Saturday 21 November 2015

6 Blogging Blunders That Will Scare Visitors off Your Site

6 Blogging Blunders that will scare visitors off your site is a mini guide for new bloggers are are yet to cross the big mile stone of blogging. BloggingFunda is a community of Bloggers to write content about blogging to help new bloggers to stay motivate while blogging.


What are Blogging Blunders?

Initially, no one is perfect in creating content for their blogs.

It takes some time to get perfection and it happens day by day with your reading other blogs to be a consistent content creator.

How much do you know about blogging?

It is hard to explain because blogging concept is now changed with the technological evolution.

And so the taste of the blog readers.

Do you know, why so?

I guess you know if you are a passionate blogger.

I have the answer for those, who are new to blogging and writing content just for fun or hobby sake;

but want to know how to improve their blogging success?

"Blogging is an in-depth ocean full of knowledge and you have to dive deep to learn more day by day with changing concept of blogging."
Mohinder Paul Verma

Also, It’s hard to ignore the buzz around today's blogging.

Online content marketers everywhere are preaching the benefits of providing fresh and interesting content for your blog.

This is because every company wants to attract and woo potential clients and customers for their online or offline products.

So it is obvious that your blog can be a great source for;

  • engaging your readers
  • building your authority
  • growing your business

But the real aspect of blogging is that a blog isn’t going to do anything as mentioned above.

If when people see it they quickly click to escape from your content.

As per my experience, for a blog to be effectively work for you;

  • people need to find it
  • connect with it
  • actually read it

It is my advise to all of you that make sure you are not breaking your strategy by committing these 6 blogging blunders.

Lets discuss some points to understand what it means by Blogging Blunders.


Don't Let Your Subject Be Too Broad

While creating content for your blogging make sure you are creating content around the niche.

If you do not adhere above guideline then it will be looked like you are Speaking to an Audience that is too Broad.

When the purpose gets too broad, it gets confused with the subject you are heading in your blog. 

Always keep these two topics separate and you are well on your way to get the attention of your readers to focus on your content.

The more focused and specific your content, the better your chances that your content will resonate.


Avoid Common Mistakes of Formatting

It is seen on several blogs that there are various formatting mistakes that should not be there for any reason.

Specially, if you are blogging carefully. Don't do that and avoid Abusing Formatting Features.

When formatting is used appropriately, can enhance your blog and grow your readership.

On the other side, formatting, when abused and overused, will send your audience running before they read through the first sentence.

Always keep in mind below points to format your content:-

  • don't use long paragraph
  • don't over use exclamation sign
  • don't capitalize content frequently unless or until needed
  • don't underline content frequently to highlight content
  • don't use multiple colored fonts in your content
  • don't use different font styles in the same content


Forgetting The Main Point or Message

I have noticed on several new blogs that sometimes, bloggers are writing their mismatched content.

It gives a shabby look to your content, brand and your name too. This means that either intentionally or un-intentionally, the author forgot the main points or message of their content.

Don't do this because your reader will lost their interest for revisiting to your blog.

Do you know that your readers like to scan content you provided or they read online?

Your readers take a close look at a page and find the main points relevant to their search. 

So do not make your content that is not easy to find.

What to do to avoid this scene?

For this always write short paragraphs. There should be break up about every 100 words with a line break.

And you can even go shorter with your content.

I have read somewhere but right now I have forget the source that wrote about paragraph length of blogging:

"In blogging, it’s acceptable to write one-sentence paragraphs." 
-: By Anonymous

Where to use Subheadings?

  • You can use subheading for small paragraphs
  • Use text blocks with a subheading
  • Use subheading for important information
  • You must write clear information to guide your reader


Over Promoting Your Business Instead Your Content

This is the most worse part of blogging if done, you will loose everything, your readers, brand name, products and business too.

Always remember that your business blog isn’t just to share news about your business everytime you write new content.

However you can mention in posts to promote your business.

But the majority of your blog should be about solving problems of other bloggers by sharing information and entertaining or educating them.


Blogging like if it is a Research Theses

You are blogging just to help and entertain others and not to make them feel boring while reading your content.

If you are blogging like if it is a research paper and you have to fill the full bundle of sheets with your written content, then you are doing it wrongly.

