Thursday 31 March 2016

How to use Google Plus to Increase Blog Traffic?

To increase blog traffic, use google plus a fresh post by BloggingFunda

How to use Google+ to Increase your Blog Traffic?

Do you know that without great traffic to your blog, your posts will not be get read, regardless of the quality of your articles that you wrote with great effort?

Only quality traffic to your blog can make you feel awesome and it is possible if you have some blogging strategies implemented while blogging.

There are several other ways to increase blog traffic but today in this post we will discuss and learn only about the traffic from google plus.

Because Google+ has massive capabilities to promote your blog, and drive traffic to it.

For many bloggers, marketers and businesses, this social site has remained a mystery to understand its potential in increasing traffic.

Several businesses, bloggers and marketers try Google+ and get frustrated because they don’t quite get how to use its functionality to connect with their market.

The best advice I can give is to use Google+ on daily basis or on alternative days to become a loyal visitor for other bloggers, marketers and businesses and be prepared to actually network, and only then can you really know how to use Google+.

Do you know that getting traffic to your blog site is an integral part of marketing?

The more you can cross-promote your content, the more traffic and engagement you will get. The more traffic you get, the more your content will be shared. The more your content is shared, the better your search rankings are, and so on.

I recently wrote on post to give you tips on cross-promoting your blog with Twitter

Here are seven tips on using Google Plus to drive traffic to your blog posts.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

If you want to increase your blog traffic with google plus then below are 7 tips to implement for increasing your blog traffic.

Tip #1: Make a Google+ Business Page

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do to is set up your Google+ page for your blog.

This is kind of similar to making a business page on facebook and you need to have a personal Google+ to make a business blog. Now you can add your details i.e. personal as well as business and customize your profile image, tagline and introduction section.

Also you can include your website, blog URLs for better understanding about your nature of business.

When you are setting up your page, be sure to take advantage of the large cover photos to be used on your google plus page. Your image can now be as large as 2120 x 1192 pixels, as indicated in the cover page image dimension by google plus.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

To drive traffic to your blog:
  • The main point which you have to take care is to include your blog URL in your introduction section
  • Now give a good call to action (CTA)  as to why a user should visit to your blog or business page
  • Include your blog or site in your Links section
  • Now create a profile image with an arrow or other CTA to your blog

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #2: Share with your Circles

Do you know about Circles feature of Google Plus?

If you are aware then use google plus circle feature wisely but if you don't know then learn before you start using google plus circles.

Google plus provides an amazing opportunity to share your blog posts to targeted people. They are a way to segment G+ users that you follow. You can kind of segment circles a bit like you might bluntly do so for an email list.

Create as many circles as you want to create but do not waste your time in just creating circles if you can not use wisely.

When you have created your like minded circles or as per your nature of business, it is time to promote your blog posts, share them with targeted audiences, and connect with them by writing specific updates for your post.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #3: Engage in Communities

It is very easy to use Google Plus networking feature with the help of Google+ Communities. These communities provide an amazing way to expand your reach and networking online without meeting your follower face to face.

Do you know what are communities?
Communities are online groups and like really modern, interactive forums. Communities are very different than Circles. Communities may not give you the same experience as a personal meetings - but they’re a lot easier and less expensive to get to.

There are lots of Google+ Communities, and you are sure to find ones that match to your business needs. 

  • Join a few of the groups that are most relevant to your products
  • Take part in the dialogues that are happening
  • Comment on the updates, share posts you like and +1 to them
  • Once you’ve started to establish yourself, post links to your blog in your niche Communities
  • Your updates will get shared, your posts will get +1, comments on, and clicked through.
Not only that but, if you do it right, by getting to know your groups online, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you develop new customers too.
Do not forget to use the #HashTag while posting on communities.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #4: Use Hashtags

  • Hashtags were introduced to Google Plus. Use hashtags as a way to better reach your niche market on the site
  • Hashtags enable you to kind of categorize your updates, and help you to get found in searches on the site
  • When using hashtags, there are a number of key strategies to keep in mind:
    • Always remember to include at least one to three tags in your blog post updates.
    • Less is often more in hashtags. It shows you know who you want to reach, and you know the key elements of your blog post you are sharing in your update
    • Make tags to include really detailed subjects
    • The more granular you get in hashtagging, the more likely your post is going to be found, read and clicked on by your interested niche readers
    • Make tags to promote a campaign
    • You can use hashtags to create a shared, interactive category about a marketing campaign your business is running

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #5: Don’t Post Your Entire Blog

There are some Do's and Don'ts while using Google Plus for sharing your blog post update and you have to follow these.

Do you know that Google+ updates are not restricted by word count or characters. That means you could post all of your blog posts, in all of their entirety on your G+ page.

But, don't do that.

I’d suggest you don’t post your entire post content in your google plus updates.

If your update is too long, it:
  • It can be boring visually
  • It will lack quick sharability
  • And it will likely not be very interactive
And, well, the whole point is to drive traffic to your site. If you post your entire content onto G+, you’re not going to achieve this goal, are you?

Just give blog idea to your readers. Always include a paragraph or two to introduce your blog post about, and connect with your market to create intrigue.

You can make your posts long, by including a few paragraphs from your blog, but do create reason for people to click through to your website.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #6: Host Google+ Hangouts
If you have a large follower list and you want to gain more networking, and create a tighter posse within G+, host a Google+ Hangout.

You can use it in conjunction with blog posts, to get people reading your articles, and then discuss them on a weekly or monthly basis as per your convenience.

Do you know that a Google Plus Hangout is like a webinar, or video conference - but it’s free. You can have up to 10 guests participating. Use them for other business communications too.

