Friday 2 October 2015

How Broken Links are useful in Blogging?

How to Fix Broken Links by BloggingFunda. If you really serious about blogging and you want to take advantage of your broken links then you have to find and do this simple trick to get maximum output even with your broken links too.
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Broken Links Good or Bad

Do you know that a broken link can give both the impact good or bad to your blog's search ranking?

I hope you are well aware about the broken link and its advantages or disadvantages.

Before we discuss about its good or bad impact, we must know exactly what a broken link is and how it impacts our blog's search ranking.

What is a Broken link?

A broken link is a link that doesn't work or stops working after sometime and shows an error page if someone tries to visit that broken link.

It happens when any link points to a web page that has been deleted or moved/updated with another title or headline.

A broken link is also called a dead link on the webpage that has been moved, deleted or updated with new title or headline used for url or that page.

It is also caused when an improper url entered by the site visitor while searching or opening the required page manually.

Impact of Broken Links

Once published on social media, it is very hard work to remove all broken link and sometimes it seems impossible but you can utilize all your broken links in a wise manner to overcome this situation.

Broken links on blogs/websites are not just annoying to your readers but their existence may cause some real damage to your blog reputation on the Internet if not taken care of broken links.

Why Broken links are Bad?

When someone visits on your link and your blog/website fails to take that visitor to the desired page, then following negative impacts will generate about your blog:-
  • It leads to the frustration for the user 
  • It gives the impression that you don’t do regular monitoring of your blog
  • Your credibility as an authority would be on doubt
  • Your website conversion will impacted worsely 
  • It can hurt your SEO and page rankings


Why is it important to fix a broken link?

It is very important to find broken links and as soon as you are able to find, try to fix all broken links.

Because, the worse effect will directly on your blog's search engine ranking.

How to find and fix a broken link?

There are several websites which are offering free to find a broken link service.

But I tried the Broken Link Checker the best site to find all broken links online.
Broken Link check for CSSBasicTips with the help of a free online service to check broken links.
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Type your blog/website address in the text field and click on the button to fine broken links. After entering the security code, it will start finding the broken links for the url entered in the above step.
Broken Link check for CSSBasicTips with the help of a free online service to check broken links.
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When it completes the search of broken links of your blog, depends on the size or the number of pages in the blog, it will show an output with all the broken links as shown in below screen:-
This is the result of all broken links of CSSBasicTips with the help of broken link checker.
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Once you found all the broken links of your blog/website, try to redirect each wisely. 

So that you blog visitor do not irritate without finding the relevant information for what they visited on the link.

I hope this will help to find and fix your blog's broken links. If you think that this post is simple to read and understand, then you are requested to share in your circle

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Thanks for reading till end. 

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