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What are Actually Valuable Blogging Best Practices?

Beginners guide to Blogging Best Practices by BloggingFunda
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What is Blogging Best Practices?

Want to learn blogging best practices? This is a free beginners guide to learn actually valuable blogging best practices.
"Blogging is an art not a technique."
- Mohinder Paul Verma

To prove this statement, I hope you are going to search about.

And I also hope that most of you will agree with this statement if I am not wrong.

What will you say about Blogging Best Practices?

If you are agreed then no needs to read this post because you have already understand blogging and the art of writing.

But, if you are not agreeing, then I insist you to look this post thoroughly to understand what I meant in above statement about blogging.

What are Blogging Best Practices?

If you want to learn blogging best practices, read this Free Beginner's Guide to know best practices about blogging.

Why I think that blogging is an art?

Have you learnt the art of blogging?

In this post I am trying to demonstrate the best practices of blogging to help new bloggers to understand this concept of writing.

So, how do we go from empty or beginning to the fruitful land of blogging?

Well it all starts with little knowledge of how to set up a blog?, and once you have set it up and it is published, you can take benefits of this guide to make a perfect blog by sharing your valuable information.

If you haven’t started a blog just yet? Worry not because this beginner's guide about bext blogging practices covers everything about to learn on what to know before you start a blog.

Wat is blogging and how to start it?

As you know that we all learn to crawl first, before we can walk and the same goes for blogging.

That is why I have decided to publish beginner’s guide full of blogging best practices.

You can find all steps of blogging linked in this post and you don't need to go here and there on different websites to start your blogging career.

The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Best Practices

Blogging Best Practices: The Free Guide by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Blogging can be a hobby, but it can change your lifestyle, career and the source of income.

In above statement, I am not encouraging you to leave your primary job.

But, if that sounds exciting to you, then you are absolutely in the right place. It is my belief that Blogging is for everyone.

I can guess that now you are probably shaking your head, thinking that blogging can only be done in the spare time.

But what, if anyone is making money with their blog.

This is not a false myth but happening with several blogger.

Do you know how they achieved this?

Nothing but just adopting Blogging Best Practices.

There is one more fact that people use blogging for more than just personal journals, but that is also a part of the fold.

Here are some common uses for a blog:

  1. People use blogging for their day to day updates
  2. People use blogging for their business
    1. To promote a product
    2. To collect customer reviews
    3. To analyze the result etc.
  3. People use blogging for sharing information about a particular topic
    1. about their pets
    2. about their friends
    3. about their interests etc
  4. People use blogging for sharing their expertise
Now let's come on the main topic you are here to read about.

Best Blogging Practices

Few things to know before you setup your blog: A Seven Day Guide of Blogging about Best Blogging Practices

After reading this post, probably you will think about owning a blog and making money by working from home.

If so, then don't worry, you are a normal guy because it is something that anyone would find enticing.

What you will learn after reading Best Blogging Practices?
In this post, I am going to show some steps to follow while implementing these best blogging practices.

Each step for each day and after 6 days you will be able to publish your first post.

Best Blogging Practices – Day 1

Here is what you will learn today:
  • How to start and implement a seven day schedule to start and publish your blog
  • Prepare your daily tasks and content to help you along your blogging journey
First you must accept below 2 statements related to best blogging practices:-
  1. Always remember that blogging is for everyone
  2. There could be a new blog published in each second
  3. People visit blogs according to their taste of reading
So, you have to prepare for that.
And for this, always remember some points to be followed before implementing best blogging practices:-
  • blogging is not a get quick rich scheme
  • in blogging success comes with time
  • social networking is also required for the success of blogging

Best Blogging Practices – Day 2

Things to know before your start a blog.

Always follow these points while choosing your blogging niche:-
  • First discover your topic of interest.
  • your blogging topic must not be other person's selection
  • Stay away from topics that you don’t know much about
  • You should be focused on your blog topic
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How to discover your topic of interest?

This is very simple and easy to find your topic of interest.

For this collect some information related to you as mentioned below:-
  • Your area of interest (these could be more than one)
  • Your expertise in any field (this could be only one. in some cases it could also be more than one)

What is the best way to find your topic of interest?

