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How To Make Money with Your Blog without Advertisements?

Earn Online Passive Income with your Blog by BloggingFunda

How to earn money online with your Blog?

When I started my blogging journey, immediately I felt that I should make money online with my blog.

The first question that came to my mind was that how to make money from blog without using advertisements.

And the second most important question was in my mind that what is the best way to make money with blog without using ads.

But that thought about making money with my blog was not successful in the very early of my blogging journey.

Did anyone of your also felt like me about making money from your blog without using advertisements?

I guess that most of the new bloggers try to make money from blogs without advertisements but fails because they don't have proper knowledge about other ways to make money with their blogs.

Now, let me discuss few best ways to make money with blog without using advertisements on their blogs.

As you know that now a day everyone's fast paced life and there is huge competition and all competitors are trying to do something better than others.

And this is happening in every field, several professionals are not getting exactly what they are deserving for.

As per my understanding this is the basic reason that most of them choose blogging as their career.

But the decision they take in hurry, sometime breaks most of the bloggers and they leave blogging in between.

And that moment is very painful for everyone. I can understand because I also left my job and then changed my 2-3 business, bear heavy loss and then thought about to be a blogger.

When anyone leaves blogging just after starting it, I feel same pain again, I don’t know what exactly is the reason behind.

But I can say that all just because there is not any proper guidance for blog and blogging for new bloggers.

If there is any information available then that is too long or lengthy to understand by the newbie. 

Secondly, that information is very time consuming too.

After reading that lengthy stuff, sometime new bloggers even doesn’t know about answer for some important questions like;
Keeping all above questions in mind, I am going to discuss an easy way to learn and earn online with your blog without using advertisements.

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Do you know that there is one another problem for online earners?

Most of the bloggers sometime limit themselves by using one or two commonly used Ads networks on their blogs to earn money.

If I am not wrong, you are reading this post and so you might be one of those bloggers.

Don't get me wrong, I just writing because only newbies try to search posts with the information about earning online with blogs.

Let me ask you one question:-

What you think about placing ads on your blog?

Is it good to use one ads network or you believe in placing multiple platform ads.

If you are interested in learning different techniques to make money from your blog without advertisements, then this post is meant for you.

Methods to make money from your blog:-

There are two main method of earning with your blog but I am going to discuss only second method in this post.
  1. Make money by placing ads on your blog
  2. Make money without placing ads on your blog

You know that the first method to make money from your blog by placing ads is the easiest and best way to get started for starting a money blog.

But by any reason if you don’t like ads to display along with your content on your blog, you can still make money from your blog.

And do you know that even too you can earn a passive income to pay your utility bills.

Yes, it is true that you can make money with your blog but without placing ads.

Here are few methods used by me and other professional bloggers to make money without placing ads, and it is up to you to choose any method which suits your need.

How to make money without Advertisements?

Follow below ideas and implement these on your blog apart from putting ads of any ads network.

Write an eBook

If you think that you have good expertise on a particular topic or in any field, you can write your own ebook on that topic.

After writing your ebook, you have two choices;
  1. Either you can sell your copyrights to another publishing agencies.
  2. Or you can distribute it free to your readers just for subscribing your blog

So the choice will be yours and if you are selling your ebook then it will be a life long source of earning online.

This way you will generate a recurring income for your blog.

If you are not interested for selling your eBook, you can always use it to increase your blog subscribers in return of free giveaway.

Become a freelance writer

You can make money with your freelance writing habit if you are a good and consistent writer.

See, becoming a freelance writer is a tough task but not impossible. 

It just requires consistent write up on a particular topic.

If you are blogging regularly on a topic, you are more likely to earn a lot with your freelance writing.

If you want to target wider audience, then you can drop an email to other big blogs or professional bloggers in your niche and tell them about your specialty.

If you qualify their criteria, then surely you can ear a big amount.

Sponsored reviews

This is another method to make money without placing ads on your blog.

And for me this is another wonderful method to earn money online without investing money.

You can make money by reviewing any product or any service.

There are several blogs which are publishing sponsors reviews. You can read those and take idea to the next level by reviewing products.

Sell Your Product or Start Consulting

You can make money without placing ads on your blog.

This can be done by selling your own products or others products. 

Even you can start your online consulting service.

If you have an in-depth experience in any field you think is enough to give consultation to others.

And all this depending upon your niche, you can start your own consulting service.

If you are an expert in any topic, you can start consultation services on your blog too.

Many bloggers are already doing this and earning passive income from their blogs.

Wrapping up

Apart from above, there are several other methods to make money from your blog without advertisements.

