Tuesday 27 October 2015

What is the best way to create Attention Grabbing Videos on Facebook?

the best way to create Attention Grabbing Videos on Facebook to create videos with great visual content for eye catching look.

"Video content is being used as an explosion on facebook."

The reason behind the change in the Facebook's News Feed algorithm for showing visual ads.

However these changes were done last year in favor the promotion of the format of visual content of facebook.

Now a days, the visual content has been an important part of the social media marketing strategy. 

This is because the Facebook's current ranking and action policies make it an absolutely vital format for maximizing organic search result, which means advertisers and agencies need to pay attention.

4 points to keep in mind while creating videos for Facebook

Facebook changes their scripts for videos. Now videos are automatically play in the News Feed without sound.  

As per several surveys, the first few seconds of the video are thus incredibly important.

  1. Use stunning visuals than sound
    • If you are using stunning or attractive visuals in your video, then the user have to click on the video to here the sound of that particular video they are watching.
    • All depends on the first few seconds of your video that your visitor will click the sound or not. If not, then he is not going to watch the entire video.
  2. Keep in mind the guidelines of Facebook about visuals
    • As you know that it is a general taste and if you do not export your video correctly from your movie editor, no one will go to watch it even it is auto played.
    • Always keep in mind that facebook has very specific design guidelines that should help your video look crisp and sharp.
    • Make a list of the facebook video design criteria at the beginning of the video creation process, not just at the project deadline when you are just going to upload your visuals.
  3. Do not use animated Gif images on Facebook
    • Animated GIF images are in trend now a day, but I suggest you to avoid animated GIF images and promote your visual content with good quality videos.
  4. Use call to action in the video
    • A view is great, but a click is even better than just a view.
    • Facebook has now implemented a call-to-action function, you can direct viewers to any URL at the end of the video using Facebook’s menu of buttons such as “watch more” or “shop now”. 
    • You can add your website's landing page during or at the end of your video.
    • You can set up your videos to encourage these new guests to sign up for a newsletter, register for an event, or download additional content from the landing page. 

Why we should use Facebook videos?

It is required to ensure proper engagement, you need to grab your audience's attention through eye catching visuals that entice people to click the video for sound before they leave the video.

Facebook Videos get more engagement than any other types of content on social media.
Image Source:
There are several reasons to use facebook videos, the best 5 reasons are as follows:-
  1. Get notified
  2. Boost Better engagement
  3. Time specific
  4. More interesting than text content
  5. More interesting than images

How to create Attention Grabbing Videos for Facebook?

Well this question should be very simple for you to answer because I have explained everything relevant to this question.

Did you get it?

Alright, let me brief it for your.
  • Create stunning videos
  • Create videos with subtitles
  • Create video with proper lighting
  • Do not fast forward your video
  • Do not slow down your video, if not required
  • Do not stretch your video with over animation
  • Do not repeat your video, unless or until it is not required
  • If you are using sound, it must play on time or when it is actually required
I hope it is cleared to you about how and why to use videos in facebook. If you have any query or doubt, let me know.

Are you using facebook videos to increase your readers engagement with your blog/brand?

Do you have your video presence on Facebook? 

Are you creating your own original videos without spending a ton of time and money? 

Have you been experimenting with any new tactics or types of posts on Facebook? I’d love to hear what’s been working for you in the comments!

Share your tips in the comment section below.

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Monday 19 October 2015

How to Learn Content Marketing for Better Blogging - BloggingFunda?

Content Marketing an easy approach to understand customers interest to reap success in your blogging by selling them your content or any product by creating or sharing of media.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing an easy approach to understand customers interest to reap success in your blogging by selling them your content or any product by creating or sharing of media.

Content Marketing - As in Wikipedia

"Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers."

In other words, content marketing is to build an audience that builds your business.

If you are ready to create content to share free content to attract and retain visitor as your customers and customers to your buyers, then only you can be a successful content creator and content marketer too.

The content you share with your prospects is closely related to what you sell and in other words, you are going to educate people so that people know you, like your product, and trust you enough to do business with you or as per your business strategies.

How to master Content Creation while blogging?

