Friday 26 June 2015

Blogging Questionnaires - What you will say on these?

BloggingFunda - A to Z of Blogging - A questionnaire about blogging
Image is created in Photoshop By: BloggingFunda

I am blogging on this blog since March 2015 and receiving a mixed response from my readers and followers.

But the response is totally amazing on my different blogs written on different niches. 

Do you know that my loyal followers are on every blog and this encourages me to write more and more on all blogs.

Before I continue this post, if you have some spare time and you want to help bloggers who needs help in setting up their blogging career, then you can give reply to these questions.

#1 - Are you getting the same response?

If yes, then,
What are you doing to overcome from this critical blogging phase?

Because this is the toughest phase of blogging and more than 80% of bloggers quit blogging due to not getting traffic or better search engine ranking.

#2 - Do you have your own blog?

If you are just writing for your time pass then it is alright but if you are writing as a professional blogger or you want something, you want to gain through your blogs then you must answer for this question.

#3 - How to setup your blog?

This is the first question which comes in mind while thinking about blogging career. I hope you would have faced this first phase of blogging when you set up your blog.

Below I am giving one reference for setting up a blog on blogger, you can give steps for wordpress blog.
@How to setup your blog on Blogger

#4 - Which blogging platform you are using?

I think this must be the very first question I should write but I started this post just for another reason so this is here on number 4.

#5 - What is the frequency of publishing new posts?

If you are a professional or full time blogger then please give your own experience because it will help lots of new bloggers who has just started their blogging career.

#6 - What type of SEO you are doing?

If you are already setup your blog and getting good response through search traffic then definitely you know about the types of search engine optimization you have done on your blog.

SEO Types

  • On-Page Seo
  • Off-Page Seo
@Does Google+1 affects Search Engine Optimization 

#7 - How you are optimizing your images?

As you know that visual contents are more beneficial for your blogs and if you are using optimized images then you will get more traffic and engagement.
  1. But how to optimize blog images? 
  2. Do you have simple way to optimize an image?
@What is the Advantage of using images in your blog 
Now take a deep breath because you have almost done first part of blogging after setting up a blog but still the rest is pending and that is most important to understand.


"Blogging is a Horse Race and only one can Win - BloggingFunda"

#8 - How to promote your blog?

Now the question arises that if you are writing killer title of your blog but still no one is reading and your search engine ranking is also not good.

Then what to do. Alright, if it is promotion or publicity of your blog then,
  1. Where are you promoting your blog?
  2. What are you doing to get better engagement?
  3. How are you getting better search engine ranking?
@ 5 Different website to create Social Widgets

I will appreciate you all for your involvement in this questionnaire about blogging because I am preparing an eBook of my own experiences and I need your support to complete that, don't worry I will not steal your credit.

Actually I want mixed opinion on the same questions, so that every blogger can read and learn as well.

And if you will give answers of above questions, then only I will be able to reach on conclusion about the categories of bloggers.

If you are really a true blogger and already seen different phases of blogging then I think you can give answer for these questions to help other bloggers.

You can add your thoughts or questions and if I left any and if you think that this post is worth for bloggers to think then you can show your gratitude by sharing this in your circle.

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Thanks for reading this and now the waiting for your responses started.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Why do we need an SEO and what is the benefit of doing SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization - A post by BloggingFunda
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Before we continue on the topic "Why do we need an SEO?", we must know what is an seo? and how it affects our blog or website in the search result.

Because, it you know the basics of blogging and also understand the concept of seo, then your blogging journey will be an outstanding.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process which helps us for the visibility of a blog or a web page in a search engine's organic search.

It is also called free or unpaid search result. Further, it is also known as "natural" or "organic" search results.

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In other words, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine results.

There are different search results. It includes image search, video search, any specific text or information search through the search engine.

Points to Remember:-

Apart from the search engine optimization technique, one should follow the basics of Blogging in terms of SEO to get organic search traffic through search result. The more you will share your blog among social medias, the more it will get traffic through organic search result.- BloggingFunda

I guess, you understand about the term Search Engine Optimization (seo). 

What is the need of Search Engine Optimization by BloggingFunda
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Now the question occurs in mind that why do we need SEO? 

There are different opinions available about this term but the conclusion is same for the need of Search Engine Optimization of a blog or website.

Your BlogProgress solely depends on the proper search engine optimization you have done on and it further depends on keywords an seo expert will use while optimizing your blog or website.

Before continuing, you must know properly about below questions:-
  1. What are keywords? 
  2. What types of keywords are being used in seo?
Well, above questions are already explained by professional bloggers and I don't want to re-write just to extend my post lines.
You can easily search about both the question through search engine. There are some reasons you need search engine optimization.

