Tuesday 31 March 2015

8 Steps to Increase Your Search Traffic with Google’s Next Update

8 Steps to Increase Your Search Traffic with Google’s Next Update by BlogingFunda Blog

Did you know that google has started some major changes in the algorithm of search results?

So there are more tasks to do for every website owner or webmaster to update/modify the coding of their site.

And these changes applied on all pages whether it is in java script, style sheet(css) or any social media script being used in their websites.

Don't ignore these changes because these are major changes that will increase or decrease your search traffic. 

Don't worry we are here to help you out. 

You just take care and follow 8 steps mentioned below:-

How to increase your search traffic with Google's Next update?

What is Latest News?

As per the official news of Google on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index, on February 26,2015, they updated about few changes in Finding more mobile-friendly search results and for this, they announced two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:
  1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results

  2. More relevant app content in search results

As per Google's latest update about these change, they said that they will be expanding  the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal applicable for all types of web pages.

These changes are on major level and will affect mobile searches worldwide and will also have a significant impact in search results.

  • If you want to take help for making or converting your web page mobile friendly site then you can check if by visiting google official page link:Google guide to mobile friendly sites
  • If you are website developer then you can online test your site whether this is a mobile friendly or not by visiting google official page link: Mobile Friendly Test

I have tested one of my blog and it is mobile friendly and showing as per below screen shots.

And for relevant app content in search results you can go through the step by step technical guide of google on their official page to learn in full details. 

Now give a close look to understand the 8 steps to increase your search traffic with Google's Next Update.

What are Those 8 Steps?

Did you know that high performance web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and more conversions than low performance web pages. 

Also high performance website make the web faster.  

For making a website or page faster, google has already suggested below modification for your webpage coding.

You just need to understand and rectify the problematic area of your blog.

Eight (8) Steps to Increase Search Traffic

Taken from Google Best Practices for Speed and you can read full details about all steps by visiting Google's Official Page
  1. Compressing your JavaScript with Closure Compiler 
  2. Speeding up JavaScript: Working with the DOM
  3. CSS: Using every declaration just once
  4. Optimizing JavaScript code
  5. Prefetching resources
  6. Minimizing browser reflow
  7. SPDY Performance on Mobile Networks 
  8. UI messaging and perceived latency
If you are a webmaster or a website developer then you have heard about these 8 steps for enhancing the webpage performance but if you don't know about these steps or facing any difficulty in making above changes in your webs page code then you can always find a developer online and hire within your budget.

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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Monday 30 March 2015

5 Images which will change your Blogging Habit

Blogging is not an easy task, this is a game and only an active blogger can win the game. Also I have compared a blogger with an horse because blogging is a Race

Today I am going to write something out of my niche. Do you know why? Because I want to give a Habit Booster for Blogging absolutely free. This terms is first appeared on BlogingFunda Blog on March 30,2015. I am sure that once go thoroughly, you will ever write blogs with passion that will lead you towards a successful blogging career.

What your should DO?

First you need to motivate yourself for an upcoming life of blogging. Once you have motivated and prepare yourself then start collecting contents to read before you start your own blogging career. Read as many blogs as you can according to your blog niche. Give yourself a plentiful time to read, grasp the idea or writing, generate your first draft

When it is done then the second  thing is to have confidence in yourself because if you are confident then no one can stop you for forwarding yourself in blogging.
As I have said that take your own time. I am saying again this because I know reading several posts written by other bloggers in different style may confuse you in writing your own blog content. But the main funda (Tact) behind reading is to overcome all the difficulties you felt before starting your blogging career.
Make sure that you have read most of the blogs but just to grasp idea of writing and not copy pasting. Because this will give you kick on your ass. So be unique in your concept whether it is already published. Just write in-depth on a particular topic and you are done.
Develop a positive attitude like I can do This and this will give you moral support while dealing with different problems while initially blogging. 

What are Those Problems?

There are several problems on the way of blogging and if you do not tack small problem before starting your blogging career, these become big problems. I am mentioning only four common problems of every blogger whether, a blogger is new or old. Have a look on those 4 problems to understand all.
  1. Less Visitors

  2. Less Traffic

  3. Lack of Proper Formation

  4. Required Enough time in Writing etc.

These are common problems among all new bloggers and do not quit if you face these because this is natural and will be sorted out with the time if you don't quit.

But by any reason, you are still thinking to quit blogging then have a look on the below image:
If you are a hobby blogger then it is not a big problem to start or leave blog or blogging but if you are a full time blogger and very much serious about blogging then you must rethink before quitting because life is the act of step forwarding and that is why life has 3 simple rules to follow. Always follow these rules in life.

