Thursday 19 March 2015

5 Best Platforms to Monetize Your Blog

How to earn with your blog content by BloggingFunda

The first thing comes in your mind after setting up a blog is that "How to earn from your blog?". 

See blogging is a game and the blogger who is much active and passionate about blogging will surely win the race.

I am not a philosophy blogger but as you know that some people get drawn into just one revenue stream for their blog and this can be a great shame.

Because, there are so many different ways to Monetize a blog. 

By saying this I am not criticizing anyone but trying to explain other techniques of monetizing their blogs. 

If you get trapped into just one revenue stream online then what happens if something happens to that or if it starts loosing popularity or the monetized account gets suspended or deleted with any reason.

Then, where will you turn? 

Do you know that having more than one income stream is a good idea just to give you a bit of financial security from your blog.

It also gives you the ability to move on quickly if one monetized door is closed.

What are the 5 Best ways to Monetize a Blog?

Although there are lots of website which are offering advertisement features for blogs,

but I am mentioning on best five out of the crowed to tell you that how you can make money by signing in with these as a publisher.

I have one account per monetized platform as mentioned below.

and I am happy to earn passive income with these. 

So have a close look to understand these.

Adsense Ads

This is the number one in earning money through displaying goolge promoted advertisements on your blogs. 

Rules are strict but easy to apply and implement on any platform you are writing on. 

Once you got approval, it is very easy to integrate ads to your blogs.

RevenueHits Ads

It helps publishers to earn passive income with their GEO targeted Ad serving Technology as they said. 

I have implemented this on my fewer blogs and the result is good after adsense ads. 

One can view and study their rules to join as a publisher to earn by displaying ads on their blogs.

"RevenueHits set a new standard for monetization. They have brought in excellent results, and have team with a lot of real "know-how" behind it. Other networks have constantly tried to imitate them, but were never able to duplicate the results." - Benjamin Kats, Babylon

RevenueHits to Monetize content

Chitika Ads

This is the third and easy platform to start monetize your content. 

Implementation of ads script is as easy as 1-2-3 and even a non technical blogger can also integrate chitika ads with the detailed help provided by.
Chitika Ads to Monetize Content

Infolinks Ads

It provides InText Ads by scanning whole content of your blog and indicates most valuable keywords to maximize your earning potential. 

Infolinks balances relevancy and payouts to keep your content clean and your earnings will definitely flows.

Infolinks InText Ads to Monetize Blog Content

Zhakkas Ads

As per my opinion Zhakkas ads are 5th best platform to monetize your website traffic. 

You can monetize your blog by placing adcodes from Zhakkas Ads publisher account.

It gives you money for every valid click from your websites.

Zhakkas Ads to Monetize Blog

How did you like this post about monetizing your blogs with 5 Best Platforms to Monetize Your Blog among several other platforms of monetizing. 

These are just best out of best and I have an ongoing experience of making passive income from these best monetizing tools.

If you think that this post makes a sense to you about how to monetize your content then you can make your monetized account from my referral ids to give a credit to me. 

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