Monday 5 October 2015

How to convert your blog from non secure to secure?

To convert your blogspot blog from non secure to a secure blog, google has given an inbuilt feature to its blogspot bloggers.

Are you using a free platform for blogging?

If yes, are they offering a secure platform to you for blogging?

If you are not sure, let me discuss some points over non secure blogging platform.

I hope you are a technical blogger but if by any reason you don't know about technical terms, then don't worry BloggingFunda blog is here to tell in a simple to learn and easy to understand language.

BloggingFunda is the number one blogging community to share blogging skills to make blogging as a career after learning step by step from the scratch of blogging.

In this post, I am going to discuss about secure and non secure terms for blogspot a free platform for blogging.

Before we start learning how to convert a non-secure blog into a secure blog, we must know what are these two terms:-

What are HTTP and HTTPS?

The first terms (http) stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and when there is one more layer added while transacting or fetching the url then it is converted to (https) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured.

What is a non-secure (http) blogging?

If a content is found on any platform using http in the address bar of the browser, then it is said to be a non secure blogging url.

What is a secure (http) blogging?

If a content is found on any platform using https in the address bar of the browser, then it is said to be a non secure blogging url.

In technical language, an https protocol consists with an additional layer of security. That is an encrypted form of security layer which hides data while transacting online.

Now lets start the main topic and learn how to convert an HTTP protocol to an HTTPS protocol in blogspot blog absolutely free.

It is absolutely free service offered by Blogspot to its bloggers. You just need to change the protocol after login into your blogger account.

Step1:- Login into your account
Step2:- Click on Setting--Basic
Step3:- Click on the drop down button under HTTP settings
Step4:- Change from No to Yes and you are done.
How to change your blog from non secure http protocol to secure https protocol
Image Source:- Taken from my blogspot blog

Now publish your next post in any social media with your blog url prefix with https instead of http. Your blog content is not showing over a secured protocol i.e. HTTPS.

If you think that I have explained this conversion in an easy to understand language and this post can help any blogspot blogger, then you are requested to share in your circle.

Thanks for reading this post till end.

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