Wednesday 1 April 2015

6 Steps of Blogging and You are Done

Learn 6 steps of Blogging by BloggingFunda

Do you know that Blogging is an Art?

It is not an inbuilt feature of every blogger. But I can prove that every blogger can be a professional blogger if he/she knows the 6 steps of blogging.

Oh no no, I am not going to tell you about setting up a blog or the basics of blogging

Because if you are already prepared with all the content then it is assumed that you have already setup a blog on any platform of blogging you like.

I have divided blogging in 6 major steps, however there could be more than these steps and I am not going to demonstrate all basic steps. 

As I have already mentioned that I am going to explain only major steps and by following these you are done your part and rest will be left for the readers. 

I am dividing these 6 steps in percentage and you can easily track your blog progress before publishing. I have categorized the theory of percentage in the following 6 categories:

Category 10%, 15%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% the final percentage.

What is the 10% Category?

Find your Blog Niche and you are 10% done. After setting up your blog and when you have find your blog niche then you will complete 10% home work on your blog. This is the first step and requires utmost care while finding niche.

What is the 15% Category?

Add Killer Title and you are 15% done. This is the second and most important step after finding niche. Because your blog content depends on the search result and your content search depends directly on your blog title and if your blog is having a killer title then you are completed your second step.

What is the 25% Category?

Add Relevant Keywords and you are 25% done. Do you know that finding a killer title means you have selected first few keywords of your blog and your blog title will help you in writing your killer content. 

So choosing relevant keywords is an added advantage while blogging. 

The more relevant keywords, the better search result and the much better search traffic your blog will get.

What is the 50% Category?

Now add Relevant Images and you are 50% done. After adding a killer title and relevant keywords, it is required to add some images relevant to your blog title and content. By adding images your blog will get more attraction by the readers and if you are using optimized images then your blog will also get much better search engine ranking. Do not forget to optimize your images before using in your image and also use image tag properties i.e. title, alt, height, width.

What is the 75% Category?

Make your first draft and review it before final submit. 

Now it is time to add social media widgets and you are 75% done. This is the second last step and the best way to promote your blog content to the social media audience. 

Using social media within your blog post doubles the chances of getting more traffic than simply publishing without social media connectivity.

What is the 100% Category?

When you have followed above 5 steps then it is time to take a deep breath after final submission. 

Choose social media of your choice but I will go as per the global recognition about using top social sharing media. 

As per my observation and experience, this is called Social Sharing Orderings.

What is the order of Social Sharing?

If you are a blogspot blogger then you must share your blog posts first on Google Plus and then on other social sharing as in order to below mentioned social sharing media. 

But what to do if you are blogging other than blogspot, simple, then too you have to first share on Google Plus.

Because this is a community of bloggers and you can get as much traffic as you will participate by  giving genuine comments on other bloggers with the same niche.

Also there are specific timing to post on each social media and I am mentioning the infographic created by the Have a look on the infographic to record the timing of sharing on all popular social media.

What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Now I think I have written what is beneficial for you to follow and if you think that this post is worth for you or other bloggers then it is time to show your gratitude by sharing this in your social circle.

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