Content creation is not so easy but also not impossible. If you know how to find the best relevant keyword for your content creation, you can easily master content creation.

"Content creation is the base of Blogging, and so, the best relevant keywords are base of content creation." - Mohinder Paul Verma

The better you search for relevant keywords and their importance the more your content will be likable.

To master content creation, keep few thing in mind while blogging with content creation.

Steps to master the content creation

  • The first step of content creation is determining how you want to represent a brand with your content
  • Always remember that you are creating content to reflects your business as best in the relevant industry that can be shared with your audience. This may require you to do a little research
  • Do some in-depth research about trending topics, influenced keywords best matches with your content or brand
  • Find what is happening in the blogging industry on the trending topics
  • Try to find a way to determine what your audience is interested in and why they should visit to read your content
If you do this research, it can be beneficial for you as well.

This is because you will be learning new topics by analyzing your data and by sharing it with others.

By sharing, your purpose should only be educating them and the content you create should have a purpose, and that purpose should be clear to the readers, that's it.

Remember 3 point while content creation to be a successful content creator:-
  1. Content creation is the half milestone in blogging journey. The other half is promoting your content
  2. You should spend as much time in marketing your content as you take while content creation
  3. Content creation is not like link building, you can start and stop whenever you want. If you start it, you have to continually do it

Do you know about Content Marketing?

If you are a blogger then it is impossible that you did not hear about content marketing.

Because, content creation and marketing is the backbone of successful blogging.

A blogs' success or failure depends upon good content creation and solid content marketing.

The more you create and market your content by sharing of media, the more you will be able to retain your customers.

What if you don't know about Content Marketing?

In simple words, if you don't know about content marketing, then, blogging is not for you.

Also blogging is a game and only Good Content Writer will be winner.

Content Marketing is not easy. First you have to master content creation as this is the first phase of content marketing.

It is a time consuming job and takes time to become a good content marketer after a good content creator.

So, start today to learn about content marketing, try it with your blogging and see the difference as compared without content marketing blog posts.

As I have already written that it will take time to master in content creation and marketing, so you don't feel disappoint in your initial phase of content creation or content marketing.

Do you like content marketing while blogging?

It is not your choice to like or dislike content marketing. If you want a strong customer base with proven result, you must read and start content marketing while blogging.

If you don't like content marketing, then too, you must have to use Content Marketing while blogging,


"Your blog's success depends on your content marketing and the success of content marketing depends on the good content creation and so content creation is the future of content marketing while blogging."  - Mohinder Paul Verma

How to Learn Content Marketing for Better Blogging?

Now it should be very much clear to you that content marketing has become a visible evidence of most of the successful businesses whi are using good marketing strategies, and the base of their success is good and strategic Content Marketing.

In content marketing, the biggest challenge for today’s marketers is that there’s more content marketers and if you are not producing your content compelling enough, your audience will not give you attention.

The best way to learn content marketing is to show your case study that what benefits you have received with content marketing for your business.

Also keep in mind 5 points while creating content for marketing:-
  1. Use resource of other content creator and give credits to the source of resource (i.e. images, quotes etc)
  2. Create in-trend content or go with the flow
  3. Use social media with real facts for illustration
  4. Share real time case studies, good if it is your own
  5. Don't give up on Blogging
Follow above five points and you are done with the content creation and content marketing.

Who is a good Content Creator or Content Marketer?

A good content creator or a good content marketer has the ability to differentiate each of the following:-

  • Mission:-

    • The first ever goal while creating content and the overall purpose of your business

  • Vision:-

    • The foresighted goal and the overall aspiration of the business

  • Aims or Goals:-

    • Business owner's desire of what your business intends to achieve

  • Objectives:-

    • This is the last but not the least. It is more precise & detailed statement of the aim
Do you have the ability to differentiate the above 4 words. 

These are not just word but your content creation and content marketing depends upon these 4 points.

If you really want to be a good content creator or content marketer then you can approach us by commenting in the below comment section.

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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Women Empowerment A Thought or Reality

Women Empowerment - A Thought to Change the World - A Guest Post by Prof. Hemlata for BloggingFunda

Hope you are enjoying with my technical articles but I found that we all need a break.