5 Reasons of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  2. Increase Search Engine Traffic
  3. Increase Brand Awareness
  4. It reduces Marketing Cost
  5. Increase Conversion
The above mentioned 5 reason of doing seo for your blog or website are the root level reasons however, there are several other minor benefits of search engine optimization, one can find on the net easily and I don't think I have to discuss here.

How to do a best Search Engine Optimization?

If you are a professional blogger and you have already done then below portion of this post is not for you.

But if you are a new to blogging or did not optimize your blog then keep a close eye on the points mentioned below. You can also read about how to become a professional blogger.

4 Points to Remember for SEO

  • Optimize each part of your blog separately
  • Optimize all images of your blog if any
  • Optimize your blog keywords
  • Optimize videos of your blog if any
Above 4 points are basic requirements of search engine optimization but apart from these, you must follow further 8 points which are as necessary as these 4 points.
Because, after the latest update of google, every blogger or website administrator has to follow these 8 points to keep their blog in search results.
If you really want to dig in depth about search engine optimization so that you can take full benefit of seo then you must read about the 8 steps to increase search traffic. 
Now the best way to optimize your blog or website is to update it regularly with fresh content.

What is the meaning of Fresh Content?

Here, the meaning of fresh content is that;
  • you are writing your own experiences about the topic you are writing on.
  • you are writing your own experiments for gaining positive results with your content.
  • you are writing the problems you have faced while blogging and,
  • you are writing about their solutions so that other bloggers can take benefit while blogging for their blogs.
  • You are pin-pointing major drawbacks of using third party tools or services.
  • if you are using any particular service to enhance your blog traffic then you are writing about the results that no other can share about your blog content.

What is the basics of search engine optimization?

Well, there are several points which you should keep in mind while performing an SEO on your blog or website but here I am going to discuss on few which are most important and has direct impact on your search results.
  1. Use only optimized image

    • Add image title,
    • Add image alt,
    • Add image height & width to optimize properly
  2. Use only optimized keywords

    • Always use keywords which are optimized
    • Use proper keywords (Long tail keywords work better than short keywords)
  3. Optimize your Blog title

    • Use 66 character long title for your blog post
    • Use killer title for your blog
  4. Optimize your blog headlines

    • This is same as your keywords
  5. Optimize videos  

    And if you are using from youtube then it should be optimized before using on your blog. It is a separate topic and I am not going to discuss here. 
Now when you have understand about search engine optimization and the need for your blog or website then do not forget to keep in mind about some do's and don'ts while writing your blog.
  • Do not use extra large images, optimize images before using in your blog
  • Do not use linked images with providing url or image
  • Do not skip any attribute of image tag
  • Use proper keywords and tags for your blog content
  • Do not auto play any video on your blog because it will slow down your blog loading speed
  • Try to use visual content along with your textual content, it is an added advantage


I think it is clear to you about search engine optimization and if you think that this would help others then it is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing this in your social circle.
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Wednesday 17 June 2015

How to Motivate Yourself while Blogging if you are feeling Demotivated?

How to Motivate Yourself while Blogging if you are feeling Demotivated - BloggingFunda

Everyone is blogging but few are successful out of a huge crowd of bloggers.

Do you know why?

I guess you don't know because you did not try to think about.

But, for me this is a simple question to answer and a blogger must know about this.

Let me ask you this simple question, so that you can think and give answer.

If you find out or already know about the answer,

you can use the comment system to respond, but if you don't know then no need to worry or shy, I am here to answer for that. 

You just need to question me through the comment system of this blog.

Here comes the question:-

Is motivation required to keep continue blogging journey? 

I guess that most of bloggers are inspire with at least one of the thing before starting their blog.

What do you think, am I right on this guess?

You can tell me about the start of your blogging journey and share your wonderful moments when or why you started blogging.

What you are getting out of your blogging?

  • Some kind of satisfaction
  • It is a monetary reason
  • Professionalism etc.
As per my opinion, every bloggers is getting as per their own desire and ever trying to get whatever they wanted to get out of their blogging.

Now the question arises, 

Is motivation required for blogging?

Yes, it is required by all the bloggers, because sometimes due to several factors, blogger feels demotivated.

And if you don't realize this then your blogging journey may ends.

But, this is common phase of the blogging life and most of the bloggers need motivation to continue their blogging journey.
This is not a dialogue I am writing here, but a real truth and I personally know few bloggers who had left blogging career after spending 3-4 years.
A Blogging Giant +Harsh Agrawal already written a post on motivate yourself and you all must read that post to understand why you started blogging.

