agree with this thought?

Do you know that there are some blogging mistakes; a blogger is expected to do while blogging if not taken care or learned by the new blogger.

How to identify blogging mistakes?

Solution:- See, this is very simple if you are writing your own content. Because, if it is your own thoughts then no one can find these on the internet because you are still writing and it is not s published post. 

It means that this is a post with unique content and you are not going to do the very basic mistake of blogging; i.e., 
  • plagiarized content (check thoroughly)
  • copyrighted graphics (make sure with utmost care)
  • blog load time (another important factor of blogging)
  • non-optimized visual content (not seo friendly
  • short length of content (not seo friendly)
  • Improper use of social media or ignoring the media
  • lack of blogging schedule (you must maintain a schedule) 
  • lack of mobile friendly blog layout/design 

How to remove blogging mistakes?

  • don't plagiarized your blog
  • don't use copyrighted graphics without permission
  • always optimize your blog to reduce load time
  • always use optimized graphics
  • don't write short length content (should be at least 1500 words)
  • don't use improper keywords (use content relevant keywords)
  • don't use keywords, which are not seo friendly
  • don't stuff keywords in your content
I am sure if you are thoroughly following above steps to remove blogging mistakes then, you will be getting life time visitors towards your every post.

#Tip4 - To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

Thoroughly check your content for any mistakes relevant to blogging. This is the 4th tip by BloggingFunda to achieve lifetime visitors. 

Also there are some other points; a blogger should go through to remove internal blogging mistakes. 

What is the best way to remove blogging mistakes?

As per my blogging experience, it is a technical process and requires creative energy to write a blog post.

"Blogging is a technical process, and it also requires a creative energy. - Mohinder Paul Verma"

Do you know that? 

I guess you don't know. For this you have to keep focus on the topic you are going to start your blogging career.

The best way of blogging requires your attention on below points:- 
  1. First you should draft your post
  2. You can either share your draft post with friends or yourself check mistakes without publishing
  3. Self editing, the best way to identify & remove blogging mistakes
  4. Check and remove grammatical mistakes, this can be done either through a skilled blogger or by any third party tool i.e.
  5. Use keyword planner to identify the best keywords for your blog  
  6. Check if your blog is mobile friendly with google's free tool
  7. Actively use social media of your interest and participate in ongoing discussions.
  8. Comment on other blogs and show your interest in their posts
  9. Ask questions or seek help from other bloggers.
  10. Start monitoring your blog performance and analyzing the result, if you observe any flaw or negative points, identify the points and repeat the process.
Following step by step guide will lead you towards successful blogging and that moment will be the best ever moment when you will be getting millions of visitors towards your every post.

#Tip5 - To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

Don't forget to use social media with proper strategy to achieve the target of life time visitors. But remember, use it properly but also make sure that you are not spamming your content.

Make sure you are following the step by step guide of blogging as mentioned below:-

How to write a perfect blog post?

If you really want to write a perfect blog post, then follow the step by step guide as mentioned below:-
  • Start your post with an attractive image
  • Write a question after the image to grab attention 
  • Use Compelling quotes
  • Use statistic or listed points to show your expertise
  • Add your opinion about the ongoing trend or your post topic
  • You should use suggest readings if possible or available
  • Use bullets to grab reader's attention 
  • Use heading and subheadings wherever you express something strongly
  • Use Call to Action strategy 3-4 time in a post with more than 1000 words
 In brief, to achieve llife time visitors, you must keep in mind the below 5 tips by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

5 Tips To Achieve Lifetime Visitors

  1. Tip1 - Blogging on Regular Interval
  2. Tip2 - Use Blogging Schedule
  3. Tip3 - Write Unique Content
  4. Tip4 - Check your content Twice Thoroughly before Publishing
  5. Tip5 - Use Social Media to Promote your content

If you have followed above 5 tips of blogging then I am sure, you will definitely be getting millions of visitors life time.

Now it is your turn to show your gratitude to help this community to grow their online network to share blogging skills. You can share this post if you think that it will help others to set up their blog.

Thanks for reading this post. 

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