Thursday 28 May 2015

Why there is lack of Quality Content in Blogging?

Quality Content: Achecklist by Blogging Funda

Quality Content: A Checklist in Blogging about Content Quality

Quality Content is the treasure for almost every blogger and every blogger in today's competitive environment is chasing for Quality Content. If I am not wrong?

But only few blogger are proving their ability to produce a quality content in their blogs for the readers following to them.

Do you know why? 

I guess you don't know.

Because, you don't know the basic meaning of quality content.

Most bloggers are at the dark side of blogging and their blogging career is not so bright. Why?

Because, they are trying to find the difference between the Quality Content and the High Quality Content.

As per my opinion, you must know what is quality content instead of finding the difference between the two keywords.

If you really want blogging as your serious career and also want some passive income from your blogs then you must know the Benefits of Blogging.

What are Benefits of Blogging?

There are several benefits but most commons benefits are of three types and this is my personal opinion on this:-
  1. Passive Income 
  2. Product Promotion & Sale 
  3. Making a Brand
Apart from above three benefits of blogging, there may be numerous other benefits but all depends on the nature or type of blogging.

Some bloggers choose blogging as a hobby and some find it part time job but the count of bloggers is greater than these two types of blogger who falls in the above mentioned three types of blogging benefits.

Do you know that there are two terms ever used in blogging?

Again I guess, you don't care about because as per my personal experience, most of the bloggers run for the high quality content and forget to write quality Content.

Is there any difference between quality content and high quality content - Blogging Funda

Is there any difference between Quality Content and High Quality Content?

Simply NO is the best answer of this question.

There is not any difference between the two keywords.

The right keyword is Quality Content and the second keyword is generated by the marketers itself to promote or sell their services.

They also use this keyword to sell their products, or for the other services which could be hired by other bloggers, marketers or entrepreneurs to get best out of their blog content.

This is a minor difference or nothing between the two keywords because both are twins or you can say that two sides of the coin and has the same meaning for the blog content.

What is Quality Content?

To overcome from this confusion, you must first understand about quality content.

Are you a blogger from the same crowd that finds how to write a high quality content then you must know about the Quality Content first.

A quality content contains few major points to remember while writing a blog post. So that you can create post with all the features which are required for a quality content. What are those points?

How to create a quality content for your blog?

To create a quality content for your blog, you must take care about the following points before starting your blog. 
Because these points are the backbone of a quality content blog and every blogger must take care about these points with utmost care.
  1. A Blogger should make a Content strategy
  2. A Blogger should be Productive
  3. A Blogger should Post on a regular Interval
  4. A Blogger should Listen to the Audience
  5. A Blogger should have Short Terms Objectives first

Apart from the above, a blogger should have the ability to create a compelling content with strategic approach and people will definitely like that.

If you are fulfilling these major points while blogging, then I must say that you are a blogger and you are writing a high quality content for your blog.

But if you are writing quality content then will it get search engine traffic in organic search?

Again my answer is Simply NO. Why?

Because every content needs search Engine Optimization before publishing for the search traffic.

And for this you must know how to optimize your blog title or headings used in your blog content.

I have tested this with my few blogs and websites. 

Even my name and my images are now optimized, one can search just by typing my name in google search engine.

An optimized blog by Blogging Funda
I am using some basic techniques to optimized each and every important keyword, image, title and also to the URL of my blogs to get the organic search and the result you can see in above two different screen shots of my different blogs.

On-Page SEO: A Reference guide for best search engine optimization

I am following several best blogs for learning new techniques in blogging and on daily basis, I read about 5-6 blogs on different topics to understand the current requirement in blogging.

You can read in detail about On-Page SEO from one of the best blog I am learning advanced blogging skills from is

I hope that the above link will help you in understanding the complete process for On-Page SEO. You can also read details about 12  key steps factors of On-Page SEO from an infographic created by BACKLINKO.

And if you are keen in understanding each step under On-Page SEO then you must read another post written by

This blog has mentioned 9 steps for on-page seo and beautifully described each step to understand easily by the bloggers.

I guess, you have now understand the basic difference between the quality content and high quality content.

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Thanks for reading.