Blogging Mistakes - Bloggers feel Demotivated over time - BloggingFunda

Blogging Mistakes - Bloggers feel Demotivated over time, why?

There are some blogging mistakes, due to these mistakes, several bloggers feel demotivated even after a long blogging journey they have already completed.

Setting up high aim in life is good and same applies in blogging as well.

But, if you are over thinking about success or failure without getting down to the water of ocean, you can not judge the depth or the level of the water.

Blogging is just like an ocean of knowledge and it must be started from scratch.

If you do not understand anything about blogging fundamentals, then how can you write advanced blogging concepts.

So keep in mind that you are also a blogger and there should be some basic start up while blogging.

Do not worry if there are 100 or 1000s of similar topics already written, you just write whatever you think or know about that particular topic.

6 Points to remember before starting a Blog

  1. Start from Basics of Blogging
  2. Write on How to setup a blog
  3. How to Increase your Blog Traffic?
  4. What is Search Engine Optimization?
  5. What is the benefit of Google+ Communities?
  6. How to Monetize your Blog?
Above 6 points are must have to keep in mind before starting a blog.

What are blogging mistakes?

There could be N numbers of mistakes while starting a blog or blogging. But I have selected the most dangerous problems, which may leave you alone in the crowd of bloggers.
  • Wrong selection of your blog niche
  • Unable to differentiate Quality and High Quality content
  • You do not engage with your readers
  • You don't responding on your blog comments
  • Wrong way to promote your blog on social media
The above 5 are major mistakes while blogging and every blogger must take care with utmost care to stay in blogosphere for a long time.
If you want a complete list of mistakes while blogging then you must read 20 mistakes bloggers are still making, a post by David Aston.

But don't worry, if you have already committed these mistakes while your blogging journey, then too you can remove these by first motivating yourself and then correcting your mistakes.

If you have already started your blogging career and you are feeling demotivated, then I think you need to follow some motivational points to be motivated every time.
Top 10 Motivational Quotes - BloggingFunda

Top 10 Motivational Quotes for Blogging Success:-

BloggingSuccess - These are motivational quotes best suited for blogging. Your blogging success depends only on your thoughts. The better you think, the best reward you will receive. So be positive and keep these points in mind while blogging.
  1. First of all Believe in yourself
  2. Do not copy, Be original 
  3. Don not let others ruin your day
  4. All great achievements require Time
  5. Don't think out of the Box, if you are a new blogger
  6. Don't mix technology with personal writeup
  7. Don't afraid of criticism, its a step of your success
  8. If you want to win the game, you have to be in the game
  9. Be creative and never give up
  10. Always remember that Success is not final and Failure is not fatal, you can change everything you want to change
The above BloggingTips are prepared by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers.


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Friday 12 June 2015

How Google+ Communities can help to Grow your Audience?

How Google+ Communities can help to Grow your Audience - By BloggingFunda
Image is created by BloggingFunda

Grow your Blog Traffic with Google Communities

Do you know about Google Communities?

I guess you all know.

Because, a blogger who is using Google+ for sharing the blog post, would know about these communities from where we can get viral traffic for our blogs.

There are some tactics for using google communities.

Do you know how to use these communities?

Alright, I assume that you know but still, there is few steps which almost every blogger skips or ignores.

What are those steps?

Do you really want to know those steps?

If yes, then read this below topic in full to capture those steps. 

This topic will cover all tactics to use Google communities and steps to follow while sharing your blog posts on these communities.

Google communities are just like other social websites but serve a lot more than all.

What is a Social Website?

Now a days, social websites means a vast topic and its definition also has several mouths to speak.

But here, in blogging and specially in Google Plus Communities, you will read only about 3 major topics covered under one root.

Social Websites - What it Covers? 

It mainly covers 3 major topics and all has in-depth meaning while sharing content through google communities. These topics are call branches of social websites.

3 Branches of Social Websites

  1. Social networking sites 
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Social networking

Social networking Sites

Google+ is a largest social networking site and communities under google plus are its further branches with endless benefits if you are using these communities properly.

Social media Marketing

Google+ communities also serves as social media marketing and promote your blog to the endless readers under its roof.
If you are using these communities well then I don't think that you need to worry about traffic for your blog.

Social Networking

There is not other good example of social networking than these Google+ communities. These are designed like an extended forest of communities.

There are some rules while creating these communities and working with and one should take care to get the maximum benefits of these communities.

Hence, there are some rules, one should follow before sharing the content with community members.

What are rules while engaging with communities?

There are basically two golden rules we all must follow if we want loyal readers and re-visitors of our blogs.