Instead of doing as stated above, try following steps while blogging if you really attract your readers to revisit your blog and also to share in their cirlce:-

Do's while blogging

  1. Use small paragraphs
  2. Use heading & sub-headings
  3. Use bullet or number list
  4. User Bold, Italic or Underline wherever required to highlight content

Don'ts while blogging

  1. Avoid color stuffing in your content
  2. Avoid different font styles & sizes except heading or sub-headings
  3. Avoid background color for full content
  4. Avoid background image for your content
Now it is time to discuss about the last but not the least blunder of blogging.


Getting Paid Traffic to Increase Visitors

Unless or until you are not blogging for an affiliate or advertising business, it is not good to get paid traffic to increase visitors.

This is my personal view on my own experience of blogging. 

However it is good to get traffic if you are promoting any product of others or yours too.

Google also don't like cheap paid traffic to increase the visitor count if you are using advertisement from Google Adsense.


If you are really serious about blogging then dig and turn each and every stone that comes the way of blogging.

Only this way you can be a successful blogger and business person too. 

I have written this post just after completing my experiments on different types of blogging for the single niche.

And you won't believe I am getting more than expected results from my blogs I am writing on.

If you think, I have covered a truly valuable information a blogger needs, then please share this content as my little try to make other new bloggers feeling easy while blogging.

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Thanks in Advance

Tuesday 17 November 2015

What are Best Ways To Drive High Quality Traffic?

What is the best way to drive high quality traffic towards your webpage? This is not so easy as one thinks but every one can drive high quality traffic if blogging with these 10 best ways to drive high quality traffic created and experimented by BloggingFunda

10 Best Ways To Drive High-Quality Traffic

I guess you did not miss my old post on High Quality Content.

If this is your first visit, I hope you would like to read before continue to this post.

This is because, if you know about High Quality Content, only then you can drive High Quality Traffic.

It could possible that you have a great site, but, is anyone seeing it?

As per my observation, the first step for creating an awesome website is to have awesome and unique content.

And the second step is to drive the right, high quality traffic to your site.

You might know that getting traffic to your website isn’t difficult now a days. But driving quality or premium traffic can be a challenging job.

Here are 10 ways to drive high-quality web traffic:- 

  1. Native Ads
  2. Guest Blogging
  3. Comment posting
  4. Mobile Responsive Content
  5. Re-purpose your content
  6. Social media campaigns
  7. Write more and better content
  8. Experiment with your content
  9. Add video to your content
  10. Evaluate every webpage for SEO
Now, spend some time to read little information about the best 10 ways to drive high-quality web traffic.

Native Ads to get high-quality traffic

As per my experience and result shown in google anlytic, I am getting high-quality traffic immediately just after implementing native ads on my websites.

I have tested these native ads on my 2-3 sites and found the same result as a good sign of increasing high-quality traffic.

Guest Blogging for better high-quality traffic

This is another best way to get high-quality web traffic. Guest blogging is of two way;
  1. Write guest posts
  2. Get guest posts
But if you are doing only one way guest blogging, then it is very hard to get high quality web traffic.

Comment Posting to make Healthy Relation

This is the third best way and the mostly being used by me to get high-quality traffic.

Don't give comments just to get cheap traffic, make a sensible comment according to the content and it will help to make healthy relation and then the high-quality traffic.

It takes time but once you make healthy relation with others, it will double your traffic with high-quality.

Mobile Responsive Content

To get high-quality traffic, always remember that your site has mobile responsive content.

Now a day, there is a tremendous increase in mobile traffic as several studies shown this. So make your website and content mobile responsive to fit in any device.

Repurpose Your Content to Drive Traffic

This is the best trick to get high-quality traffic by repurposing your content. This is also called optimizing your existing posts.

Make sure, you are optimizing at least headlines or paragraph title while repurposing your posts.

Don't forget to turn each and every milestone that comes while blogging or writing a post.

It includes, proper search Engine Optimized Keywords, Optimization of images with all the attributes or image, Long tailed keywords, length of your each paragraph and post too.

Social media Campaigns to Drive High-Quality Traffic

Do not forget the influence of social media for getting high-quality traffic. Use social media campaigns to boost your traffic.

Always keep in mind the best 3 steps while using any of the social media campaign:-
  1. Use High Conversion Keywords
  2. Expand your reach with Hashtags
  3. Use Visual Content with Text embedded on images

Write More and Better Content

Getting high-quality traffic is not as easy as one may think. Because it requires dedication and time spent while writing your content.

If you are really a passionate about writing, you must write more and more posts with better content to help others without expecting anything in return.

And if it is costing your to produce content, then too, you have to write better content for others absolutely free of cost.

With the time, you will get high-quality traffic for serving an online community with your valuable content without asking any favor in return.

