Tuesday 14 April 2015

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The blog post about The Longest Ride in Blogging is written by BlogingFunda on April 13, 2015 for the very first time in my blogging history. However I have written in full details about my blogging journey. But this ride is just different from my own blogging journey. I am talking about the overall changes in the history of blog and blogging. First of all you should know about the meaning of the longest ride.

The Longest Ride - What does this Mean?

As its name explains the meaning itself. I am blogging for the last 5 years and seen tremendous change in blog and blogging. However there are several professional and successful bloggers, who have seen these changes but I did not find anything on a single blog or blog post about this topic. That is why I am write about The Longest Ride in blogging. 

In the early blogging, blogger just write for their passion, hobby and social sharing but later on all changed due to several factors responsible and forced these changes in blog and blogging. Also there are several major change happened in blogging technology. One of the major changes is that Google had developed their algorithm specially for blog and blogging. And today I am going to write about all the factors which are responsible for the tremendous changes in blogging. 

The most inspiring factor that forced me and all other bloggers towards blogging is Social Circle. However there are several other factors which inspired me and other bloggers to start blogging as a career.

What are other Factors?

The first factor was to expand the Social Circle and still is required to be a successful blogger but rest of the factors are also present and as follows:-
  • Passion about writing 

  • Willing to Learn new things 

  • Take challenges 

  • Renowned Name  

  • The Money Factor

I am writing Money Factor in the last because if I am fulfilling above factors, only then I can be able to earn money online with my blog posts. If you are passionate and willing to learn new things and ever ready to take challenges, I am sure you will have a renowned name and if you are a renowned blogger, money would not be difficult to earn out of blogging.

As you know that ever blogger has a story about how and when they started blogging or make blogging their career and that is why I have also a small story but full of hurdles. I am not writing this for any kind of sympathy and that is why stopping that topic to discuss here.

How I Started Blogging as a Career? 

Initially, I started writing just for fun or as a hobby blogger but my blogging career really began when I learned about few professional bloggers and their achievements in blogging. And this was happen to me when I had been struggling to find something that excited me for my next opportunity to find a new job for me to fulfill the need or desire of my family. The second reason is that when I came across a reference to these professional bloggers online. They are +Harsh Agrawal and +Neil Patel. I am taking inspiration from both professional bloggers. Not only me, there are thousands other bloggers who are getting inspiration from these two bloggers of India.
The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

Initially, I was just a copyblogger, not exactly copied the content, but copied the idea of other professional bloggers about blogging. But that was not the good way to be a blogger. So I deleted all my blogs after as soon as I realized this, however I wrote my own experiences and technical knowledge. I did that because as a blogger, I don't want others to remember me as a copyblogger and I wanted to be a genuine blogger as today I am.

At that time I wrote around 15-20 blogs and a total 1250 posts in all blogs but all in vain and I deleted all once got inspiration from professional bloggers. I started reading blogs of other pro-bloggers or even the blogger was a new to blogging but had a motivational blog about blogging. I devote 3-5 hours daily in reading other blogs and then I started my honest blogging journey. Again it was a hobby blogging and I did not think that one day it would be my full time blogging.

What Exactly Required for Blogging?

You can see almost thousands or blogs everyday about blog and blogging and almost every blogger has the same views about blogging. Even you can read the blog title somehow exactly same like How to Setup a Blog, How to write a killer title, How to increase your blog readers, How to optimize your blog..and so on. There are several thousands of questions about a blog and almost everyone tried to write the same thing in their own style and language but the meaning or moral of all the blog remains same.

If you are a serious blogger, then only, you will search the topic which is in latest trend or the readers demanding more in-depth information on that topic. The main responsibility of of a blogger is not to write the already written blog posts but in actual it should be to diagnose and research that topic in details from scratch to give optimum and exact relevant information to other readers.

Before starting your first blog or first blog post or blogging as your career, you must ask few question to yourself. I did this when I though about to make blogging my career. 

What were those questions?

  • Is your post finished? 
  • What is your blog all about?
  • What will be the title of your Blog?
  • What will be the title of your First Post
  • How many words are there?
  • Is this your own content?
  • Would you be including pictures? If yes
    • Are these in color or black & white? and
    • How many pictures you will include?
  • Who is helping you with the editing of your blog post?
  • Are you using any reference in your blog?
  • Where did you save your draft post?
If you have some free time to ask these questions to yourself then, no one can stop you to be a genuine blogger. Apart from technical terms of blogging, you must ask these questions to understand the need, requirement or demand of your readers. If you are prepare for all the challenges, hurdles which come in blogging journey, then you can start The Longest Ride in Blogging.

How to Learn Blogging?

Learn to Blogging is like learning anything else but, it is further broken down into four factors. What are those four essential factors while or before blogging? Always remember the golden rule of blogging and follow too.
The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

  1. Think 

  2. Research 

  3. Read 

  4. Write

The above four factors are a very much essential for the start of blog or blogging and as per my opinion, every blogger must go through these phases to be a perfect blogger
How these four factors can help you in setting up a successful blog? And, how you can learn the great things even before starting your career in blogging?

Just have a close look and you will definitely learn these blogging tricks. These are simple but most effective and every blogger must start following these as their daily routine in blogging.

Think - It creates the ability to think beyond the topic

Thinking is the first phase of blogging and if you can't think, you simply can not be a good blogger. So think wisely according to your blog niche or the topic you are going to write on.

Research - It enables you to collect valuable information

Research is the second and most effective factor in blogging. The more you research, the more good blog you can write. When you are researching about any topic, you are indirectly collect valuable information and that information will be very useful while writing your own content.

Read - It makes you perfect in choosing the content

This is the second last factor in blogging and before you start writing, you must read more and more content written by other bloggers. You may also read offline content from relevant books, new paper etc to understand your blog title or content depth. 

Write - You can't be a writer, if you don't write

The final step is to write. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write, it’s just that simple. I write five or six days a week, usually a minimum of 800 words, sometimes or even everyday I write more than 1000 words per day or per post. My thinking about blogging is as follows:-

An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

 "All people who regard blogging as a profession write consistently but those who regard it as a hobby usually don’t."


If you are a blogger and blogging is your passion then you must be like a long race horse because life is a long journey full of hurdles and so blogging. By obeying each and every rule of blog and blogging, you continue drive your blogging journey and after few years, you will definitely write your Blogging Journey and it would be The Longest Ride in Blogging for you.

In the end of this post, when you have understand the actual basics of blogging then you must also know that how to write the longest ride in blogging.

I hope I have discussed in details about The Longest Ride in Blogging.Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by subscribing our emailing list or you can also follow us on Google Plus Community Page.

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