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Monday 25 May 2015

Which Identity should be adapted by Every Blogger

Identity of a Blogger by Blogging Funda
Image Created in Photoshop7 by BloggingFunda

On daily basis, do you know how many blogs are being written by how many bloggers?

I guess no one try to know this fact because this has nothing to do with their blogging.

But, don't ignore this, as your blogging career depends only on this fact.

And for this you have to adapt an identity to be a long run blogger.

Not only long run, but also to be a successful blogger. What do you think about? Have you already adapted this identity?

In this post I am not going to tell you the number of posts or the number of bloggers are their online but I am trying to discuss about the identity, a blogger must adapt before or while blogging.

Before I start explaining, you just think and give an answer to yourself that Do you deserve to be a blogger?

If your answer is Yes, then, you have to rethink after removing the following perceptions:
  • You are a good writer
  • You can attract readers 
  • You can promote your content well and finally,
  • You are a blogger with unique content
But, if your answer is No, then, you must know the basics of core blogging. Do you know about Core Blogging?

If you are a passionate blogger, I guess you would know about the term Core-Blogging which is first ever used by BloggingFunda on May 22, 2015.

What is Core-Blogging?

What is Core Blogging - Blogging Funda
Image Created in Photoshop7 by BloggingFunda
In this blog we are just trying to pin-point only concepts which are the next generation blogging concepts. 

However, these concepts are already used by most of the bloggers but with old tactics or style, we are enhancing all concepts because these are core blogging level and every blogger must know about.

This blog focuses on next-generation blogging and micro array blogging technologies or styles.

We are mainly focusing on enhanced topics in our blog, however this is a Blogging Community, and intended to give all types of basic and advanced help in blogging to new bloggers, and we are in process of writing topics beyond the imagination of bloggers.

Core-Blogging Concept

  • Search engine Optimization
  • Search engine Ranking
  • Online marketing or internet marketing 
  • Social media strategy or Marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social marketing tools or social media platforms
I hope you are well aware about above core-blogging concepts and ever keep in mind while blogging because your blog search ranking depends on the search engine traffic and further it depends on the proper marketing and search engine optimization of your blog.

What should be the Identity of a Blogger? 

Every blogger is a gem in his / her blog niche and is also  responsible for the success or failure of the brand for which blogging is being done.

So, the question arises are, what is an identity of a blogger and how one can adapt this identity and who will verify the identity adapted by a blogger?

What is that Identity?

A blogger should be ethical while blogging and do not cheat others in terms of copying content, however one can get ideas from other blog posts but do not ever rewrite with your own style.

If you are having this type of Identity, then I must say that you are a genuine blogger because I was just talking about this identity a blogger should adapt.

How to adapt this identity?

You can adapt this ethical identity just by writing your own content or the enhanced version of other posts without rewriting the same old content.

By doing so, you are just making it complicated for the google algorithm while searching by other bloggers about the original content.

Who will verify the ethical identity? 

No one, just Google Algorithm itself will verify the ethical identity of all the bloggers and it has already started penalizing those who are plagiarizing and making the internet a dumping zone for their copied content.

Never try to be over smart than programmed algorithm as it may cost you and also it can ban online presence of your blog if found guilty or indulging in some unethical services.


So, I guess you all understand that which identity a blogger should adapt and how to make the internet clean for other surfers.

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Tuesday 19 May 2015

Why Blogging is a Best Place for Earning Online Money?

What is the best place of earning online money - Blogging Funda

What is the best place for earning?

If you will ask me, I will simply give answer to you.

And my answer is that Blogging is the best place for earning online money.

I am earning a passive income from my Blogs and in april I have earned $283/- dollars.

Why blogging is the best place for earning money?

Blogging is a best place for earning online money because,

it provide flexible timing to work and the endless opportunity to learn new things

and you can implement all that in your blog to earn unspecified online income through your blogs. 

However, all bloggers are not so lucky,

but still blogging is a fast changing field and several new comers are diving in this blogging ocean.

#OnlineMoney - Do you make Money Online? 

I am a blogger and my primary goal is to make my blog a best place for all bloggers where everyone can find all answers of their every question based on Blog and Blogging.

For this I have setup a community of bloggers called BloggingFunda.

However, I am also earning from my blog by placing advertisements, 
but that is not the prime motive of creating this community. 