Experiment with Your Content

The online world is changing rapidly and this change happens almost on everyday.

So you have to experiment with different types of content to get the attention of other content writers and content readers.

Experiment with your content until you get high-quality traffic. Make sure, you get constant quality traffic instead of one time traffic.

For this keep experimenting your content with different writing strategies you found on the web already adapted by other content writers.

Add Videos to Your Content

If you want quick high-quality traffic, use videos in your content. Several studies showed that, videos are much more shared by others that the text content.

It is only video ads that are helpful in increasing conversion and sales than a textual writeups.

If you are using videos wisely, then you are not far from getting high-quality traffic.

Evaluate Every Webpage for SEO

This is the final and the most powerful step for getting high-quality traffic for your webpage.

It consists of 2 main types of search engine optimized page.
  1. Optimize title for each page
  2. Optimize meta tag for each page
Make sure to alter page title of each page according to the content you are going to share with your audience. This is the first element to be searched by the search engine.

Then comes the meta tag, this also should be different for each page according to the information you are going to share in that page.


If you are following above 10 best ways in your day to day blogging, I am sure after sometime, you will get high-quality traffic without spending much time on any social media or in other meas of spending time expect writing great content.

Now this is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing this content in your circle to help this community of bloggers to rise in the field of blogging.

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Tuesday 10 November 2015

How to find the Targeted Audience for your Blog?

How to find target audience if you are doing business and want high conversion rate with low traffic. Read this small but very helpful eGuide created by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Are you a passionate blogger?

Don't worry, I am not going to start a questionnaire here.

My purpose of asking this question to you is that if you are blogging with passion then only you can take benefit from this post.

If you are a passionate blogger, then you must know the answer because your blogging success depends on the answer.

In blogging, 

what is more important for you, traffic or conversion?

for example:-

If you get 10,000 unique visitors from an ordinary site and 1000 from any prominent marketing or an authority site, which one is going to be better for blogging or business?

If you are in the page view business, then it is good otherwise you need only prominent or authority website visitors on your blog or website to generate sales.

"In marketing, conversions take place when targeted traffic meets relevant offer on the site."Mohinder Paul Verma

It all starts with knowing who is your target audience and what they need or want.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."
-Peter Drucker, influential business thinker of the 20th century
If you want to increase conversions or sales or leads, first you have to figure out your primary target audience.

Secondly, what they want, what matters to them and what are the sources of friction for them comes next.

"Don't shoot in the dark if you want to hit the target."Mohinder Paul Verma

How to identify your targeted audience in blogging?

There are several ways to identify targeted audience but you have to be very careful while doing your research.

Your conversion or sales depends on the accurate information you will collect before showing your product to your audience.

  • Who are your audience
  • Research on audience taste
  • What product they need help
  • How to compare products
  • What they want

... and so on. It is all about the relevancy of what you offer and how you present your product.

If you match these wisely, you will gain customers, sales, leads and conversions too.

"The best way to find your targeted audience is to dig each milestone with assumptions you have in your mind. " -Mohinder Paul Verma

7 Best Ways to Find Your Target Audience

There are several ways to find targeted audience for your blog or any business conversion but I am pointing out only 7 best ways.

  1. Notify writing schedule of others
  2. Read more about current problematic topics and respective solutions
  3. Think beyond the already written topics to write again with expanded or detailed content
  4. Regularly comment on other's topics with your queries or suggestions
  5. Engage with your audience on regular basis to make them loyal readers
  6. Use social media wisely to publish or get information published by others
  7. Follow your readers activity/strategy on social media to capture the consistency or posting, updating content and their comments on other readers

Above 7 ways are best in finding the target audience. 

If you are following step by step instructions, I am sure you are soon going to rock your blog with high conversion.

Apart from the above 7 ways, you can try one more step to find the target audience:-

Survey your readers for Better Engagement

If you already have readers/customers, the best thing you can do is to survey them about your content or product. 

This will clear the doubt about what you want is to get in the heads of your customers, learn why and how they buy your product etc.

If you still think that I have left something which is most important for finding target audience, you can then share your valuable feedback.

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Thursday 5 November 2015

The Best Way to Create Your Own eBook with 9 Steps

9 steps to create an eBook is written by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers to motivate you while blogging.

How to create your own eBook in 9 steps?

Today's trend is to read Online books that are hot. 

It's been a fashion that more and more people are engaging in the creation and distribution of eBooks.