So today, I am presenting a guest article written by Prof. Hemlata to motivate girls who think that they can not compete with the world because they are girls.

But as per the author, every girl has a unique identity and can fight for their rights. It doesn't matter if they are girls.

About the Author

This guest post is written by Prof. Hemlata. She is a professor in a Govt. College and teaching is her passion. She is self motivated, self learner, daring and deserves a title of Motivational Guru.

Now let's start reading the article which is a motivational article based on the true story of a common girl named Gitika.

Happy Navratras to All

"Aum Sarva Mangala Maangalye
Shive Sarvartha Saadhike

Sharanye Trayambike Gauri
Narayani Namostute"

Oh Mother you are the source of auspiciousness, the consort of Shiva. The one who grants desires and bestows refuge. Oh mother who possess the third eye of awakening, known also as Narayani, I surrender before thee.

Women Empowerment - A thought by Albert Einstine

Women Empowerment - A Thought to Change the Wolrd

This is how a woman is worshiped in Hindu mythology. Women have given wonderful contribution in the development of India. 

But this article is not about all those renowned names. This is about a simple girl of a small town.

“Women empowerment,” today we all are talking about it but do we actually know its meaning? 

In the name of empowerment girls start getting dress up like boys, behaving like boys, they want all the rights, freedom given to boys but what about the responsibilities that is supposed to be performed by the boys? 

Even parent says that they consider their boy and girl child equal but a lot of difference can be seen here. 

The only example that I like to give is, girls can’t perform the last rights of their parents. When they are equal then why this discrimination? 

Today I’m not writing to teach anything to anyone, I’m compelled to write about a girl who is a true example of women empowerment and can be a source of inspiration of other girls too.

Gitika is among all those number of students who used to meet me during my work hours. Though I never taught her but there is a bridge set between us. 

And with lapses of time we came close to know each other, perhaps it was only me who was analyzing her at every step and more I noticed her more I got stunned. 

The way she talks, walks and behaves was all stunning for me and at times funny too. Once she came to meet me and before coming she called me up to ask about my whereabouts I played a prank on her and lied that I was sitting in girls lawn but actually I was not there. 

She went there and started searching for me and she got upset. The reason behind her being upset was not my absence but it was her staying among so many girls. It sounds strange and at times funny but actually she is like this.

Then I noticed her contribution in college function. She was contributing more than a boy could. She used to come early in the morning and stayed there till late night. 

She is not active at college or among friends only but she performs her family responsibilities with same enthusiasm, confidence and courage. Even she was the one who performed last rights on her father’s death. This is really something worth mentioning.

Though I’m not good at writing but this all compelled me to write about her because she can be a source of inspiration for other Indian girls who are confined to some set boundaries because they are girls and for their parents also who don’t give their girls opportunities like Gitika’s parents have given to her.

Gitika takes active part in politics. She is President of a well known political wing of her college. And to everybody’s surprise not even a single girl dared to oppose her during election. This is a noteworthy achievement and I congratulate her on this. She is really a source of inspiration for every girl.

I feel ashamed when I read newspaper because daily there are rape cases mentioned. That is really a screaming picture of India and miserable condition of Indian girls.

The one solution to this problem (that I personally feel) is equality. Stop telling your child about their gender and start teaching them that they are human being. And girls too have to behave boldly not only in their dressing sense and ideas but in their actions too.

If you like this article, you can share your ideas or views in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

Monday 5 October 2015

How to convert your blog from non secure to secure?

To convert your blogspot blog from non secure to a secure blog, google has given an inbuilt feature to its blogspot bloggers.

Are you using a free platform for blogging?

If yes, are they offering a secure platform to you for blogging?

If you are not sure, let me discuss some points over non secure blogging platform.

I hope you are a technical blogger but if by any reason you don't know about technical terms, then don't worry BloggingFunda blog is here to tell in a simple to learn and easy to understand language.

BloggingFunda is the number one blogging community to share blogging skills to make blogging as a career after learning step by step from the scratch of blogging.

In this post, I am going to discuss about secure and non secure terms for blogspot a free platform for blogging.

