Wednesday 22 April 2015

Professional Blogger: 48 Week Challenge to be a Perfect Blogger

48 Week Challenge to be a Perfect Blogger by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

How to Create a Million Dollar Blog?

On 15th April 2015, when I posted Top 10 Blogging Tools, I was thinking that if I start posting on daily basis, only then I can have more readers or visits on my blog, but, I was wrong at that time. Do you know Why?

Because, blogging is not a get quick rich scheme and it takes some reasonable time to build a healthy relation with your readers. The more you will visit to your readers posts and give genuine comments relevant to their posts, the more your online relation will be strong. Am I right on this?

To create a million dollar blog one must take care about the major steps of blogging as mentioned below. 

What are Major Steps?

You just need to take care and follow some major steps while starting blog as your career. If you are new to blogging or have already started blog, then you must read:
If you are already setup your blog, then too, you should take utmost care about the communicating with your readers. Because, you can build a healthy relationship or a loyal reader if and only if you are engaging with them time to time.

Today, I am going to announce about a challenge of 48 week to be a perfect blogger. I know this is not as easy as I simply announced but still I will try to be a perfect blogger.

I know there is lot of task pending to be a perfect blogger but I have written my goals for this full year and I will try to catch each and every goal on daily basis to make it large in the end of the year 2015. I know that blogging is a horse race and the winner will have to run until the finish line. But in blogging, there is not any finish line untill you end up writing. the more you write, the more you visit other blogs, the most you will get in return. What do you think about this?
Blogging is a Horse Race by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Now, I know that there is lot to read and research on the major topics of blogosphere and I have prepare all the roughly data. Soon I will be doing in-depth study or those topics to get conclusion so that that I can start blogging again to reach to the height. Because, as sky is not the limit so does the blogging.

The List of  Pending Tasks

Major area of my pending task would be around the in-depth study and research on the following tools to be a perfect blogger. To understand the basic need and urgent requirement of other tools, which are required while blogging, I have to start my blogging journey once again as I did earlier. But worry not, I will do that and nothing can stop me in doing that.
  • Research on Social Marketing
  • Research on Ongoing SEO
  • Research on Blog Marketing Tools
  • Research on Email Signup Tools
  • Research on best Social Sharing Widgets

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Tuesday 21 April 2015

What are Do's and Don'ts of Infographics?

Infographics: Do's and Don't

Infographics have been quite a huge rave on the internet. Yet, not all inforgraphics are the same. Many will start off with extravagant ideas for the task but end up with a lacklustre final product, this to avoid being disappointed, here are some Do's and Don'ts of Infographics.

Do you know that Infographics are most shared on every social media and the best share social media is Pinterest and Instagram. If you have an attractive, meaningful and well designed infographics then you can get as much traffic and click on your infographics and on your blogs as well.

So keep a note of blow do's and don'ts of infograhics.

Infographics Do's

  • Take time to layout the storyline
  • Introduction
    • Main Body
      • References
      • Visuals
    • Conclusion
  • Make it shareable

Infographics Don'ts

  • Don't be Data-Heavy
  • Don't use Multiple Typography
You can check below Infographics to understand the proper way to create your infographics.
Do's and don'ts of Infographics by Blogging Funda

I hope you understand the basics of creating an attractive infographics with any tool available online or offline as per your requirements or feasibility to create an infographics.

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Monday 20 April 2015

How to Craft a Killer Content for your blog?

Almost every blogger required at least one tool to generate killer content for their blog posts but unfortunately people don't think out of the box except few professional bloggers. The question which everyone want an easy answer is that How to generate an idea for a killer content?

So don't worry about, BloggingFunda has selected after testing few best tools to craft killer content for your blog. You just start with anyone as per your requirements. Don't rush for all tools at a time, it will make you dumb and you will not be in a position to take any decision about to which tool is better than others.

How to Generate Killer Content Ideas?