This is just to bear the expenses of running this community.

If I am not wrong, before my blogging community, there are several other blogging communities already created by different bloggers.

What do you think, am I right on this?

Is this so Easy to earn online money?

No, this is not an easy task of earning online money.

But still every blogger is doing something different with their blogs to get this goal achieved.

Now my question is to you that are you making online money with your blog?

If yes, then what strategy you are using to earn from your blog(s). 

Is this a product affiliation, paid advertisements or through publisher account?

What do you think, you are a successful blogger?

Please don't take it otherwise as I am just pointing about the success of a blogger. 

To whom you will call a successful blogger; as per my opinion there are several check points to decide if a blogger is successful or not.

There are several similar checkpoints in the form of questions. Please have a look on.

  • How to start a blog? or
  • How to create a blog
  • How to choose blogger templates?
  • How to add images in blog posts?
  • How to add social sharing widgets? etc.
Apart from the above basics of blogging, a successful blogger has all the features to tackle the overall traffic which a blogger routed toward the blog, he / she is heading.

List of successful Bloggers an Opinion by Blogging Funda

A List of Successful Bloggers - My Opinion

I am going to discuss about my opinion about successful bloggers and there I selected 5 gems from my whole circle of bloggers.

This selection is purely based on my own opinion and may vary among all bloggers. So here is my opinion list.

#1st Opinion

As per my opinion +Harleena Singh a professional blogger heading the Aha!Now blog  and a community The ABC, is a successful blogger.
"The Aha!NOW Blog Community (The ABC) is a meeting place for like-minded people from all walks of life. Where all types of bloggers discuss various topics related to their life and work. This is also a blogging community or platform for bloggers.
It serves as an awareness and information guide to help and covers niches ranging from personal development to blogging."
She is writing on several topics and all are major concerns among the modern or technological world. Here is the list of her blog categories.
  • Blogging & Making Money
  • Family & Parenting
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life & Inspiration
  • Love & Relationships
  • Technology & Gadgets
  • Work & Career
  • Writing
She knows how to reply or help to other bloggers in need or they require any kind of information / help for their blogs. I have written one post on the help received by me from Harleena Singh.

#2nd Opinion

In my opinion list, the second name comes is +Harsh Agrawal who is passionate about technology and heading several blogs with different niches.

He is heading an award winning blog ShoutMeLoud

His blog is about starting and managing a blog, WordPress, Social-media, SEO and Making Money online.

Harsh ever ready to help other bloggers who leaves a message or comment on his blog or any social media, he is using to engage with his readers.

#3rd Opinion

+Enstine Muki is on number 3rd in my opinion list who is a money making blogger and PHP developer.

For me, he is an inspirational guy to learn new things in everyday life and implement something new and interesting with the my blog if any.

After visiting on his personal website, I feel that I am in the technical ocean where I can fetch almost all information related to blog & blogging.

#4th Opinion

In my 4th opinion from the list of successful blogger, I would like to give one more name and that is

He is a blogger, author, strategist and speaker and also works with companies to optimize their online personal and company brands with digital, content and social media marketing. 

However, I did not contacted him personally but read several posts published by him and found 100% helpful in getting my blog a place where I can feel satisfied with my writing and also my loyal readers as well.

I learnt several blogging techniques from his blogs and still continue learning.

#5th Opinion

I would like to mention +Nurdin Budi Mustofa as my 5th blogger in my opinion list because he is a passionate blogger and writing on different topics under one roof.

His posts are ranging from setting up blog to getting viral traffic along with several blogging tips & tricks. By doing so, he is helping others to make their blog a success.

I have read his blog several times and found that he has the capability to teach about blog and blogging. The way he is writing is good enough to understand by the new bloggers.

His blog is based on the technical aspect of blogging and I love to read technical stuff on his blog

If I am not wrong, he is writing on each topic which is required to know by a blogger. The main topics he is covering are: CSS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Widgets etc.

I learnt lot of things from his posts and if any blog or blogger is getting re-visitors then he or she is a successful blogger. This is my personal opinion and may vary blogger to blogger.
Successful Blogger vs unsuccessful Blogger - Blogging Funda

Why number of unsuccessful blogger is greater than the successful Bloggers?