The best way to find your topic of interest or your blog's niches is to choose what you are doing either for yourself or for your family, community.
  • Your business or family business
  • Your educational background
  • Your technical background
  • Your area of interest (you feel that you have expertise in that area)
Best Blogging Practices – Points to remember while choosing your topic (niche)

These are also a part of best blogging practices. You must take care about while choosing your blog niche.
  1. Do some in-depth research instead of just picking something which sounds good to you
  2. Decide your blog's purpose – Do not just pick anything out of crowd. Instead find the absolute purpose of your blog niche. It will work better.
  3. Don't choose any topic because people are talking about it
  4. Choose a topic that you are passionate about

Best Blogging Practices – Day 3

So you have completed the day 1 and day 2 of best blogging practices.

Now, after choosing your blog niche, start collecting information from all your sources.

It includes your self experience or expertise in that particular topic of niche you are going to write on.

What you have to do on Day 3?

Well, this is as simple as Day 1 and Day 2.

Now it is time to write a detailed information about the topic you are going to start your blog on.

Write as long as you want to cover the information you know about.

But make sure this should not be a lengthy like a phd theses because it will distract your reader's attention.

Now it is time to learn about Basics of SEO.

If you are a new to blogging, then search engine optimization a term to get better search results may scare you.

Before you start your blog, try to learn and understand the basics of SEO to make a smooth and successful blogging path.

What is basics of SEO?

Basics of seo or search engine optimization means to use the pre-defined parameters for blogging.

It is very simple, just follow instructions as mentioned below:-

Basics of SEO for Blog

  • Choose a “keyword” that will be the basis of your posts
  • Break up long paragraphs in short paragraphs
  • Use bullet list, number lists etc to highlight main points
  • Use header tags as required i.e. h1, h2, h3
  • Always include pictures and unique images
    • use alt attribute of image
    • User title attribute of image
    • use image specification i.e. height, width, border etc

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Best Blogging Practices – Day 4

The next part in best blogging practices is to choose blog theme or design and uploading of your text.

So, it is time to design your blog. Don't worry if you are not a technical and don't know how-tos of setting up your blog.

Because, now a days, there are several free / paid blogging platforms available.

You just need to type your content, there are endless possibilities of applying pre-defined or inbuilt blog designs you can choose for your blog.

You can opt for free or paid blog themes as per your budget you have decided to spend on your blog.

What to do next after applying blog theme?

Very simple, just follow some instructions to upload your content on your blog:-
  • Choose standard font which should be clearly readable
  • Line height of your paragraph must not be less than 1.5
  • Choose proper color combination of font color according to your blog theme
  • Do not use more images than text, use one image after every 300 words (if required)
  • Use proper headlines, bullet or number list to demonstrate main points
  • Use call to action either in the end or between the text (avoid over using)
  • Use opt-in forms wherever required
  • Use social sharing tools (ie.e Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc)

Best Blogging Practices – Day 5

The next part of best blogging practices is about review or re-verify your content.

This part is urgent because your readers attention depends on this part.

What you have to do in this part?

  • Check your content for grammatical mistakes
  • Check your content for color combination of text and blog theme
  • Check your content for typographic mistakes
  • Review your content for adding relevant links, reference
  • Review your content for adding appropriate images
Now if you have reviewed your content, make sure you have adhere below points:-
  • You are going to share your expertise with a wider audience
    • Length of content matters
    • Proper font size and color matters
    • User of images at appropriate place matters
  • Follow the blogging/writing structure
    • Start with a strong headline with proper heading tags
    • Break your long paragraph into small chunks for better understanding
    • Use of bullet, number lists wherever required to highlight main points

Best Blogging Practices – Day 6

Now it is time to hit the publish button.

This is the last step but the most effective part of best blogging practices and you have to be more attentive in this part.

The success of your blogging depends on the right time of publishing your blog/post.

Now follow the checklist to make sure you have delivered a great piece of information.
  • Publish your post on proper timing
  • Start posting on your social walls to get more visitors
    • Google Plus is better to get huge traffic
    • Facebook is also a good choice
    • Pinterest is also growing
    • You can use Twitter, Linkedin as per your convenience
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  • Don't start posting without these pages
    • Before the first post even begins coming into existence, you’ll need to make sure some specific pages are up and running on your blog. These pages include the following:-
      • An "About Me" page with full detail about you
      • A "Contact Me" page with all contact media
  • Use proper images to attract more visitors than text
    • Use "Alt" attribute of images
    • Use "Title" attribute of images
    • Use Dimension (Height, Width) of images
    • User of Border attribute of images is an added advantage
  • Make sharing your post and images easy
Always remember that the way your posts get noticed is through social media, but just posting it isn’t enough. You have to implement share buttons on your posts with the help of social sharing widgets, so that people can click and share pictures or post from your blog, and entire articles on their own profiles.

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