Breaking the Silence – Blogging Tools

You probably already know about all or few of these tools and it may be possible that you already used these tools, but I can bet that you’ll find at least one tool here, you’ve never used before.
For this I will suggest only 5 best tools which are best ever tools in generating  content ideas. I bet with you, after trying these one by one you will be surely use these while writing every post for your blog.
If you are a serious blogger, then I personally recommend you to use these tools to craft a killer content for your blog.
Over to you, now it is your turn to add your experiences, if you have already used and if you did not use, then you must go for these tools to see the difference.
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Saturday 18 April 2015

An Advise by Harleena Singh - A Professional Blogger

I started this BlogingFunda Blog on March 11, 2015 with a dream to help other bloggers but forget to enable comments for my posts. You know what I lost by doing this blunder. I lost all my loyal readers who came to my post but could not find any way for further engagement and left with a disappointment.

I was working hard to visit on their posts, reading, liking and also giving comments on their posts as required but feeling internal breakdown as most of the bloggers feel when they do not get response. But no one could tell me the reason behind and nor I thought for a second about comments settings.

What I lost with Disabling Comments?

Having a blog without comments is just like a human without vision and that happened with me. I have lost so many loyal readers who wanted to give comment on my posts to assist me for better blogging.

But I am glad that I have loyal readers in my following circle like +Harleena Singh who gave me a comment through Google+ profile to make the required changes to enable comments.

Also she addressed one more problem of social sharing widget, which was overlapping my left side of blog. I immediately made necessary changes and now you can check the difference.

Now I have done required changes and other setting, which were addressed by a professional blogger.

Once again I would like to give thanks to +Harleena Singh for this wonderful assistance. 

Also I would like to request you all that if you see any other problem or required changes to be done on my blog, you are welcome.

Thanks for reading this post.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Top 10 Blogging Tools - A Review by BlogingFunda

Top 10 Blogging Tools - A Review by BlogingFunda

Top 10 Blogging Tools

Whenever you are finding quality content to publish and share on any social media, the kind of thing that catches attention and gets people to view, click, comment and share your content, it requires to be one of the most valuable, most original places to turn your own blog and the content you personally create to share with your online circle.

Now the next questions become - How to start a blog, How to create amazing content, How to put together blog posts strategically and efficiently, and How to get your content out to the masses, so that it can attract a huge traffic in terms of readers and search engine ranking can also get better.

Blogging Tips are a good to keep in mind before the actual start of blogging journey. And to supplement the words you use to build your blog posts, I have found top 10 number of blogging tools that help with everything from coming up with ideas to spread the content far and wide, however there are several other free and paid tools are available for the purpose of blog and blogging. But I will stress on these top 10 blogging tools to start.

I have divided these top 10 blogging tools further into three sub categories.
Sub Categories of Blogging Tools by Blogging Funda

Blogging Platform

In this category, I have collected 5 major platforms for blogging and I am including free and paid both blogging platforms. You just need to create your login id by completing the signup process and by confirming your email id and after paying your subscription where it is required in paid platforms. These all are user friendly and one can easily setup a blog with little or no technical knowledge about blog or blogging. You will get everything on each blogging platform to use for free to write and publish your blog post. Have a look at below image to know about the top 5 platform under the category of blogging platforms.
5 Best Platforms for Blogging Suggested by Blogging Funda
Here are the urls of each of the blogging platform for your convenience to use as per your requirement of blogging.

BlogSpot - Link to Open in New Tab

WordPress -  Link to Open in New Tab

TypePad -  Link to Open in New Tab (PAID)

SqureSpace - Link to Open in New Tab (PAID)

LiveJournal - Link to Open in New Tab

You can setup your blog on any of the above mentioned platforms for blogging. Either you can choose free or can opt for paid platform. The choice is yours. All are best blogging platforms.

Title Maker 

If you are a new blogger and can not stress more to think about the suitable title for your blog post, then, we will recommend two best tools to create blog title for you. However there are several tools available online to use. What are these tools?


Content Creator

Like title generator, these tools just you to select trendy or best keywords suitable for your blog content. And if your keywords are ready then you can easily write your best content to publish on any blogging platform. However, there are several other tools but I prefer below 3 tools to use for generating keywords for your content.
  • Google Trends 

    Did you ever use Google Trends to create well optimized content for your blog? If not then you must use this tool to make your blog content robust and don't think so much, just try and you will see the difference. You can run the topic through Google Trends to see search volume for the different keywords and phrases you’re considering using.
  • Keyword Planner 

    Do you frame your blogging idea into a far reaching blog post that people can easily find? You can check for popular keywords with the help of Google’s Keyword Planner. It lets you enter a series of keywords, and Google returns results on search volume and popularity as well as related keywords that might spark an idea for you.