This is because, if you have an expertise in any field, probably, sooner or later you will also think to fulfill others dream of writing a book to help others.

Now it’s really easy to write an e-book. 

It costs no money to make an eBook if you know the best way to create an eBook.

It’s easy to create and provides a lot of exposure for others.

If you write a stunning eBook, people see you as an expert in the niche you’re dealing or writing for. Which is very important for future sales you want to make.

However, I have not written any eBook but guided several bloggers/writers that how they can easily create an eBook.

Today, I am going to share my framework to write an eBook.

My framework consists of 9 super working steps and you have to go through all to create a high quality eBook.

Here are 9 super powerful steps to create a successful eBook:-

  1. Promise to your readers
  2. Show the progress 
  3. Show your dedication
  4. Obstacles in the field
  5. Share solutions
  6. Testimonial and reviews
  7. Share tips for success
  8. Your own success Story
  9. Time for Call to Action

Now I will discuss each of 9 steps to create a highly recommendable eBook.

Make sure you do not miss any of 9 steps of my framework, if you want a successful eBook.

#1. Promise to your Readers

If you are writing since for a long time and you are just thinking or preparing an eBook, it’s good to start with a promise to your reader.

Because your reader will definitely be hooked with the thought of receiving something as a part of your blog posts.

Usually it’s a certain knowledge that your reader will receive when they revisit or complete some types of steps.

So for instance, you write about an ebook about earning online with blog, you could use a header like:

The best method to make $200 dollars per day.

My main purpose to write this example of headline in and ebook is to draw a sketch or scenario for your reader.

When you’re writing your eBook, it’s all about creating a dream and portraying that dream to your reader.

Why they should wait? Show exactly why they should keep on reading.

#2. Show the progress

After writing the dream scenario to your reader, you are going to show the progress.

These could be your own progress, or the results of your customers.

At this time a catchy heading could be:

I earned approximately $10K in 1 month and it is increasing day by day.

Then you write down the story of your own or your customer.

This example is written for a “Online Earning” niche, but is applicable for any niche.

#3. Show your dedication

Make sure, you are not misleading to your readers.

Show the true result and your dedication behind to bring the progress report of your income.

Also, make it clear to your readers that all the result is achievable if you are dedicated to the do's and don'ts

Then your headline would be:-

Online Money is for the dedicators only.

Now write your own story of earning online that is due to your dedication towards your workflow.

#4. Obstacles in the field

When you have shared your good experiences or even better with your readers;

let your readers should also know the obstacles you faced in the field of Online Earning. And your headline should be like:

How I lost my money while preparing for Online Earning?

This headline will give a boost to the interest of your readers and they will surely want to know about it.

#5. Share solutions

You have make your readers aware about obstacles you have faced while online earning.

Now it is time to share the result which comes after applying solution to that problem/obstacle.

#6. Testimonials and reviews

Let other people write a testimonial about your solution. Ideally a number of people. Write a heading like:

The following people persevered where others would quit. This gave them an amazing result.

If you don’t have any testimonials, you are your own testimonial. Or choose a couple of people you know to test your method for free.

#7. Share tips for success

It is time to share your success tips with a summarize of the solution, and share the most important parts one more time.

If you want your readers to learn 3 major parts from your solution, these would be the parts for success.

This is what your eBook is all about. It will be the biggest part of the book. About 60% to 70% of the content will be about the solution. 

This is the part where you teach people how to lose weight.

Take your moment to share your knowledge. This part has to be extra awesome.

#8. Your own success story

After you’ve described all your experiences and problems, it’s time to share your success story.

You’ve found a lot of eBooks online that influenced your life positively.

I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but do not just sell but share something that really works for you and will help others.

If you are really earning something, it doesn't matter big or small amount, but really with your own tactics, do share the genuine report and true success story of yours.

Your readers will love to read and share.

#9. Time for call-to-action

I know like me, every writer want their readers to take action after reading an informative eBook.

That’s the goal eventually and every writer has this in their mind while publishing an eBook.

So it’s time to give a task to your readers.

If you get it done to let the reader to undertake action, you’re doing a good job.

But remember, don't force your readers to do any task prepared by you. It should be optional.

However, you can use this task as giving a bribe like, if you do this, you will get something etc.


Did you notice that there are many benefits of having your own eBook.

Writing an eBook isn’t difficult but it requires your time and attention from the begining to actually take action in the end.

I hope these steps help you and you leant something in an easy language.

Let me know when you are going to start writing your eBook in response to reading this article.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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