There are a lot of bloggers few are successful but the count of unsuccessful bloggers or struggling bloggers are quite high. 

Do you know why?

Because, most of the bloggers are either don't know the basics of blogging or they do not research about their topics before publishing online.

One more reason which comes in mind is that, they do not aware about the proper marketing structure to promote their blogs.

A blogger must know about the following basic terms of blogging:-

  • How to setup a blog?
  • How to write a blog?
  • How to promote a blog?
  • Which media is best to share a blog? etc.

Apart from above basic terms, there are several other terms which a blogger must know prior to entering to the blogosphere. 

What are those?

For example:- 

  1. What is SEO?
  2. What is SERP?
  3. What is Optimization? etc.


In other words blogging is a platform for all bloggers to show their talent or writing, catching attention of other readers, selling products with tricky write ups etc.

Every blogger can do this but it requires time and few basic skills about blogging.

If you too want to be a successful bloggers then start learning from other bloggers that how the are thinking about any topic, how they are writing in their posts, how they are promoting their blogs and what media or tools they are using with their blogs to get traffic.

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Tuesday 12 May 2015

Part 2 - How to Keep a Track of Your Blog Success?

How to Keep Track of your Blog Success - BloggingFunda

For those who missed my first part about keeping a track of blog success, I am sharing the link here to make you familiar with the latest concept about How to Keep a Track of Your Blog Success?.

For those who have already read the first part and understand the basics of blogging, must read this second part because this will be the actual explanation and I don't want that my loyal readers miss this opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of keeping track of their blog success.

Is there any benefit to keep a track of blog success?

Yes, definitely there are several great benefits of keeping a track of your #BlogSuccess or #BlogPprogress because if you are not keeping track then You are driving a car without holding the steering.

What are those benefits?

Before writing about benefits, I am assuming that you have already read the first part and followed the last Topic name "Track your Blog Progress".

However there are several benefits of keeping track of a blog success or blog progress but I will write only 4 major benefits here.
  1. You will know about the location from where your blog is getting much attention
  2. It helps us reinvent our marketing strategy every day
  3. It gives us a key insights that help drive the weakest strategy
  4. It shows the area of improvement you think it is not worthy
Now, when these benefits are clear to you, then I think you have one more question in your mind. What is that?

Why Google Analytic to keep track of blog success?

There are few other tools, which are helpful in getting required information about your blog success.

But google analytic explains each and everything segment and collect in-depth information on one place which you may require while analyzing the data collected with the help of this analytic tool of google.

If you are using google analytic then no need to worry about installing several tools to collect the same data because it alone can do everything for you in one shot. 

What is the need of Google Analytic?

It requires adaptation when there is some change in business occurs and for this I think below infographic will help you to understand the need of using Google Analytic.

This infographic is prepared by

Insight of Google Analytic

It has two major features to keep a record of a blog or website. These are :-
  1. Tag Management:- If you want to focus on marketing instead of marketing technology then Google Tag Manager is the most popular tag management solution for all bloggers. It lets you add or update your website tags and mobile applications very easily and also for free.
  2. Re-marketing:- If you are missing out something on valuable customers, re-marketing with Google Analytic combines the power with the reach of the Google Display Network to re-engage your users based on their on-site actions. You can track their presence on your blog and plan your marketing strategy according to your data collected.
Apart from above tow features, google analytic has following more related features:-
  • Event Tracking 
  • Flow Visualization
  • In-Page Analytic
  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Site Search
Let me tell you one thing that when I was not using google analytic, I was just shooting without watching target.

But when I started Google Analytic to track the progress of my blog, then only I was able to know about the interest of my readers, their geography, their time of visit and so on.

And this increase my loyal readers because now I am following scheduled writing routine according to my visitors and getting day by day more visitor and I am now able to turn them re-visitors.

If you are agree with me, you can share your thoughts with comments below the post.

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Monday 11 May 2015

How to Keep a Track of Your Blog Success?

How to track blog success - Blogging Funda

Do you keep a track of your Blog Success? I guess you try to do so but not always. 

But, I suggest that if you want your blog to be highlighted by other bloggers then you must follow some basics of blogging.