     Top 10 Blogging Tools - A Review by BlogingFunda
    Top 10 Blogging Tools - A Review by BlogingFunda
  • Keyword Tools 

    This is an alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool returns up to 750 keywords for every keyword you enter.

Do you have a best blogging tool? Read on to see if it’s not included here in the list but has a best impact with the use of that blogging tool, and drop a note in the comments with which ones you love and using.

I am always keen to learn more about what more blogging tools are out there. I hope, I have discussed in details about The Longest Ride in Blogging.Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by subscribing our emailing list or you can also follow us on Google Plus Community Page.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The blog post about The Longest Ride in Blogging is written by BlogingFunda on April 13, 2015 for the very first time in my blogging history. However I have written in full details about my blogging journey. But this ride is just different from my own blogging journey. I am talking about the overall changes in the history of blog and blogging. First of all you should know about the meaning of the longest ride.

The Longest Ride - What does this Mean?

As its name explains the meaning itself. I am blogging for the last 5 years and seen tremendous change in blog and blogging. However there are several professional and successful bloggers, who have seen these changes but I did not find anything on a single blog or blog post about this topic. That is why I am write about The Longest Ride in blogging. 

In the early blogging, blogger just write for their passion, hobby and social sharing but later on all changed due to several factors responsible and forced these changes in blog and blogging. Also there are several major change happened in blogging technology. One of the major changes is that Google had developed their algorithm specially for blog and blogging. And today I am going to write about all the factors which are responsible for the tremendous changes in blogging. 

The most inspiring factor that forced me and all other bloggers towards blogging is Social Circle. However there are several other factors which inspired me and other bloggers to start blogging as a career.

What are other Factors?

The first factor was to expand the Social Circle and still is required to be a successful blogger but rest of the factors are also present and as follows:-
  • Passion about writing 

  • Willing to Learn new things 

  • Take challenges 

  • Renowned Name  

  • The Money Factor

I am writing Money Factor in the last because if I am fulfilling above factors, only then I can be able to earn money online with my blog posts. If you are passionate and willing to learn new things and ever ready to take challenges, I am sure you will have a renowned name and if you are a renowned blogger, money would not be difficult to earn out of blogging.

As you know that ever blogger has a story about how and when they started blogging or make blogging their career and that is why I have also a small story but full of hurdles. I am not writing this for any kind of sympathy and that is why stopping that topic to discuss here.

How I Started Blogging as a Career? 

Initially, I started writing just for fun or as a hobby blogger but my blogging career really began when I learned about few professional bloggers and their achievements in blogging. And this was happen to me when I had been struggling to find something that excited me for my next opportunity to find a new job for me to fulfill the need or desire of my family. The second reason is that when I came across a reference to these professional bloggers online. They are +Harsh Agrawal and +Neil Patel. I am taking inspiration from both professional bloggers. Not only me, there are thousands other bloggers who are getting inspiration from these two bloggers of India.
The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

Initially, I was just a copyblogger, not exactly copied the content, but copied the idea of other professional bloggers about blogging. But that was not the good way to be a blogger. So I deleted all my blogs after as soon as I realized this, however I wrote my own experiences and technical knowledge. I did that because as a blogger, I don't want others to remember me as a copyblogger and I wanted to be a genuine blogger as today I am.

At that time I wrote around 15-20 blogs and a total 1250 posts in all blogs but all in vain and I deleted all once got inspiration from professional bloggers. I started reading blogs of other pro-bloggers or even the blogger was a new to blogging but had a motivational blog about blogging. I devote 3-5 hours daily in reading other blogs and then I started my honest blogging journey. Again it was a hobby blogging and I did not think that one day it would be my full time blogging.

What Exactly Required for Blogging?