3 Rules of Life

  1. If you do not GO after what you want, you will never have it. 
  2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO.
  3. If you do not step FORWARD, you will always be in the same place.
An I am sure if you will follow above 3 rules and apply in blogging then surely you will be able to compete the world of blogger. Don't think estimate about the result just keep focus on change because:-

Also do not compare yourself with the other bloggers but ever try to make them your blogging inspiration. 

Who are the High Achievers?

To become a achiever in blogging it is required motivation, dedication, self respect, regular writeup because a high achiever always think beyond the box and you should ever inherit their characteristics. There are three main characteristics that a high achiever have. Have a look on those:-
  1. They have to set their own goals. 
  2. They avoid selecting extremely difficult goals 
  3. High Achievers prefer tasks that provide immediate feedback


If you are a new or old blogger, and if you are still thinking about to quit blogging then, it is your will but I will give you an advice absolutely free about blogging and forgetting.

You just remember these points and all should left on the rest. I am sure that if you have find your blog niche and constantly updating it with the latest and in-depth content then no one can stop you for becoming a professional blogger
  1. Plan about blogging
  2. Collect blog niche content topic
  3. Shuffle all content
  4. Rewrite with your in-depth knowledge
  5. Reviews first draft before publishing
  6. Final Publish your blog post
  7. Promote your blog posts
  8. Participate in social media marketing
Remember the other professional bloggers done this to achieve the Pro-Tag and now they are just maintaining this title to remain professional bloggers.You can too do this and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve through blogging.

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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Saturday 28 March 2015

What Type of Headings should use for Your Blog?

Heading or Title of Post

While writing a blog post everyone needs an inspiration or a topic to write upon but most of the bloggers do not know about the headings or titles types which will work effectively in generating traffic. Writing a long or short paragraph is not important unless or until you are not writing suitable headings for your blog post. 

Any search engine, before reading your whole paragraph, it first reads the title or headings. I know everyone gives heading on each paragraph but still they are not able to attract search engine for generating traffic toward their blogs. Without proper knowledge of title or heading types, you will not get much traffic form any search result. Did you know this?  

Before I start explaining about the post title or heading types you must see below images for some hints and I hope you will understand by these simple images.

Heading Types of Blog Post by
Heading Types of Blog Post by

Don't Be Confused

Take a break and ask questions to yourself that why I have enclosed above images, don't worry if you can't question yourself for these small and easy answers. I have put these images to show you the use of headings in blog post with these visual content. Did you read that how visual content can also help you to engage your readers, if not then I have something already written for you to keep in mind about the benefits of visual content.

Whenever you are using a simple title for your blog post, it is not getting much attraction by the search engine nor by the online visitors. They do not use simple search query while finding any required information through any search engine.

What should be the Heading Types

As per my blogging journey and search experience, I have come to a conclusion about what types of title or heading we should use to get most of the traffic from search queries. Just give a try with the following titles types, and you will definitely get the result. This is not a get quick result, give it a time one publish your blog content and wait for the search engine to drive traffic towards these searches.

Heading Types of Post

I have divided these title types into 5 parts. However you can elaborate these parts to see more result by testing in your blog post.
  1. Use questions instead of simple title
  2. Use quotes instead of simple phrase
  3. Use examples to explain
  4. Use Recommendation Phrase
  5. Use Negative Instructional phrase
When you have read the above 5 main parts of for using in your post title, I hope you understand my core concept of writing this post and I am sure this is going to help you better understand your own post after using these title types. So have a look on all types in detail.

Use Questions Instead of Simple Titles

In this title type, you can use a question phrase in your post title which will get much attraction in the search results because 70% searches start with a question asking in a search engine to show answer about a particular problem. I often use 3 question types in my posts. These are as mentioned below. However there are more question types and may vary pot to post but these are the basic search query that ever online visitor try to find result with these.
  1. How are (topic)?
  2. What are (Topic)?
  3. Why are (Topic)?
If you are using any question phrase, then I am sure you will get much better search result than without using these question titles.

Use Quotes Instead of Simple Phrase

Do you like quotes? I am sure you like at least one category quotes and definitely trying to search for those online through search engine.

What do you get while searching? I can bet that lots of websites with so man quotes. And if you are using these quotes as an example in your blog post titles then, you can generate more traffic towards your blogs. Just have a try and share your experience with others including me.
Use Quotes Instead of Simple Phrase by
Use Quotes Instead of Simple Phrase by
I hope that this 2nd title type is very much clear to your after sharing these two images with motivational quotes. You can either use images with quotes or title with quotes. The choice is yours. But make sure you are using relevant quotes according to your blog post.