Making money from blog, depends upon your own efforts. The more you do the better you will get in terms of money.

Thanks for reading this post till end.

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Wednesday 6 January 2016

What is the best way to Blog in 2016?

Every blogger want to be a professional blogger but are they able to be that?

Guess what I have to say about if you can.

However, you may know the answer but if and only if you are a passionate blogger.

But still let me tell you that you can learn something everyday to be a professional blogger.

"Every professional blogger was once a beginner and they started with just an idea of blogging."

You can not deny above definition.

And if you want to learn blogging then keep a close eye on the points shared below:-

The best way to Blog in 2016

You can blog as you like but if you keep a close eye on your each activity carried out to write a post then I am sure your blog will rock.

Below are 21 points to be a successful blogger or the best ways to blog in 2016.

21 Points to be a successful blogger

To understand be a blogger first then after a professional blogger. 

And for becoming a blogger, you must be a serious, passionate and consistent blogger.

How to start blogging journey?

Well, this is a very tough task before starting blog and blogging about your niche.

But this is tough only when you are going to write your first post but later if you are following some tips about blogging then it is very easy to write and maintain.

If you face any difficulty in writing or rewriting your posts then use below points to be a consistent writer.

1. Think and write about your hobbies

If you have any hobbies or interests, you can easily convert those hobbies into your content.

Most of the cases it is seen that things that you enjoy make great subjects for a post.

And it is also seen that if you put time and effort into something, that will surely pay you in the long run. So, why not write something you’re already interested in?

Always try to think different ways that you can write about a topic that would be useful to other people with the same interests.

What would you have liked to know when you first got started? Would other people be interested in reading about the topic you are interested in?

Make a blog about your hobby for people who want to learn about it.

2. Don't hide your knowledge and expertise

If you are an expert in your field, then never hide that.

Think about that, is there anything you are good at?

If your friends and family value your advice then turn your accumulated wisdom into a service oriented blog.

This could be in any form like your written instructions about anything you have expertise in, a step-by-step guide with images, how-to videos or anything that people would find helpful in their day to day requirements.

3. Discover your passion

Do you get excited about anything or is there something that excites you?

Is there any topic or matter that you never get tired of?

Try to think or discover the ways to share that passion in the form of a post.

If you are passionate about anything you love, you should discover that passion and let the world know about that.

4. Social cause can give you Ideas

If you are doing anything about social cause, then do let it be your next topic to write on.

and if you don't want to disclose your name, it is alright. Just write with anonymous name about what you are doing actually.

You know that any social cause you write will get higher attention online.

If you have a mission in life, try to think of ways that you could contribute, and benefit others by making an post on that to promote online.

If you are a member of any social organization, write about each activity you are a participant of.

There are several topics under a single social cause, you can find and also write on each topic to be a consistent writer.

Do not forget to use social sharing widgets.

5. Make a habit of reading about trending topics

It is strongly recommended that you read more than write.

Because the more you read the more you will think and get fresh ideas of rewriting those topics.

Always check out which topics are being spotlighted on Google Tends. 

Make chart  about trending topics and read about each under your niche or about your interest.

Show your expertise on that topic you read and expand that topic with your in-depth understanding.

Do not hesitate to take help from others if you feel stuck while writing on any topic.

6. Always create sub-categories to be a unique writer

If you think that you can not rewrite the already written topic, then create sub-categories, prepare notes from main categories and then shuffle those information with your knowledge to produce a fresh content.

You can also spend some time for thinking about the content categories with the help of Google Trends.

For each category, try to write different headlines that you could write for it. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the category?

7. Browse existing blogs/posts

Look for blogs that are popular within your niche but that you could improve upon functionally or aesthetically.

Make sure that the goal should not to copy other blog posts, but to gain inspiration. 

What do you like or dislike about the written content you see around? 

Scratch your mind if  you can do differently about. 

Think about how you could attract the same users with a different kind of content.

Seeing other blogs might spark an idea for the new post of your own.

8. Search the markets

Now pick a subject you’re interested in or you are writing about on your blog, and search for it in Google Trends. 

Are there any blogs that surprise you? Are there any blogs that stand out? Why?

Just do the same thing for another subject/headline. 

Do the post stand out in the same way? Are there any gaps in the results - blogs you expected to see, that aren’t there?

Repeat the search for other headline. Are there any differences? 

Are there any blog posts that are popular within in your niche that seem to be missing from the others?

Try to find popular subjects that are under-represented.

9. Provide a valuable service

It helps to think about your post as providing a service to the user. 

