Monday 19 October 2015

How to Learn Content Marketing for Better Blogging - BloggingFunda?

Content Marketing an easy approach to understand customers interest to reap success in your blogging by selling them your content or any product by creating or sharing of media.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing an easy approach to understand customers interest to reap success in your blogging by selling them your content or any product by creating or sharing of media.

Content Marketing - As in Wikipedia

"Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers."

In other words, content marketing is to build an audience that builds your business.

If you are ready to create content to share free content to attract and retain visitor as your customers and customers to your buyers, then only you can be a successful content creator and content marketer too.

The content you share with your prospects is closely related to what you sell and in other words, you are going to educate people so that people know you, like your product, and trust you enough to do business with you or as per your business strategies.

How to master Content Creation while blogging?

Content creation is not so easy but also not impossible. If you know how to find the best relevant keyword for your content creation, you can easily master content creation.

"Content creation is the base of Blogging, and so, the best relevant keywords are base of content creation." - Mohinder Paul Verma

The better you search for relevant keywords and their importance the more your content will be likable.

To master content creation, keep few thing in mind while blogging with content creation.

Steps to master the content creation

  • The first step of content creation is determining how you want to represent a brand with your content
  • Always remember that you are creating content to reflects your business as best in the relevant industry that can be shared with your audience. This may require you to do a little research
  • Do some in-depth research about trending topics, influenced keywords best matches with your content or brand
  • Find what is happening in the blogging industry on the trending topics
  • Try to find a way to determine what your audience is interested in and why they should visit to read your content
If you do this research, it can be beneficial for you as well.

This is because you will be learning new topics by analyzing your data and by sharing it with others.

By sharing, your purpose should only be educating them and the content you create should have a purpose, and that purpose should be clear to the readers, that's it.

Remember 3 point while content creation to be a successful content creator:-
  1. Content creation is the half milestone in blogging journey. The other half is promoting your content
  2. You should spend as much time in marketing your content as you take while content creation
  3. Content creation is not like link building, you can start and stop whenever you want. If you start it, you have to continually do it

Do you know about Content Marketing?

If you are a blogger then it is impossible that you did not hear about content marketing.

Because, content creation and marketing is the backbone of successful blogging.

A blogs' success or failure depends upon good content creation and solid content marketing.

The more you create and market your content by sharing of media, the more you will be able to retain your customers.

What if you don't know about Content Marketing?

In simple words, if you don't know about content marketing, then, blogging is not for you.

Also blogging is a game and only Good Content Writer will be winner.

Content Marketing is not easy. First you have to master content creation as this is the first phase of content marketing.

It is a time consuming job and takes time to become a good content marketer after a good content creator.

So, start today to learn about content marketing, try it with your blogging and see the difference as compared without content marketing blog posts.

As I have already written that it will take time to master in content creation and marketing, so you don't feel disappoint in your initial phase of content creation or content marketing.

Do you like content marketing while blogging?

It is not your choice to like or dislike content marketing. If you want a strong customer base with proven result, you must read and start content marketing while blogging.

If you don't like content marketing, then too, you must have to use Content Marketing while blogging,


"Your blog's success depends on your content marketing and the success of content marketing depends on the good content creation and so content creation is the future of content marketing while blogging."  - Mohinder Paul Verma

How to Learn Content Marketing for Better Blogging?

Now it should be very much clear to you that content marketing has become a visible evidence of most of the successful businesses whi are using good marketing strategies, and the base of their success is good and strategic Content Marketing.

In content marketing, the biggest challenge for today’s marketers is that there’s more content marketers and if you are not producing your content compelling enough, your audience will not give you attention.

The best way to learn content marketing is to show your case study that what benefits you have received with content marketing for your business.

Also keep in mind 5 points while creating content for marketing:-
  1. Use resource of other content creator and give credits to the source of resource (i.e. images, quotes etc)
  2. Create in-trend content or go with the flow
  3. Use social media with real facts for illustration
  4. Share real time case studies, good if it is your own
  5. Don't give up on Blogging
Follow above five points and you are done with the content creation and content marketing.

Who is a good Content Creator or Content Marketer?

A good content creator or a good content marketer has the ability to differentiate each of the following:-

  • Mission:-

    • The first ever goal while creating content and the overall purpose of your business

  • Vision:-

    • The foresighted goal and the overall aspiration of the business

  • Aims or Goals:-

    • Business owner's desire of what your business intends to achieve

  • Objectives:-

    • This is the last but not the least. It is more precise & detailed statement of the aim
Do you have the ability to differentiate the above 4 words. 

These are not just word but your content creation and content marketing depends upon these 4 points.

If you really want to be a good content creator or content marketer then you can approach us by commenting in the below comment section.

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