Thursday 5 November 2015

The Best Way to Create Your Own eBook with 9 Steps

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How to create your own eBook in 9 steps?

Today's trend is to read Online books that are hot. 

It's been a fashion that more and more people are engaging in the creation and distribution of eBooks.

This is because, if you have an expertise in any field, probably, sooner or later you will also think to fulfill others dream of writing a book to help others.

Now it’s really easy to write an e-book. 

It costs no money to make an eBook if you know the best way to create an eBook.

It’s easy to create and provides a lot of exposure for others.

If you write a stunning eBook, people see you as an expert in the niche you’re dealing or writing for. Which is very important for future sales you want to make.

However, I have not written any eBook but guided several bloggers/writers that how they can easily create an eBook.

Today, I am going to share my framework to write an eBook.

My framework consists of 9 super working steps and you have to go through all to create a high quality eBook.

Here are 9 super powerful steps to create a successful eBook:-

  1. Promise to your readers
  2. Show the progress 
  3. Show your dedication
  4. Obstacles in the field
  5. Share solutions
  6. Testimonial and reviews
  7. Share tips for success
  8. Your own success Story
  9. Time for Call to Action

Now I will discuss each of 9 steps to create a highly recommendable eBook.

Make sure you do not miss any of 9 steps of my framework, if you want a successful eBook.

#1. Promise to your Readers

If you are writing since for a long time and you are just thinking or preparing an eBook, it’s good to start with a promise to your reader.

Because your reader will definitely be hooked with the thought of receiving something as a part of your blog posts.

Usually it’s a certain knowledge that your reader will receive when they revisit or complete some types of steps.

So for instance, you write about an ebook about earning online with blog, you could use a header like:

The best method to make $200 dollars per day.

My main purpose to write this example of headline in and ebook is to draw a sketch or scenario for your reader.

When you’re writing your eBook, it’s all about creating a dream and portraying that dream to your reader.

Why they should wait? Show exactly why they should keep on reading.

#2. Show the progress

After writing the dream scenario to your reader, you are going to show the progress.

These could be your own progress, or the results of your customers.

At this time a catchy heading could be:

I earned approximately $10K in 1 month and it is increasing day by day.

Then you write down the story of your own or your customer.

This example is written for a “Online Earning” niche, but is applicable for any niche.

#3. Show your dedication

Make sure, you are not misleading to your readers.

Show the true result and your dedication behind to bring the progress report of your income.

Also, make it clear to your readers that all the result is achievable if you are dedicated to the do's and don'ts

Then your headline would be:-

Online Money is for the dedicators only.

Now write your own story of earning online that is due to your dedication towards your workflow.

#4. Obstacles in the field

When you have shared your good experiences or even better with your readers;

let your readers should also know the obstacles you faced in the field of Online Earning. And your headline should be like:

How I lost my money while preparing for Online Earning?

This headline will give a boost to the interest of your readers and they will surely want to know about it.

#5. Share solutions

You have make your readers aware about obstacles you have faced while online earning.

Now it is time to share the result which comes after applying solution to that problem/obstacle.

#6. Testimonials and reviews

Let other people write a testimonial about your solution. Ideally a number of people. Write a heading like:

The following people persevered where others would quit. This gave them an amazing result.

If you don’t have any testimonials, you are your own testimonial. Or choose a couple of people you know to test your method for free.

#7. Share tips for success

It is time to share your success tips with a summarize of the solution, and share the most important parts one more time.

If you want your readers to learn 3 major parts from your solution, these would be the parts for success.

This is what your eBook is all about. It will be the biggest part of the book. About 60% to 70% of the content will be about the solution. 

This is the part where you teach people how to lose weight.

Take your moment to share your knowledge. This part has to be extra awesome.

#8. Your own success story

After you’ve described all your experiences and problems, it’s time to share your success story.

You’ve found a lot of eBooks online that influenced your life positively.

I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but do not just sell but share something that really works for you and will help others.

If you are really earning something, it doesn't matter big or small amount, but really with your own tactics, do share the genuine report and true success story of yours.

Your readers will love to read and share.

#9. Time for call-to-action

I know like me, every writer want their readers to take action after reading an informative eBook.

That’s the goal eventually and every writer has this in their mind while publishing an eBook.

So it’s time to give a task to your readers.

If you get it done to let the reader to undertake action, you’re doing a good job.

But remember, don't force your readers to do any task prepared by you. It should be optional.

However, you can use this task as giving a bribe like, if you do this, you will get something etc.


Did you notice that there are many benefits of having your own eBook.

Writing an eBook isn’t difficult but it requires your time and attention from the begining to actually take action in the end.

I hope these steps help you and you leant something in an easy language.

Let me know when you are going to start writing your eBook in response to reading this article.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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