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Do you know the best way to Discover Your Blog’s Purpose?

How to discover your blog's purpose? To discover the right purpose of your blog is to understand the choice or interest of your readers by engaging with them through their content or comments on their blogs. Do you know the best way to discover your blog's purpose?

This guest post is written by Traci Lawrence, one of my online friend. She is blogging for the last one year but already written several interesting articles.

So before starting this guest post by her, I am going to mention some brief introduction about the author.

  • She is blogging for the last one year and written 150 top rated quality articles on various topics.
  • Almost 3/4 of her written posts are in the general "self-help" category. 
  • The other 1/3 are related to religion and healthy communication. 
  • All of her posts fall under the category of helping people to improve their self-image and their relationships. 
  • She believes in quality not quantity.
  • She has done one recent radio interview regarding the bullying she received as a student. It was on a show called "Never Give up Hope" with host Carol Graham
About Author

Now over to the author's post.

How to discover the blog's purpose by Traci Lawrence
Image Source: by Traci Lawrence

How to Discover Your Blog’s Purpose

"My dog was so cute the other day! He became friends with another doggie we saw at the park. He helps me so much in these trying times! After we went to the park, we went down the street to eat lunch. By the way, here’s his picture..."

Have you seen articles like that? 

Most of us enjoy pictures of animals. However, we usually don’t want to spend three to five minutes reading just to get a generalized warm, fuzzy feeling. 

In addition, most individuals would like more to grab onto than a disorganized list of the author’s activities.

Every reader wants to be able to feel helped in some way by the articles they read. Their reaction should be something like “Aha! That’s just what I need to hear!” 

Authors can only bring about this response if they write according to their passion.

Why Every Author Needs a Purpose

You may be new to blogging, or you may have been writing for some time. 

In either case, it’s important to identify, or rediscover, your objective. 

In other words, in what specific ways can you support your readers?

Readers will be able to discern, if you are truly knowledgeable and fervent about your subject. 

You ARE knowledgeable about your own daily life. On the other hand, people don’t only want to read such details. 

Blogs are not diaries - Traci Lawrence
Tweet: Blogs are not diaries - Traci Lawrence

You need to give people a reason to keep reading. Every article’s purpose should be to inform or entertain.

What is Your Deepest Interest?

Identify your passions and write only about them. 

Ask yourself what subjects truly appeal to you. The following traits show common areas of appeal:
  • Current job (including that of “author”) 
  • Academic training
  • Spirituality or Religion
  • Talents, skills, or interests
  • Self-publishing/blogging
  • Family life
After you’ve determined your passions, narrow the list down to one or two that you feel particularly inspired to share with the world. 

Now, you’ve discovered what defines you!

My Goal

I call my website “A Place for Empowerment”. 

It’s a spot to help people find strength through challenging times. To a certain extent we all have trials. 

I found my voice in the mistreatment and miscommunication of my background. 

I bring the passion of helping people who feel undervalued to my work. I have an empathy with such individuals, and I want to help them find strength. 

In order to do this, I often cite examples from current events, history, and my own life - whatever works.

There wouldn’t have the same credibility or emotional capability if I chose to publish articles on other subjects, such as finance or business practices. 

Our most authentic writing will come from our own lives and research. - Traci Lawrence
  Tweet: Our most authentic writing will come from our own lives and research. Traci Lawrence


The Importance of Your Life Experience

What has happened in your own life will motivate your writing. These situations can be from the past or the present. 

You may have heard about them, or they may have actually happened to you.

Such occurrences may be found in your career, education, or social life:
  • I studied history in college; I often write about history. 
  • I had some unhappy job situations; I’ve mentioned those in my writing.
  • I also often note down frustrating or amusing situations in my current family life.

My Conclusion

Writing is the most authentic when the author discusses what it close to his heart. 

Once we know what we feel strongly about, we can decide the purpose of our article. 

Do we want it to make people laugh, or teach them something?

In the end, our true goal is to leave the reader a piece of us. Individuals cannot connect with authors who aren’t writing about their own interests and knowledge. 

Yes, readers can tell if the author of a given piece has deep knowledge of his subject.

How do you connect with the people who read your work?

Traci Lawrence - This post Author

Traci Lawrence is a freelance editor, author, blogger, and substitute teacher living in the Eastern United States.  Traci’s writing is motivated by her real-life experience in being undervalued. Her passions are healthy relationships and communication.

She has also written an eBook on Amazon:-
Accept No Trash Talk, Overcoming the odd 

You can connect with her through the below media if you have any query about the topic she has written in this post.

Twitter :- Traci Lawrence
Her Website/Blog :- Daily Musings

Also you can ask questions through the comment of this blog.

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  1. Hi, Mohinder. Thanks so much for posting this!

    1. Hi Traci, you wrote a stunning post and it must be there for whole blogging world. I did just a little effort for this and few of my readers emailed me for this wonderful post.

      Thanks for this guest post for my blog.

      Mohinder Paul Verma

    2. I thank you so much for your kind words, and for this great opportunity to work with you. I hope to do so again soon! I love what you did with the post, such as the introduction and the highlighted quotes..

  2. An enlightening article as always Traci.

    1. Hi, Eeva I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!