You can see almost thousands or blogs everyday about blog and blogging and almost every blogger has the same views about blogging. Even you can read the blog title somehow exactly same like How to Setup a Blog, How to write a killer title, How to increase your blog readers, How to optimize your blog..and so on. There are several thousands of questions about a blog and almost everyone tried to write the same thing in their own style and language but the meaning or moral of all the blog remains same.

If you are a serious blogger, then only, you will search the topic which is in latest trend or the readers demanding more in-depth information on that topic. The main responsibility of of a blogger is not to write the already written blog posts but in actual it should be to diagnose and research that topic in details from scratch to give optimum and exact relevant information to other readers.

Before starting your first blog or first blog post or blogging as your career, you must ask few question to yourself. I did this when I though about to make blogging my career. 

What were those questions?

  • Is your post finished? 
  • What is your blog all about?
  • What will be the title of your Blog?
  • What will be the title of your First Post
  • How many words are there?
  • Is this your own content?
  • Would you be including pictures? If yes
    • Are these in color or black & white? and
    • How many pictures you will include?
  • Who is helping you with the editing of your blog post?
  • Are you using any reference in your blog?
  • Where did you save your draft post?
If you have some free time to ask these questions to yourself then, no one can stop you to be a genuine blogger. Apart from technical terms of blogging, you must ask these questions to understand the need, requirement or demand of your readers. If you are prepare for all the challenges, hurdles which come in blogging journey, then you can start The Longest Ride in Blogging.

How to Learn Blogging?

Learn to Blogging is like learning anything else but, it is further broken down into four factors. What are those four essential factors while or before blogging? Always remember the golden rule of blogging and follow too.
The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

  1. Think 

  2. Research 

  3. Read 

  4. Write

The above four factors are a very much essential for the start of blog or blogging and as per my opinion, every blogger must go through these phases to be a perfect blogger
How these four factors can help you in setting up a successful blog? And, how you can learn the great things even before starting your career in blogging?

Just have a close look and you will definitely learn these blogging tricks. These are simple but most effective and every blogger must start following these as their daily routine in blogging.

Think - It creates the ability to think beyond the topic

Thinking is the first phase of blogging and if you can't think, you simply can not be a good blogger. So think wisely according to your blog niche or the topic you are going to write on.

Research - It enables you to collect valuable information

Research is the second and most effective factor in blogging. The more you research, the more good blog you can write. When you are researching about any topic, you are indirectly collect valuable information and that information will be very useful while writing your own content.

Read - It makes you perfect in choosing the content

This is the second last factor in blogging and before you start writing, you must read more and more content written by other bloggers. You may also read offline content from relevant books, new paper etc to understand your blog title or content depth. 

Write - You can't be a writer, if you don't write

The final step is to write. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write, it’s just that simple. I write five or six days a week, usually a minimum of 800 words, sometimes or even everyday I write more than 1000 words per day or per post. My thinking about blogging is as follows:-

An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

The Longest Ride in Blogging - An Inspiration by BlogingFunda

 "All people who regard blogging as a profession write consistently but those who regard it as a hobby usually don’t."


If you are a blogger and blogging is your passion then you must be like a long race horse because life is a long journey full of hurdles and so blogging. By obeying each and every rule of blog and blogging, you continue drive your blogging journey and after few years, you will definitely write your Blogging Journey and it would be The Longest Ride in Blogging for you.

In the end of this post, when you have understand the actual basics of blogging then you must also know that how to write the longest ride in blogging.

I hope I have discussed in details about The Longest Ride in Blogging.Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by subscribing our emailing list or you can also follow us on Google Plus Community Page.

Thursday 9 April 2015

Advanced Blogging Tactics for 2015 are required for a Successful Blog

Advanced Blogging Tactics are required for a Successful Blog - BlogingFunda Tips

Blogging is not difficult. Even a non technical guy can setup a blog and start blogging but if you really want to be a perfect in blogging then you must know about blogging tactics. Not only basics but also some Advance Tactics. Trust me, you will become a professional blogger and surely will be generating huge traffic towards your blog post if implemented these tactics on your blog.

Before starting make sure you are completed all steps of your Basics of Blogging and there is not any problem with that while setting up a blog and formatting your blog accordingly your requirement or choice.