Use Examples To Explain Better

If you are using examples of others in your post titles, which are already explained and available online then I am sure that these help you to get more traffic with search query. The main reason behind this theory is that, these examples are there for long time and already compiled by the search engine. And when one is using these compiled examples then you will get faster result with lots of traffic towards your blog post which you published with these examples.

Use Recommendation Phrases

By using recommendations in your post title, you will directly invite all visitors who searched either by your blog title of by the recommended phrase about someone. And I am sure that by doing so, you will surely boost your traffic and secondly the search result generated by the search query about recommendation phrase.

Use Negative Instructional Phrases

Did you first know about this term, I guess you did not. Don't worry I will explain this to benefit you all but first you should know what is negative instructional. When you instruct in your content about not to do something in negative way then it is said negative instructional phrase.
For Example:- 
  1. Don't use too long title for your post.  
  2. Do not use several Images And
  3. It must be within 66 characters long.(Forcing Phrase)
When you have read and understand well, it is time to implement these instructions while writing your own new blog post.

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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Friday 27 March 2015

What is the Advantage of using Images in your blog?

Visual Content Advantage

Visual content is an added advantage in driving traffic and to engage your readers for long time till the end of your blog post. In other words if you are using visual content like static or dynamic images within your blog post then the click through will also increase. Almost double than without using images.
Advantage of using Visual Content by BlogingFunda Blog
As per my experience if you are using social media within your blog content then social sharing will be doubled with the help of visual content because everyone want to share small description about any long content and nothing is better to share than visual content. Visual content speaks more without even writing more about your blog post because images attract more readers than text. It is proven that blog posts with visuals receive more page visits and engagement than those without using visual content.

Images on social media get more engagement than links or text and Visuals express ideas quickly.

Benefits of Visual Content

There are lots of benefits of using a visual content within your blog post. Top 10 benefits of are mentioned below:-

  1. Quick Expression 
  2. Eye Catching 
  3. Deep Meaning 
  4. Easy to Understand 
  5. Saves Time 
  6. Build Relationship 
  7. More Engagement 
  8. Better Click Through 
  9. Almost Double the Views 
  10. More weight-age than Text
Above are top 10 benefits which you will get after using visual content while writing your blog but there is one problem of using images with your text content. 

The problem is if your images are not optimized then you will not take full benefit of using images. So the need is to optimize your blog images. did you know that image optimization required for search engine ranking and reader engagement.  

The question is that How to optimize your blog images?

4 Ways to Optimize Images

There are four ways to optimize your blog images so that your blog get higher ranking in search engine and also for better engagement of readers.
  1. Use Image Target keywords 

  2. Use High Quality Images 

  3. Use Proper Color Coding 

  4. Use Proper Size of Images

Above 4 ways  are the backbone to optimize blog images and every blogger should use this parameters for better search engine ranking and also for better reader engagement.

Full description of above 4 points are as follows:-

Use Image Target Keywords

Did you know that images are more helpful than text for contribute to SEO and you can optimize your blog images for the search engines ranking. Before you publish a post, remember to use your target keywords for each image used in your blog post.
  • Image Title 
  • Image Alt Text
  • Image File Name 
Once done, you can publish your blog post and these keywords won’t be displayed on your blog directly or on social media account, but search engines will read these and factor them in when calculating search rankings of your blog.

Use High Quality Images

This is compulsory that your visuals have to be taken by professional photographers, although that helps more but you can take many of your photos yourself or create using photo making software - photoshop, picasa, photoscape, as long as they’re clear and good looking. Always use bright colors, high contrast, and unusual images will help your visuals stand out of someone’s timeline or Pinterest board, just try this once.

It is also matters it should be attractive and interesting so that your blog reader stick to your content until it finishes. The visual content you choose should be relevant to the rest of your blog post on which you are adding your images because there is not any use of a pretty picture if it has nothing to do with what’s on the page, very simple to understand the importance of using high quality and relevant images.

Use Proper Color Coding

Wen you are writing a blog which is containing either one or more relevant images, make sure the color combination is up to the mark. Using more dark or more light colors without understanding about the visual effects, you will just force your reader to kick you out and shut your blogging career. Because your blogging career depends on your readers. The proper use of color coding will definitely keep your readers engage with your blog posts.

Use Proper Size of Images

Image size plays an important role in engaging your readers for long time with your content. So every use proper size wherever required, use photo software to increase of decrease the size of your image. 
Remember is it is too small that your reader is unable to read the text printed on the image or if the text is too big to cover on the image, then too you will loose your readers. It doesn't mean that you have to be a professional photo artist, but you can easily create high quality images with proper size and color combination with the help of several software available in the market. Or it is still not available to create images for yourself then you can higher photo artists to build a high quality image relevant to your blog content.

