Tuesday 27 October 2015

What is the best way to create Attention Grabbing Videos on Facebook?

the best way to create Attention Grabbing Videos on Facebook to create videos with great visual content for eye catching look.

"Video content is being used as an explosion on facebook."

The reason behind the change in the Facebook's News Feed algorithm for showing visual ads.

However these changes were done last year in favor the promotion of the format of visual content of facebook.

Now a days, the visual content has been an important part of the social media marketing strategy. 

This is because the Facebook's current ranking and action policies make it an absolutely vital format for maximizing organic search result, which means advertisers and agencies need to pay attention.

4 points to keep in mind while creating videos for Facebook

Facebook changes their scripts for videos. Now videos are automatically play in the News Feed without sound.  

As per several surveys, the first few seconds of the video are thus incredibly important.

  1. Use stunning visuals than sound
    • If you are using stunning or attractive visuals in your video, then the user have to click on the video to here the sound of that particular video they are watching.
    • All depends on the first few seconds of your video that your visitor will click the sound or not. If not, then he is not going to watch the entire video.
  2. Keep in mind the guidelines of Facebook about visuals
    • As you know that it is a general taste and if you do not export your video correctly from your movie editor, no one will go to watch it even it is auto played.
    • Always keep in mind that facebook has very specific design guidelines that should help your video look crisp and sharp.
    • Make a list of the facebook video design criteria at the beginning of the video creation process, not just at the project deadline when you are just going to upload your visuals.
  3. Do not use animated Gif images on Facebook
    • Animated GIF images are in trend now a day, but I suggest you to avoid animated GIF images and promote your visual content with good quality videos.
  4. Use call to action in the video
    • A view is great, but a click is even better than just a view.
    • Facebook has now implemented a call-to-action function, you can direct viewers to any URL at the end of the video using Facebook’s menu of buttons such as “watch more” or “shop now”. 
    • You can add your website's landing page during or at the end of your video.
    • You can set up your videos to encourage these new guests to sign up for a newsletter, register for an event, or download additional content from the landing page. 

Why we should use Facebook videos?

It is required to ensure proper engagement, you need to grab your audience's attention through eye catching visuals that entice people to click the video for sound before they leave the video.

Facebook Videos get more engagement than any other types of content on social media.
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There are several reasons to use facebook videos, the best 5 reasons are as follows:-
  1. Get notified
  2. Boost Better engagement
  3. Time specific
  4. More interesting than text content
  5. More interesting than images

How to create Attention Grabbing Videos for Facebook?

Well this question should be very simple for you to answer because I have explained everything relevant to this question.

Did you get it?

Alright, let me brief it for your.
  • Create stunning videos
  • Create videos with subtitles
  • Create video with proper lighting
  • Do not fast forward your video
  • Do not slow down your video, if not required
  • Do not stretch your video with over animation
  • Do not repeat your video, unless or until it is not required
  • If you are using sound, it must play on time or when it is actually required
I hope it is cleared to you about how and why to use videos in facebook. If you have any query or doubt, let me know.

Are you using facebook videos to increase your readers engagement with your blog/brand?

Do you have your video presence on Facebook? 

Are you creating your own original videos without spending a ton of time and money? 

Have you been experimenting with any new tactics or types of posts on Facebook? I’d love to hear what’s been working for you in the comments!

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