2 Golden Rules of Google Communities

  1. Create only one community under each blog niche
  2. Join as many as you can manage under each blog niche

One community for each blog niche - BloggingFunda

Why to create One Community in each blog niche?

In the first rule, remember that you are creating just one community under each of your blog niche.

If you are creating multiple communities for the same purpose then, this is just a waste of your time.
And your followers would soon be considered you as a spammer after receiving same content posted more than one or two on daily basis.
However you can share your content on daily basis if you are frequently writing new blog posts. This will not harm your blogger image. 

If you are still thinking that I am just threatening you all then you must read the drawbacks of creating multiple communities below:

Drawbacks of creating multiple Communities

  • Your Blog value may decrease
  • You may lost your online respect
  • You may lost your loyal readers
  • Your blog may fall under spam
  • Your followers can neglect multiple posting of one blog, if you are creating multiple communities for one blog niche.
Above are the major drawbacks for creating multiple communities. So be careful while creating communities more than one for a single blog niche.

How joining multiple communities can help to grow traffic - BloggingFunda

What are the benefits of joining multiple communities?

The second golden rule of Google Communities is to join as many communities as you can mange. The more you will join, the more your content will share with among the communities and this way you will get natural traffic.

But for this you have to follow some rules for sharing your content among all communities you have joined.

Before I write about the benefits of joining multiple communities, I must write about few rules of sharing in these communities.

You might have observed that some bloggers share their each blog and every community they have joined, no doubt, they are receiving plus one and natural traffic but did you notice that if you are writing on daily basis, then your followers just give you plus one and not visiting on your blog post.

Do you know why?

I guess you know but ignoring this.

Followers, once visited on your shared post and given plus one would not waste their time for revisiting same content share by you on other communities on the same day.

I also will not do that because for me time is money.

So you just follow some rules while sharing same content on same day on multiple communities.

  • Do not share same content on more than one or two communities in a single day. However you can share multiple different posts on each community, one post on one community in a single day and second post on second community on the same day and so on.
  • Never post your blog link in the comment system of while commenting or giving plus one to your followers from the communities. (Strictly prohibit)
  • Do not spam, by sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitation in communities you are joined or not.
For further clarification about Google+ policies you can visit the Google's official page.

Also you can visit the Google+ page of +John Skeats to know a bit more about these communities.


If you think that this post gives a sense and it is worth for bloggers who are new to Google+ communities and this post will help in understanding the do's and don'ts of using these communities then it is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing this content with your social circle and you can also subscribe to our email list or you can follow our google+ page.

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Saturday 6 June 2015

Does Google's +1 Button Affects SEO?

How google plus one affect search engine optimization of blog post - BloggingFunda
Image Created in Photoshop by:- BloggingFunda
Google's +1 is a mystery for almost 90% bloggers.

This is my personal opinion and may vary blogger to blogger but I will stick to this value.

You tell me honestly, do you know each and everything about this little +1 or not?

I guess, not all bloggers.

There are few questions, which should come in mind of a blogger while giving Google +1. What are those questions?

Alright, I am coming to these questions soon but first you tell me that why you give plus one to posts of others?

I am waiting for your one liner answer for this simple question and if you think that I have pinched you by sharing this shivering question then it is your turn to show your gratitude by commenting or following BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers.


As per my opinion, the simple and more effective answer about why you give plus one to posts is Like Mindedness

This can be in taste, design, thoughts etc. People with same likings shares the content to their circles by giving +1 to that content, any other posted media including images or videos other than text.

Healthy Relation

This works for the healthy relation between the two persons. One who has posted the content on Google Plus and the second who is giving Plus one to that post. 

It has one more positive effect that it also creates a healthy relation with google's search engine 

Strange Mechanism

For others, Google's +1 button has a strange mechanism about its functioning but for me its impact is crystal clear. The more a post gets +1 the more it will get higher ranking in near future after the several changes in the algorithm of google search engine.

Correlation between Google +1s and Search Rankings

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between the google's +1 and search engine ranking?

BUT it is true that there is very strong correlation between the two factors and in near future posts with more +1s will get higher ranking in google search engine.

What to do now? 

If you are really serious about search engine ranking of your blog or website, then you must start thinking about the following points:
  1. Make healthy relation on Google+
  2. Share quality content to attract natural links
  3. Make easy to share content
  4. Make provision of Google's +1 button on your content
  5. Always share your content publicly
  6. Always use Google Badges in your posts
  7. Complete your Google Plus profile


In the end, I would like to say that Google's +1 strongly affects SEO of your blog post and you must take care about the pinpoints mentioned here to take maximum advantage of giving or getting google's plus one.
Open your eyes for this topic and it will be online soon next week. till then, prepare your posts with google plus one badge or buttons.