How Visual Content Works?

If you are using a visual content the the click through can be increased that not using images in your blog post. The visual content mainly works 4 ways. What are those ways a visual content works?
  1. Awareness

  2. Influence

  3. Engage

  4. Action

The above 4 ways, the visual content works for your blog to be a successful in blogging journey. These are also uploaded through slideshare presentation. You can read it in below direct presentation or you can download. The download link is given below.

You can download this presentation if you feel this would help while offline reading again. The download Link for this presentation - Click Here To Download

I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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Thursday 26 March 2015

How to become Professional Blogger?

How to become Professional Blogger with BlogingFunda Blog

This question is quite difficult to answer but not impossible. To become a professional blogger you just need to follow some Pro-Habits or you can inherit these habits from other pro-bloggers.

For doing this you just need to adapt some habits of professional bloggers either around you or on the internet, you can easily find them. I am not saying that you have to be a Copy-Cat but you have to learn about their blogging habits and develop your own habits to be a successful blogger. You just do exactly what is mentioned below and follow step by step guide to become a Professional Blogger. These are basically 3 (three) basic guidelines to become a pro-blogger. What are these? Just have a look on those in details.

3 Basic Guidelines

  1. Find your Niche

  2. Writing Schedule

  3. Commitment


  • Find Your Niche Blog

    The first step before setting up a blog is to find your blog niche. If you know your niche then you will soon be on the the way to success in blogging career. And if you don't know about niche blog or how to find a niche or what is a niche blog then i have something already written on this for you. Read Here about Niche.

  • Set Writing Schedule

    Whether you are writing regularly or few times in a week, you must obey your writing schedule because if you are writing on a particular time or day which suits to you, then your audience would ever wait for your next content on the exact date or day as you are frequently writing. And if you are not stick on your writing schedule then this will affect badly in terms of your audience. So make a schedule time for writing and never break this schedule.
  • Commitment

    A professional blogger is committed in every step in blogging. It is from starting a blog to engaging with the readers with several ways. A professional blogger while interacting with the readers stay cool and never hurries in replying to their queries. Commitment is as necessary as quality content to setup a brand in blogging.
Without fulfilling above three requirements or you can say without adapting above three habits of pro-bloggers, you can not be a professional blogger.

I know it will take some time but if you are following all these step by stem along with the guidelines mentioned below then no one can stop you for becoming a professional blogger. Trust me.

Proofread Your Content

Apart from above three basic guidelines, you must proofread your blog content before publishing because while writing almost everyone including me, do not care about minor mistakes. 
These can be grammatical, proper formation, text color etc. So I suggest you all do proofread your blog content before final submission for your readers. This is the first and most important checklist before submitting your blog. So you must take utmost care about this checklist.

Use Social Networking

Now when you have thoroughly checked and rectified all the minor or major mistakes into your blog content and you are thinking about how to distribute your blog post in your circle then you must spend some to make list of your social networking tools where you participate actively and you have a bundle of contacts there.

Promote Your Blog

This is the next part of Using Social Networking. Now start your blog content on your social media network one by one and be ready to reply to any query generated by your social circle. The more you will engage with your audience the more they will promote or share your content to their circle. You can find the 5 best websites to offer free social sharing.

Stick on Blog Niche

This is the second most important checklist after Proofread Your Content. If you are writing whether more or less, regular or sometimes but sticking on your blog niche then your blog will get a higher search ranking and you will get a huge amount of visitors on your blog. Did you know that a blog niche is the best ever Success Tool of blogging or to be a professional blogger. If you did not know about blog niche then you can read it here.

Adapt Guest Post Concept

Guest posting is a direct link of advertising your own blog posts on other blogger's blogs and many of the pro-bloggers build their brand in blogging by including guest posting. For writing a guest post, it requires time your in-depth knowledge about the topic you are going to write a guest post. Guest blogging is required for promotional activities.

In blogging, if you are using the concept of guest posting or guest blogging then it will be an added advantage and a helping hand in becoming a pro-blogger. Guest post is of two types and you can chose either one at the same time or both. Did you know this before? I guess you didn't? 

