Wednesday 11 March 2015

My Blogging Journey So Far : Mohinder Verma

Mohinder Verma
Mohinder Paul Verma (A Blogger from Nabha)

Blogging Journey of a Blogger

On the 11th of March 2015, I am celebrating my 5th blogging anniversary and I wanted to write my blogging journey which could help others to take up blogging as a serious career. 

This is going to be lengthy and can be a little bit boring for you, as it’s about me and my blogging journey. 

So it is my advise to you all, if you are passionate about blogging then only read it, otherwise check out the other categories from MyOwnStories

This post is all about how I started my first blog and later on how I created a network of blogs one by one.

A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on the  “about” page. 

For new readers, I’m Mohinder Verma, founder of BloggingFunda, MyOwnStories and many more best blogs written on different topics in the blogging sphere. 

If we talk about my education, I’m a software engineer and by profession I’m a hobby blogger along with a small business of website designing and online advertising agency. 

This story will tell you about an important time period of my blogging journey and you will read about the hard time when I started writing my first blog to spread awareness about cheat websites. 

Getting back to my education background, I completed my graduation in Computer Application (BCA) stream (2007) but before two years of my final year of graduation; I was placed in one of the most reputed I.T. Company: Wipro Infotech through an outsourcing concept and I spent my 5 years with an MIT division.

I was working with an online technical support team for HDFC Bank for North region. We supported all software, hardware and network being used by the bank. 

It was a 12 hour hard job. But I enjoyed and learned a lot of technical terms there. It was my Golden Time of 5 full years and I left the job on March 10, 2010.

My Blogging Journey : From Start

First six months of Blogging

I started blogging just out of fun in March 2010 and started writing about things which I knew, and even a little about everything I like. My blogging journey was first started on the BlogSpot free blogging platform and later I also write few blogs on WordPress but could not give more attention on these blogs and I left Wordpress platform. 

Like other bloggers. I was also interested in motivating others with spiritual matters, so I started with a community find on the web called “PillaiCenter”. 

The first domain name which I wanted was aitc dot com, which was already taken. So I started with the blogspot free domain, and at the end of six months I was getting appreciation from my readers and I thought of investing more time on my blog with more informative posts. I bought Web-hosting from HostingIndia and a domain from BigRock but that was just for showing my current business portfolio to my audience and esteemed customers as well.

How my niche changed?

Initially, I wrote about the awareness stuff which you could find on other blogs but later on, I started writing about blogging. Since all content was based on my own learning experience and experiments, soon people started liking and that’s how MyOwnStories found its niche and today I am writing this on my new blog BloggingFunda because I want that my personal stories and my technical writeup should be on different track. 

However both will be interacted with each other but still few of my readers suggested me to do this and the start of this new blog happens today.

My First Income

As I have already written that the start of writing blogs was as a hobby and I did not pay much attention about writing frequently but later when after applying Adsense on my blogs, I still remember my first $10, which I earned through adsense ads but that was on my other blog. This was a big help and an encouraging point for me to start blogging as my career.

Hobby Blogger to Full Time Blogging

First six months of blogging was just a start and I did not feel that I would write on more than one blog but I was wrong. 

Because when readers of my blogs started communicating with me through comments or emails then I thought that I must start blogging full day to help others or even myself because I left my job and there is nothing in my hand to invest in other business.

An Incident Changed My Life

In the year 2010 when I left my job then I invested my hard earned money in establishing an educational institute for all types computer courses but due to lack of proper knowledge or guidance about business handling process, I quit and a total of 5 lacs which I invested was my loss. 

Then I thought about full day blogging as my career. I started creating several blogs on different free blogosphere but that was all without knowing any direction that how to start and where to go.

I created so many blogs with different email ids and after every 2-3 days I was deleting my blogs after writing one or two posts on each.

What Happened after Six Months of Blogging

In September 2010, after the six months of blogging, a miracle happened with me. 

One of my reader request me to help her on blogging. She wanted to know "How to start blogging". She was from my own hometown and we met through my blog as she was continuously reading and interacting with me through comments and email. 

For this help she gave me some fees, however it was as low as one can buy a T-Shirt with but I was glad and thought to write properly. 

In the same way I met several new bloggers to help them to understand the technical concepts of blogging. And this way I was earning a monthly income up to 8K by educating new bloggers. 

That encouraged me to write more and more on blogging sphere and I am writing till date. 

Now I have written several blogs on different topics. I used to spend almost or more than 14 hours a day in front of my desktop, most of the time I wrote and started learning new things about blogging. 

But all credit goes to those first 6 months. Everything in my life  changed and given me a new direction for better blogging by avoiding writing mistakes. I read as much as I could, and studied about many top blogs and what are the ways they succeeded.

My Daring Journey of Blogging

Till now while writing this post for the first time in detail about me, my dream and vision is making blogging a full time business and set it as an industry to help other bloggers or un-employed.

I read one famous quote from the web and that is "Like Rome was not built in a day", it would take some time, but someday I will touch that dream, where I will have a big office and many bloggers will be writing for me sitting in the office.

I started taking advantage of my current domain name and named my company as Advanced IT Centre.

Who Motivates Me?

Each and every blogger would have a story about their motivational speaker or inspiration to write best blogs so I have. 

If I have to give a name of my motivational speaker behind me, then that is #MyWife and she ever inspire me to do the things differently and what motivates me is her #CoolAttitude. 

In simple words #MywifeismyInspiration and one day I will definitely write a book on her, for her.

My Source of Encouragement

It is simple to find my source of encouragement around me every time. Again this is a girls whom I love more than my success. She is my sweet Little Princes. She is 4 years old but smarter than other same age kids. She ever helped me and helps and speak courageous words whenever I need. These motivational skills are inherited by her from her mother (MyWife).

How much I Earned by Guest Writing?

Apart from blogging on my own blogs, I sometimes write for other website or blogs and I earned a passive income by writing my imaginations, creative stories or on a topic given by the host. I earned approximately $2000 Dollars in just 5 months by writing as a guest on 2-3 websites.

What about My Network of Blogs?

Several readers of my blogs and  friends of mine ever asked me that how do I manage so many blogs in my network. Did you know that this is not an easy task to maintain multiple blogs and their social media presence but I am doing and I have to do if I want a long journey in blogging crowed.  At this moment I am following blogs in my network: MyOwnStories, FakeVsReal, AvailableBlogDesigns, BloggingFunda(Newly Started), AdvertisementChannel & AdvancedItCentre (my domain).

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