Apart from basics of blogging, I am going to share some advanced blogging tactics with you and these will be from scratch of advanced tactics. After setting up you blog and all which is required to post your first post, you need to take care about following steps:-

What are the Steps? 

  • Title Tag 

    Do you know that a title is the  face of your blog and the very first part to display in any search result. Before your all content, only a title is displayed while searching with any phrase of keyword. So you must take care about choosing titles for your blog and utmost care about the following steps.

    1. Optimal Format of title Tag
    2. Optimal Length for Search Engine
    3. Optimization of blog Title
    4. Proper placement of keywords close to title

  • Meta Tags with Content and Description

    Do not forget to use proper meta tags in your blog and never try to add duplicate meta tags because by doing so you will only decrease your page speed and nothing positive will happen with your blog. One thing more that your meta tag is good to add but it is not required for search engine ranking. Take care about following to points.

    1. Avoid Duplicate Meta Tags
    2. Search Engine Ranking Factor
  • White Space

    The main reason for slow page speed is that you have white space in your css, jave or html coding. By removing white space you will just make your page load fast because server reads line by line to show your blog page.
  • Minimal CSS sprites

    Access or long css can make your page load slow than a small or minimal use of css sprites. I am not saying to remove your style sheet code but you must take care about this point carefully. Remove unnecessary duplicate coding of style sheet and make your css coding a dynamic to load it faster.
  • Combined Java Scripts

    Like your style sheet coding you must take care while using any java script, because it take much time than other coding so always use java script on proper place. We recommend between <head>...</head> tag to load faster. You can also combine more than one javascript to run it even more faster than individual script.
  • Optimized Images

    This is very important to optimize you images while using in your blog post. I have already discussed in my previous post about How to optimize images.
  • What is Best Practice for SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is a vast concept and every blogger must take care of this part if you want a huge search traffic towards your blog posts. SEO is of two types and you can read about both the types here. You must take care about below four points while optimizing your blog post.
    1. Title of Blog
    2. URL of Blog
    3. Use of Image Attributes
    4. Quality Content

  • Enable Social Sharing

    While promoting your blog post, you must remember that your blog post is enabled with social sharing widgets and links to share on social media is easily traceable by the reader of your blog.
  • Make Images Shareable

    Always use at lease 2-3 images and make sure to make your images shareable. Now a day, there are several websites which are offering free and paid service to use their social widgets but I have written about 5 best social sharing websites which are offering several great features with free social widgets. You can read about those 5 social sharing websites.
When you have read above all the important and required steps of Advanced Blogging Tactics for 2015, you must know something about the SEO Cheat Sheet.

What is SEO Cheat Sheet?

SEO Cheat Sheet - The Best Practice for On-Page SEO is anything worth doing is worth doing well and this is certainly the case when it comes to your blog's search engine optimication.

SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of A URL


You can also download this image in PDF format from the website.

What is Page Speed?

After implementing above points one must know the further advanced tools to check the speed of blog because speed is the first factor that a visitor will click on other links of your blog if it is getting open without any delay. Now you would ask that how to check Blog Page Speed online with the help of third party online tools. There are several tools available online, some are free and and some are pad. You can opt any as per your requirement. I am mentioning only two here because I don't want to confuse anyone while deciding which one to use.
  1. Google Page Speed Insight - Open Link

    Google is providing this as a free tool and it is on official site of google and so, this is the official tool. It can checks the loading time of your blog and also it recommends changes which are required to improve the loading speed of your blog page.
  2. Gtmetrix - Click to open new Tab

    Gtmetrix is another best mobile site loading speed testers. It is providing free as well as paid service for speed testing. 
Tweet: BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers
Come, join and be a part of community to share your blogging skills
Apart from above tactics of advanced blogging, you must take care about the following most important steps while blogging for success.
  • Important SEO HTML tags
  • Search Engine Indexing Limits
  • Recommended title tag syntax
  • Common canonical issues
  • Common robot traps to avoid
  • Robots Meta tag syntax
  • Robots.txt syntax
  • Sitemap syntax
Before starting an on page seo, you must generate targeted keywords and remember that you do not stuff your blog page with keywords. In the last, do not forget to optimize the speed of your blog page.