Before we start learning how to convert a non-secure blog into a secure blog, we must know what are these two terms:-

What are HTTP and HTTPS?

The first terms (http) stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and when there is one more layer added while transacting or fetching the url then it is converted to (https) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured.

What is a non-secure (http) blogging?

If a content is found on any platform using http in the address bar of the browser, then it is said to be a non secure blogging url.

What is a secure (http) blogging?

If a content is found on any platform using https in the address bar of the browser, then it is said to be a non secure blogging url.

In technical language, an https protocol consists with an additional layer of security. That is an encrypted form of security layer which hides data while transacting online.

Now lets start the main topic and learn how to convert an HTTP protocol to an HTTPS protocol in blogspot blog absolutely free.

It is absolutely free service offered by Blogspot to its bloggers. You just need to change the protocol after login into your blogger account.

Step1:- Login into your account
Step2:- Click on Setting--Basic
Step3:- Click on the drop down button under HTTP settings
Step4:- Change from No to Yes and you are done.
How to change your blog from non secure http protocol to secure https protocol
Image Source:- Taken from my blogspot blog

Now publish your next post in any social media with your blog url prefix with https instead of http. Your blog content is not showing over a secured protocol i.e. HTTPS.

If you think that I have explained this conversion in an easy to understand language and this post can help any blogspot blogger, then you are requested to share in your circle.

Thanks for reading this post till end.

Friday 2 October 2015

How Broken Links are useful in Blogging?

How to Fix Broken Links by BloggingFunda. If you really serious about blogging and you want to take advantage of your broken links then you have to find and do this simple trick to get maximum output even with your broken links too.
Image Source: Created with Photoshop by BloggingFunda


Broken Links Good or Bad

Do you know that a broken link can give both the impact good or bad to your blog's search ranking?

I hope you are well aware about the broken link and its advantages or disadvantages.

Before we discuss about its good or bad impact, we must know exactly what a broken link is and how it impacts our blog's search ranking.

What is a Broken link?

A broken link is a link that doesn't work or stops working after sometime and shows an error page if someone tries to visit that broken link.

It happens when any link points to a web page that has been deleted or moved/updated with another title or headline.

A broken link is also called a dead link on the webpage that has been moved, deleted or updated with new title or headline used for url or that page.

It is also caused when an improper url entered by the site visitor while searching or opening the required page manually.

Impact of Broken Links

Once published on social media, it is very hard work to remove all broken link and sometimes it seems impossible but you can utilize all your broken links in a wise manner to overcome this situation.

Broken links on blogs/websites are not just annoying to your readers but their existence may cause some real damage to your blog reputation on the Internet if not taken care of broken links.

Why Broken links are Bad?

When someone visits on your link and your blog/website fails to take that visitor to the desired page, then following negative impacts will generate about your blog:-
  • It leads to the frustration for the user 
  • It gives the impression that you don’t do regular monitoring of your blog
  • Your credibility as an authority would be on doubt
  • Your website conversion will impacted worsely 
  • It can hurt your SEO and page rankings


Why is it important to fix a broken link?

It is very important to find broken links and as soon as you are able to find, try to fix all broken links.

Because, the worse effect will directly on your blog's search engine ranking.

How to find and fix a broken link?

There are several websites which are offering free to find a broken link service.

But I tried the Broken Link Checker the best site to find all broken links online.
Broken Link check for CSSBasicTips with the help of a free online service to check broken links.
Image Source:

Type your blog/website address in the text field and click on the button to fine broken links. After entering the security code, it will start finding the broken links for the url entered in the above step.
Broken Link check for CSSBasicTips with the help of a free online service to check broken links.
Image Source:

When it completes the search of broken links of your blog, depends on the size or the number of pages in the blog, it will show an output with all the broken links as shown in below screen:-
This is the result of all broken links of CSSBasicTips with the help of broken link checker.
Image Source:
Once you found all the broken links of your blog/website, try to redirect each wisely. 

So that you blog visitor do not irritate without finding the relevant information for what they visited on the link.

I hope this will help to find and fix your blog's broken links. If you think that this post is simple to read and understand, then you are requested to share in your circle

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Thanks for reading till end.