2 Types of Guest Post

Have a look on both types of Guest Post. Both terms are first appeared on BlogingFunda Blog on March 26, 2015.
    • One Way Guest Posting 

      Either you are writing on someone's blog as a guest blogger or someone else is writing for your blogs but not both then this is called One way Guest Posting which appeared first time on BlogingFunda blog on March 26, 2015.
    • Two Way Guest Posting 

      When there is both side transaction of guest posts are in use then Two way Guest Posting id done. this is much better than One way guest posting. The second term Two way Guest Posting is also appeared first time on BlogingFunda blog on March 26, 2015.

Develop Learning Habit

Whether you are a hobby or professional blogger, you must have the ability to learn more and more content of other bloggers. So that you can write even better than others and in-depth content than others have already been written in their posts. Learning habit will definitely help you in reaching your goal more faster. This is my personal experience because day by day I am writing good and unique content after analyzing other bloggers content. Also this is increasing my blogging skills.

What I do in Free Time?

Whenever I am free, I start searching different methods of earning from internet at home and you won't believe that only blogging is the best method of earning which is getting highlighted in every search result. But before starting your career as a blogger or a pro-blogger, you must ask some question to self and also must find relevant answers if you want to become a professional blogger. You can also take help from other bloggers which are already successful in blogging and have made a brand. What are these question?

15 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

I have worked hard to research on the most relevant questions which every blogger must ask before the start of their blogging career. I have questioned myself before starting My Blogging Journey and answered all question by researching on the same.If you can find these questions in yourself and also give answers of these then I am sure that you will become a Professional Blogger.
  1. Why become a Blogger?
  2. What is the criteria to be a Pro-Blogger?
  3. How much time it will take to become a Pro-Blogger?
  4. How to create a blog?
  5. How to start a blog?
  6. What is a niche blog?
  7. How to find your blog niche?
  8. How to write quality content?
  9. How to promote your blog content?
  10. How to use social media marketing tools?
  11. How to increase your blog visitors?
  12. How & where to use an opt-in form?
  13. How to make money online with your blog?
  14. How to become a professional blogger?
  15. How to become a Model Blogger?
I hope I have discussed in details about all the requirements to be a professional blogger and by thoroughly studying these one can easily be on the track of becoming a professional blogger.

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Welcome to BlogingFundaFest - Come and Win 3 eBooks Free

Today we are feeling glad to announce the first ever BlogingFundaFest in our Blogging Journey and you are all invited to participate in this simple 30 days challenge of sharing your blogging skills. This will give you a chance to win 3 Free eBooks of professional bloggers in PDF format and you can download these eBooks once you become a winner. And we will write an introductory post for that winner on our blog. 
BlogingFundaFest by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Before I start writing about the basic requirement, you must know What is BlogingFundaFest?, so that you enjoy while writing and sharing your blogging skills with us through this BloggingContest.

What is BlogingFundaFest?

This is an online challenge for all bloggers in blogging community whether they are in our circle or not but still every one can participate in this BloggingContest started by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

As you know that everyone is writing for their blogs or there are several other bloggers who write for others blogs as a guest bloggers. But we invites all types of bloggers to participate in this challenge of writing on a Single Topic for next 30 days without reusing those same to same paragraphs except the title or topic you choose for writing. Each post should not less than 300 words and also not exceeding more than 500 words. You can send one post per day through the below mentioned email id. But there are some rules you should follow before sending your entries. What are those rules? 

Rules to Participate

Before you start writing, you must know the basic principal behind this BlogingFundaFest among bloggers so that everyone's entry should get a chance to win 3 eBooks Free.
  1. Must be a member of BlogingFundaCommunity 
  2. Share this community after joining
  3. Follow us through Google Plus
  4. Subscribe to our email list
Above four rules are compulsory for everyone to participate in BlogingFundaFest started by BlogingFunda a community of bloggers.

Along with the above simple 4 rules, the participant must adhere some strict rules and without following these rules we will nt be in a position to get your entry approved.
  • A participant will have to send 30 entries, one per day
  • Participant can not change topic once submitted
  • Topic should not contain less than 300 words per entry
  • Topic should not contain more than 500 words per entry
  • It should not be written or posted before or till the end of this BloggingContest
When you have read and understand everything required to participate in BloginFundaFest, then the question which can arise to your mind that How you will send your entries to us?

So here is the answer of above simple question. You can send your entries on the below mentioned email id.

Send Your Entries

@ (Admin BlogingFunda) 

NOTE:- Do not forget to mention your Post title in the subject line of every email.
After getting your entries one of our community member will collect ll entries submitted by each participant and this process will be going on till the end of this BloggingContest. After that we will sort the best topics along with the best content and then we will publish all the 30 entries in a single post with all the credits of that participant.

The winner  then will be given a link for downloading 3 Free eBooks. So lets prepare for the next 30 days and loose your belt for sitting more time than usual.