I hope, I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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How to Earn by Selling Titles - Tips by BlogingFunda

How to Earn by Selling Titles - Tips by BloggingFunda
Image is created in Photoshop by BloggingFunda

Did you know that you can also earn with your blog title. 

I hope you did not know because every one is just trying to write a post and do not care about other sources of earning.

However most of the bloggers are earning but still not everyone. If you want to know about then you must read about a professional blogger and +Harsh Agrawal my ideal in blogging.

I will point his earning report of March 2015. There you can get more information about earning sources but I request you to focus on the titles of each post written by him. He is just selling titles through his blog and earning a lot.

Possibility for Selling Blog Titles

"Practically it is not possible to sell your blog title but still you can do that just by following some rules and fulfilling some requirements while blogging."

I have already written in my previous post about the types of blog post title or heading and if you did not read then it is for you What Type of Headings should use for Your Blog?

As per my observation and experience of blogging, there should be some research before using any title for your blog post.

For example if you are going to write your blog post, make sure to use google search to check if it is already written or not because if it is already written then there will not be any benefit of reusing that title and you won't get any attention in the search result.

Your title should be unique and you can write a killer title just after researching on the topic by searching in search engine then you can too sell your titles to your audience. This will take some time to master in this technique but as you know that slow and steady wins the race.  

There is some technical exercise to sell you blog title to your audience and you must master those skills of blogging.

What are those Blogging Skills?

These are just 4 How-Tos which you need to know before writing your blog title and I am sure if you have thoroughly studied all then no one can beat you and you can easily sell your blog title to your audience.

  1. How to use Google Search for Relevance of title
  2. How to use Google Analytic for know audience interest
  3. How to use Google Keyword Planner for using in blog title
  4. How to use Google Webmaster Tool
Read it carefully to understand what I mean by selling your blog title. You have heard or read a lot about how to set up a blog, how to monetize your blog, how to make money with your blog or how to generate more traffic with your blog etc. But I bet you did not read or hear anything about how to sell your blog title.

How to make your Blog Title for Selling?

If you know about setting up a blog and some basics of internal coding then I am sure after following these simple but most effective steps, you will be able to sell your blog title to your audience. The question is How? 
  • Use Content Relevant Title for your blog
  • Use Keyword Driven Blogging
  • Use Optimized Keywords in your content
  • Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Use Reference of other relevant blogs 

Content Relevant Title

Before start posting your blog post you must take care about the use of relevant content title to be used in your post. Do not neglect your page title because it has a major impact on your search engine traffic and search ranking. 

Your blog will get appears or disappear if you do not use proper and relevant title of your content because all search depends on google algorithm of search. 

Keyword Driven Blogging

See this is a details topic and I have something for you to read about this term Keyword Driven Blogging.

Optimized Keywords

Almost every blogger is using some keywords but do you think ever that inspite of using keywords, you are still not getting much attention by the search engine. This is because of not using proper and optimized keywords. If you are not using these optimized keywords then the search engine will not include your blogs in the search result and you will loose the huge traffic and search engine ranking.

SEO Techniques

There are two types of techniques which are being used in search engine optimization of a blog page. Before starting any technique you must know about both.
  1. Off Page SEO 
  2. On Page SEO
The above two are SEO techniques and one can opt any as per their requirements.

BloggingFunda Tips for Off-Page SEO

As per BlogingFunda Tips, an Off Page SEO refers to technique which is being used to improve the position or ranking of a web page in the search engine results.

BloggingFunda Tips for On-Page SEO

As per BlogingFunda Tips, an On Page SEO depends on the meta tag and keyword density. You can read full details on an infographics created by BACKLINKO. For your ready to read I am embedding their infographics below.

Reference of Other Blogs

If you are using reference of other blogs in your blog post then, indirectly you are creating a healthy relation with the owner of that blog as well as with the search engine. Don't think too much for using reference, just give it a try and see the difference. This is a magical trick and you will see several benefits of using referrals of other blogs.

After following above steps and keeping in mind that you are writing to sell and if you will spam your keywords then it will give you a negative impact.

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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