Basics of blogging means that you have to know about how to set up your blog, how to promote your blog or how to keep it active but you should also know how to engage with other bloggers.

Do you notice that some bloggers also keep a close eye on other bloggers blogs to make their blog post a success. Again I guess you do not.

There are two ways to engage with other bloggers and that are Directly or Indirectly.  

Before I start further core investigation about to keep track of a blog success, you must know the basics about both the terms Directly or Indirectly (Which is first coined by BloggingFunda - A Community of Bloggers, on May 11, 2015).

What does it mean by Directly Engaging?

There are several methods of directly engaging with other bloggers. Few of those are below mentioned:-
  • Engage with them through Blog Comments
  • Engage with them through Email
  • Engage with them through Social Sharing Sites
  • Engage with them through Video or Text Chat etc.

What does it mean by Indirectly Engaging?

If you want indirectly engagement with bloggers, then first you must collect some basic details about their blog and blogging activities they do with their blogs.

The information can be like mentioned below:-
  • Blogger Name 
  • Their blog name 
  • Their blog niche 
  • How frequently posting 
  • Their blog speed 
  • Opt-in Service

Do Blogging Terms Helpful for Blog Success?

If you are a blogger then I guess you know about all the terms of blogging. 

And if not, then every blogger must know about the following terms to have the crown of successful blogging.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Search Engine Marketing

Promoting your Blog Content

If you are done with the basics of blogging then you must start promoting your blog content through social sharing.

I have something to share about this on social sharing.
How to track blog success - Blogging Funda

Track your Blog Progress

Now when everything is going smooth and you are done with the basics of blogging then you must start tracking your blog progress.

For this you have to install google analytics. After installing your analytic id with your blog, start monitoring that what content is working and what is not.

If you are following these simple but effective ways to keep a track of your blog success then I am sure, you are a blogger and no one can beat you in blogging. 
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To be Continue in Part 2 ....................

Saturday 9 May 2015

Is it safe to give permission to Third Party Websites?

Are you using any Third-Party applications or tools in your blog? 

If yes, then I have one doubt and can you please help me in understanding or clearing my doubt about using these tools.

Though, I am already using some of the tools with my blogs but still I am not much clear about the functionality of these tools. My question is that How these tools work?

Giving or Revoking Third Party Access from your Google Plus Permission page - BloggingFunda

I guess that like me, you already have given a few third-party applications or websites access to your Google, Facebook, Twitter account etc.  

Do you know that when you give access,  keeps that access forever or at least until you revoke it.

Some applications also required permission for your personal data used by those third-party tools.  

For your safe side, you should regularly check your lists of connected services on the websites you use and remove services you no longer use at all.

 How to Secure Your Online Accounts?

Did you ever noticed after giving permission to these third-party tools or app to access our email ids, what type of information is being used by these tools or how these tools are using our personal information from our profiles.

I guess no one cares about these questions and we are just using these third-party tools with our blogs or websites as these are free and helping us in getting email list, traffic etc.

Do you ever try to edit the permissions which these tools automatically select for using later on.

If you are not taking any care about these doubts then are you welcoming the hidden security breath for your technical details and personal details as well. 

How to revoke third-party access from twitter?

For this follow below 4 steps to revoke third-party access from your twitter id.
  1. Login Your Twitter Account
  2. Click on Settings and then
  3. Click on Applications 
  4. This will open a scree as pasted below of my twitter account.
Third-Party Access from Twitter - BloggingFunda
Now click on the Revoke access button of which third-party tool, you want to remove access. That's it.

How to revoke third-party access from Facebook?

For this follow below 4 steps to revoke third-party access from your twitter id.
  1. Login Your Facebook Account
  2. Click on Setting Link  OR Click on settings tab then
  3. Click on App
  4. This will open a scree as pasted below of my facebook account.
Third-Party Access from Facebook - BloggingFunda

Now click on the Desired Application to revoke access of third-party tool, you want to remove access. That's it.

Remember, If you use any third-party tool or service which requires your permission to access your credentials, make sure it is reliable.

Keep a close check on these third-party tools time by time and remove access if it is no longer in use.

This way you will be safe after using these third-party tools.

Now it is your turn to give your feedback and you can also follow us on google plus page to show your gratitude.