Tuesday 22 December 2015

Quick Tips to Make Blogging Easier

4 Phases of Blogging to Make Blogging Easier by BloggingFunda

What is blogging and how it has changed the way of business?

There are thousands of blogs which are already written on this topic and so, I am not going in detail about that.

But still I will give a small but most relevant definition of blogging.

As per my experience and observation about the latest trend of blogging;

"Blogging is a tool to express thoughts, to show expertise, to promote brand  and to increase sales."
In other words, blogging is the right tool to generate credibility in the online business.

However, one can opt either for paid or free blogging platform but it requires hard work with discipline that will make you a successful blogger.

There are 30 quick tips to make blogging easier and for your convenience, it is being divided into 4 phases to learn and understand the process of blogging.

Phase #1

7 Quick Tips to Make Blogging Easy

Before we go further to discover the steps for making your blogging easier, we must learn how to set up your blog?
  1. First Write for yourself then for others
  2. Write for people not for search engines
  3. Schedule as many posts as you can to stay ahead of  the crowd and never be behind the crowd
  4. Write multiple posts around the same topic. Then   combine all into an ebook.
  5. Read a lot before you blog to understand what is  in trend and what people want to read/learn
  6. Use visual content frequently after every 100 or 150 words
  7. Always follow content writing rules:-
    • Write easy to understand content
    • Use heading & subheadings
    • Use bullet or number lists
    • Do some keyword research for your post
    • Highlight your special points with styles like;
      • Bold, Italic or Underline, wherever required
While writing about anything you like, keep some more points in front of your readers. So that your reader understand your content better.

Phase #2

11 Quick Tips to Make Blogging Easy

Now it is time to make a healthy relation with your audience and remember to fulfill some criteria while engaging with your audience otherwise they will leave your site forever. 

There are several reason but I am going to show top 5 reasons your audience will leave your site.
  1. Know your audience and write like you are talking to them
  2. Use of 'we' and 'you' should be there while addressing your readers
  3. Always add value to your conversation by asking question or suggestion from your audience
  4. Always try to write something, you love to read again
  5. Don't make assumptions about your readers
  6. Always keep in mind that every blog is not perfect but it can be a perfect blog with your efforts
  7. Always keep writing your blog informally and it should be easy to read
  8. Always try to write shorter content if you don't have anything more to write
  9. Act like a candidate of election and do not forget to promote your content
  10. Write more about what you know better
  11. First six month just write and don't try to sell anything to your readers in the beginning

Phase #3

8 Quick Tips to Make Blogging Easy

This is what you will do a little home work before actually starting your blog. 

For this, use some third party tools to make your blogging preparation easy.
  1. Always use Google's Autocomplete feature to get idea for new post or a trendy headline/title of your blog
  2. Always try to prepare a list of your question on somewhere on the paper or on your computer to use idea later
  3. Use your own images if you can or find images on creative commons
  4. Add your other posts links to newer posts to increase page impression and to decrease bounce rate. Internal linking is also better for seo
  5. Try to write like you are speaking to someone or gossiping with a group of friends
  6. First write a descriptive working title for your post and then start list building with examples of other posts or other bloggers
  7. No one likes reading long long paragraph, try to write short and use simple words in your paragraph
  8. Blog consistently whenever you found new idea for blogging or whenever you get inspired with any topic you like
When you have done 26 quick tips to make blogging easier; it is time to create an Editorial Calendar.

Phase 4 will teach you about how to create a Kick-Ass Editorial Calendar in 4 steps.

Phase #4

4 Quick Tips to Make Blogging Easy

In this 4th phase of blogging, we will teach you how to research, set goals, make your blogging strategy and then create your plan of action.

All this could be accomplish with an editorial calendar.

How To create a Kick-Ass Editorial Calendar?

While creating an editorial calendar, always keep in mind the top 4 Steps.
  1. Research and Planning
  2. Set Goals
  3. Make Strategy
  4. Plan of Action to start

  • Research + Planning

    • Find your target audience by researching about your niche
    • Use Google analytic to discover your best content
      • Reporting>Behavior>Site Content>All Pages
    • Content Types (Article, Video, Photos)
    • Use different social channels to promote your content
    • Stick on blogging frequency and It should be consistent
    • Always use Plan-A and then Plan-B to ensure you are not blogging wrongly 

  • Set Goals

    • What do you want to accomplish with your blog?
    • Set small and attainable goals in first phase and step forward next
    • Also set daily, weekly and monthly goals and then quarterly, half-yearly, yearly goals next
    • Examples of annual blogging goals:

  • Make Strategy

    • What approaches will you take to reach your goal?
    • By creating eBooks, Worksheets or any free stuff to gain subscribers
    • Using Opt-in form or email subscription tool
    • By including call to action on each blog post

  • Plan of Action + Calendar

These are 30 quick tips to make blogging easier.

But these require a great attention on each phase. So it is necessary to follow all the tips step by step to understand blogging and its functionalities.

For completing this post I have to reshuffle my whole blog posts along with other top blog posts written by professional bloggers.

If you think that I have left anything or there is something wrong, you are most welcome to criticize me.

And for this you can comment me but if you like this post, please share this with your circle to help others.

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