Try to think of ways a post could solve a problem or address a pain the user is having.

Do this selflessly to be a successful blogger and do not expect anything in reverse. Be honest while blogging.

10. Share your expert research skills

Blogging is what?

In simple words, sharing your expertise of researching  skills is called blogging.

Can you find relevant and important information online/offline? Do you have a knack for finding good information?

Create content that provides curated information about a difficult to find subject.

For example, best information about any useful tutorials, or any answer relevant to questions that are difficult to describe and tricky to search for.

11. Don’t stop experimenting

Remember, blogging is for those who don't stop or quit. Don't stop your experiments with your content whether it is new or already written. Because,
"Flow is life and life has to pass each and every moment."
Be a consistent blogger or write whenever you find a fresh idea for writing anything you like.

Don't wait too much while you’re brainstorming ideas.

Move slow and steady to accomplish your tasks.

Do you know that not every idea is possible without programming, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something you can do with that idea using your skills or expertise.

With the time you will take to understand blogging, you will develop a sense for what is possible.

Always remember that the important thing is to give yourself  a room to explore as many ideas as you can.

12. What’s Trending right now?

Even if you are not a consistent writer then too pay attention to current events or blogging categories which are the latest trend of blogging and take advantage of the quick turnaround you can achieve with your expertise.

This could be anything newsworthy, from advice on how to prepare for an impending hurricane.

Take advantage of how quickly you can write about things you like.

13. Try to predict something

If you don't find anything new, just try to predict something that will become popular very soon.

It should be about your blogging niche or topics you are writing about. Blogger will love to find that is already predicted somewhere online.

This is because everyone want new ideas and your prediction idea may give further new ideas to others about blogging.

But remember, prediction about anything requires full knowledge about the predicted object/thing or anything you are writing about. It also requires a detailed information about. So be careful while predicting.

14. Timing is important

Do you know the Success Mantra or reason of success while blogging?

Blogging requires correct timing to post, correct trend to write about and so on.

That is why some blogs become successful just by being published their posts at the right time.

For example, just right before a related topic is announced that everyone starts searching for, or a visual about your subject goes viral.

Although you can’t always predict this kind of luck while blogging, it’s worth considering such coincidences when you are coming up with an idea of writing on a particular topic.

If you can think about an event that might occur, you might be able to prepare a post for it, just in case the opportunity presents itself.

15. Think about your audience

The best way to be a popular blogger is to think about your audience while writing something.

One way to generate an idea of writing is to focus on a specific demographic (i.e. gender with age 18-40).

What kinds of things do they like? What kind of content would they be interested in? 

Research your subject in Google search engine or Google Trends to get a feeling for the possible size of the audience.

16. Don't target an underground niche

Do you know that your blogging niche is the root of your Blogging?

Don't look for niches that might not be served because they are too old to re-write in the present blogging style or requirements.

Always be fresh and try to think fresh ideas of writing if you want loyal readers.

17. Be specific about your topic

Blogging is to focus on a broader topic you are writing about.

Focusing on a  narrower subject might seem like it will limit your content's appeal, but it might also make your content easier to find when users perform a very specific search.

For example, a post about how to setup a blog instead of blogging.

By being specific, your blog post is less likely to get lost in the crowd of blogs about the same subject.

18. Think about the ad networks

Bloggers usually earn money by monetizing their blogs and if you’re too thinking how to monetize your blog using any ads platform, there is one approach that can help you.

That approach will also help you to generate some ideas is to think about what topics, age groups, or products the advertisers would like to target, and then create a post around that.

You might even want to do some research into what types of ads are shown by the network you plan to use on your blog.

Write a post containing your research about the ads network or ads platform.

19. Be mindful of the copyrights

Some bloggers pick images and visual content from other blogs and do not care about the copyright of the content.

This is not good to do that. Always remember that if you are using anything not created by you, give proper copyrights information with the link to the owner of that object.

Always be mindful of what you are writing about and using any material found online.

20. Try lots of ideas

Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of content. Try different approaches and see what works the best for your blog. If your first idea doesn’t work, maybe your tenth idea will work.

Don't be optimistic. Always get motivation while blogging by reading other motivated blogging materials.

21. Discover your blog's purpose

If you are blogging without discovering your blog's purpose then you are hitting the goal without targeting.

And if you want your blog to get attraction by others then you must first discover your blog's purpose.


This post is written to recall all the blogging tools, published posts so that other new bloggers can take benefits from this post.

If you think that this post is good enough to understand easily each concept of blogging then you can share with your circle.
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