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Best Social Media and Big Blunders While Choosing For Your Blogging?

Social media is a tool to create, share, update and engage with other like minded users online to increase traffic, sales and revenue. by BloggingFunda

What is the Best Social Media and its importance in blogging?

Well, this is not an easy task to reply in hurry. You can take your time to think about its answer.

But, I think every blogger can give best and suitable answer for any question about Social Media.

Social Median can give a huge boost in social sharing for any content whether

What are different social medias online?

In short Social Media is:-

"Social media is a tool to create, share, update and engage with other like minded users online to increase traffic, sales and revenue. "

Benefits of using Social Media:-

There are endless benefits of using social media if uses wisely with a strategy to post/upload your content for sharing over there.

Social Media is a media to drive social engagement with like minded users for increasing unique traffic for your blog/website page.

Apart from other, here is the best 5 benefits of using any social media:-
  1. Free or Low Cost
  2. Global Reach-ability
  3. Global Relation Building
  4. Conversion Opportunities
  5. Higher Conversion
  6. Increase Brand Loyalty
If you are using any of the above mentioned social media, then there is nothing you can not achieve in blogging, sales or revenue.

But, still there are lots of bloggers who are committing big blunders while choosing any social media while blogging.

Big Blunders while choosing any Social Meda

There are several criteria to be checked while choosing any social media for your blogging.

But most of the bloggers commit Big Blunders while choosing social media for their blog promotion, getting followers or exchanging any information.

What are Big Blunders while choosing Social Media

  1. Most bloggers use Social Media which is in trend or in social news
  2. Most bloggers choose social followers who participate most frequently in social activities

Instead of above 2 Big Blunders while choosing social media ask few question to yourself along with the don'ts as mentioned below:-

  • Do not choose Social Media in hurry just to throw your hard written content
  • Do not rely on any particular Social Media to promote your content

And ask yourself mainly 3 question because you are the owner of your content and social media profile:-
  • Does it make sense for my content?
  • Do your fans or followers spend time there?
  • Do your fans or followers are from the same niche you are writing for?
If you have decided about your social media strategy that you want to go ahead with.

Let us assume that you don’t know what method you’d like to use for your strategy about using social media.

And that is just where I come in to figure out which direction you want to take.

So, my best advice for figuring out which strategy you’ll use is to use the method that you resonate with.

And that is, do whatever you like to do.

If you ask me  about my strategy of using social media;

then, I will go with social networks like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

Because, you can actually have real conversations with like minded people.

So, if you are a social person and like to meet people in real time, go with Facebook or Twitter and you will get huge response there.

But, let me discuss something here, this is really important to focus on ONE social media and master it until you’re  generating conversions per day with that one method.

Only then, move on with another method of your choice and repeat the process.

No, I am not saying or stopping you to use more than one social media.

Actually to start more social media, you need two keys.

  1. Result
  2. Success

Before starting any social media, you must ask 3 important questions to yourself:-

What are Important Questions About Choosing Social Media?

  • Where is your social circle?
  • Where is your social circle active?
  • Where is your social circle searching
Once you have clearly answered for above questions, try to explore the latest in-trend social media.

Now, lets have a look to understand why we should start any of the below mentioned social media? 

However, you can use any social media of your choice while keeping these parameters in mind.

Why you should start with Facebook?

The reason is simple that facebook has huge amount of active users. Take a look on the two snapshots created by

  1. Monthly Active Users
  2. Daily Active Users



The main reason to start with the Facebook social media is, it provides your hometown friends and followers to catch them every time you write a new post.

The second reason is that facebook has billions of monthly active users.

Using twitter for your blog promotion is successful if you are;

  1. using bigger images while posting your facebook status
  2. using your blog quotes while posting your facebook status
  3. using short updates while posting your facebook status
  4. asking question to your followers/friends in your facebook status
  5. using short videos about your blog content
  6. sharing blog content of your followers/friends in your facebook status
  7. re-sharing blog content of your followers/friends in your facebook status
  8. actively participating with facebook events started by your facebook followers/friends
  9. if you are an active member of Facebook

Why you should start with Google Plus?

Well, if you are blogging then you need search ranking for your blog/website.

And for this reason, no other social media can help you out.

The more and frequently you share your content on Google+, the best your search engine ranking your blog will get.

Using Google Plus for your blog promotion is successful if you are;
  1. having a google+ page for your blog
  2. sharing your content regularly with your circles
  3. having communities relevant to your blog niche
  4. using #Hashtags while posting your content
  5. using +1 button in your blog posts
The main reason to use Google Plus is, it increase the search ranking by sharing your content in front of its users.

And the second reason is that google plus has several communities to join as per your taste or blog niche around the globe.

Why you should start with Twitter?

As you may know that Twitter is a micro blogging site and you can share your views up to 140 characters only.

If you are good in describing your long views, thoughts in a small sentence, then you can make a difference in advertising your blog on twitter.

Using twitter for your blog promotion is successful if you are;

  1. using #Hashtags properly
  2. using @mentions properly
  3. using the feature of re-tweeting
  4. using appealing images while tweeting
  5. using tweets with statics
One main feature of Twitter is that you will find professionals there.

Why you should start with Pinterest?

See, Pinterest is an image sharing social media platform and if you are thinking about to join it, re-think about your decision.


if you are posting/sharing eye catching visual content on Pinterest, only then you can fetch huge crowd of visitors for your blog/content.

It requires high attention while engaging with other participants.

As you might see that Pinterest is all about visual content. So the better your visual image the best you'll get click through rate.

Yes, providing great images can lead to increase click through rate and better engagement with your blog.

This is what I am doing with social medias of my choice while blogging and getting tremendous positive results with my little effort of dealing with these social medias.

You too, can get better results if you adhere my tactics of choosing and using social media to promote your content.

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