One more benefits of using Google Plus Hangout is that you can share your Hangouts on your YouTube channel, so even more people can watch it.

Do you know that hangouts are also a cool way to online networking?

Check out the Live Hangouts on Air to see what video Hangouts are happening right now.

How to increase traffic to your blog?

Tip #7: Include +1 Button

Last, but not least, make sure you are including a Google +1 button on all of your blog posts. This may be an obvious point, but don’t overlook it.

A G+ button makes it easy for your readers to share your posts to their public feed, their circles, and their communities.


I hope this article has helped to define this massive social site for getting maximum output by sharing your content. For bloggers, entrepreneurs who have network know-how, Google+ can be  a huge driver for increasing traffic to your blog.

Google+ has huge depth, and it may take you a while to truly harness it’s power for your every efforts.

What do you think?

Do you use Google+ for your business? If not, will you now? What has worked for you, and what hasn’t?

Please share your updates in the following comment section.

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Thursday 3 March 2016

5 Tips By Google to Grow Your Site Visitors

5 Tips By Google to Grow Your Site Visitors on BloggingFunda

What are tips to grow site visitors?

Bloggers who are will to increase their adsense earning but unable to find the way to do so.

Don't worry, this post has everything for you to learn and implement while blogging to get maximum output.

For this, you just have to go through the entire post to learn what are the main lacking areas you need to start while blogging.

If you are blogging for the long time then this is possible that you know about but if you are a new blogger, then you need to take care about the content you are using for your blog.

You need to boost your content to increase visibility of your blog. And if your blog's visibility is increased then your adsense earning will increase automatically.

How to Grow your Site Visitors?

#1. Content Boost for Your Blog

Like other publishers, I guess you think a lot about how to grow your site audience.

There is no surprise that for this topic, content is key and king.

As you may know that great content attracts more visitors and also engages new users and keeps your wonderful old users coming back again and again because old visitor are the backbone of your blogging career.

But the question is how do you produce content that is high in quality, value, and uniqueness?

To get the answer, look back to why you became a blogger and an AdSense publisher.

Always do what you love and your content will automatically be at the heart of all you are doing.

To boost your blog content as you build your new content, use five tips to create an engaging relationship with your readers.

If you really want to boost your blog content the always remember following three Tips:-
  1. Be Targeted
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Be Frequent
To follow above 3 tips for boosting your content, remember you are first writing for yourself and then for others.

When it comes to write for others, you take time to figure out who is reading your content and what topics they find most interesting.

Does your blog get comments about any topic discussed in your blog?

If yes, you should focus on the guys who is commenting on your  blog.

Update your blog content as often as you can to increase the visibility, loyalty with your readers.

It is only possible with regular updates of your blog that you’ll build trust and engagement with your readers, and they will be more likely to share your content with their friends and family.

The second but most important step is to create visual content within your textual content to increase readership and engagement with your visitors.

And for this you have to create engaging videos for your blog content.

#2. Create engaging videos

In present technological environment everyone is having at least one device to see the visual content.

This is because people are crazy about videos.

Do you know that the average mobile viewing session on YouTube is now around 30+ minutes.

The main advantage of using visual content within your blog is that it will boost the amount of time your visitors spend on your site by using video and photos.

But remember the following tips to increase readership and engagement while using any visual content within your blog:-
  • Create your own videos because doing so will give your blog personality and unique content.
  • If you can then try adding a separate video section for your blog
  • Try to integrate videos within your blog posts
  • You can also use A/B testing for your video to find the best place for adding videos within content
Remember, if you are using videos that aren't yours, make sure that you have the rights to distribute them.

However, you can use any visual content by giving proper credits to the creator of that video.

Now there are huge increase in the usage of mobile and people are using their smart phones to visit website, to shop online and to engage with their social circles.

So the 3rd step is to create your blog a mobile friendly:-

#3. Create Mobile Friendly Layout

Now it is seen that there is a trend of mobile internet everywhere because it is convenience to travel without loosing your favorite channel, content, latest updates in news.

So Be Mobile Friendly: -As per google update:-
"The number of smartphone users is estimated to grow by 16% to two billion users in 2015. In all, web access from mobile phones will represent 69% of all traffic by 2017, according to The average user now spends almost three hours per day on mobile devices."

Why you should use mobile friendly layout and design mobile friendly content for your blog?

Well, there are several benefits of using mobile friendly layout of your blog and mobile friendly content desing but the main benefits are as follows:-
  1. To attract more visitors
  2. To optimize your blog
  3. To optimize your earning
Do you know that your site needs to be accessible anywhere and anytime, on smartphones and every other device?
Infographic Source: Google Adsense

#4. Go Social to Maximize Readership

Today's trend is about having social circles and if you want to get maximum visits or readers from around the globe then you should go with social media.

Because the way users find and share content has changed and all credit goes to technology and social media sites.

Do you know that direct and search traffic affect your visitors count?

And social sharing is the main key for your blog visitor to share your content among other social circles.

So you must adopt any social media strategy.

Remember, and make sure you should have the most important message in the first few moments to show your visitors.

Always use social sharing buttons/widgets or plugins to help your visitors to share your content on the spot. 

For this don't forget to use large icons to highlight those sharing options.

You should try A/B testing where those buttons get the best engagement: at the top, at the bottom or embedded right in your blog layout..

For the best user experience, keep those buttons separated from your AdSense ads.

#5. Look inside your blog analysis

Google has given you all the features and tools to dig your blog's performance, know in-depth about the behavior of your blog visitors, a deeper understanding of your audience and their demographics, time on site, which pages people leave fast, and which they visit most etc.

Then you can use these insights to provide your users with the right content on right time to get more overall output.

Do you have some top tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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