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Welcome to BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers where you will learn about making a business out of a blog.

Did you know this name before?

BloggingFunda is just newly born on 11th March 2015 as on the 5th anniversary of MyOwnStories blog, however, with our journey forward, we started covering every aspect of blogging fields on different topics on different blogs. The blog "MyOwnStories" is popular among bloggers to learn the tricks of the trade and make a business out of the blog. 

We are blogging with a dream to touch the sky or collect pearls from the depth of ocean by writing experiences through blogs. 

Because, for me sky is not the limit and I want to cross it with my passion about blogging.

BlogingFunda is the right blog for everyone who is just passionate about blogging and wants to explore the tremendous benefits in the online world. 

When I started MyOwnStories, I had no idea what area I was heading to, because in last 5 years, I wrote on several topics from motivation to spiritual concept, awareness about several current issues in the society.

Here at BlogingFunda, I share everything I have learnt and still learning about making a business out of a blog. You can read about my and MyOwnStories journey in the below-mentioned article:How I Started BlogingFunda

About Me: Mohinder Verma

Welcome to BlogingFunda and let me introduce myself again to you. I’m Mohinder Verma, who is passionate about technology and internet marketing.

I’m a Software Engineer by education and a Blogger by profession. Like other professional bloggers, I finished my schooling from a Govt School in 1996 and after that diploma in Computers and scored a high grade among all my class mates. 

Later finished graduation in BCA from IGNOU University in 2007.  Here, you will see the big gap in studies, but this was because I drop my studies and started learning computer skills from a programming level to a website designer/developer. And later I did my graduation. 

Before becoming a professional blogger, I was working with Wipro Infotech in India and was about to join PCS, but on March 2010, I decided to become a business person so that I can become my own boss.

To read about the latest trends in computing or blogging, I ever visited several blogs online and sometimes I copied some useful information to refine according to my own understanding and republish on my blogs. 

That was my blunder before entering into the blogging world.
But later when I fully understand the concept of true blogging, I deleted all my old blogs and started writing fresh and informative blogs.

See, I’m an ordinary guy who lives life to the fullest, loves traveling, blogging and lives with a simple living high thinking concept in life.

I like to talk stuff related to spirituality, blogging funda, troubleshooting any technical problem of software, hardware or networking. If you can share the similar qualities, feel free to join me on Facebook.

I have a network of Blogs written on different topics and I blog for passion. 

Here at BlogingFunda, from now onwards, I will share tips that I learned over time about blogging and how to earn passive income online. 

You can read full about my blogging journey by visiting here.

I don’t promise to make you rich overnight because blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, but I can promise that you will be earning handsome income, if you have what it takes to become a blogger. 

If you have writing skills, a passion for learning, a dream of bringing a change, and want to be your own boss, BlogingFunda is the perfect place for you to start your new journey.

I promise to all my readers that here at BlogingFunda, I will share everything that I have learned over the time, and in last 5 years I have written on different blogs, will be collected or linked on this single blog. 

And, the best part of my blogging is that I have shared everything via blog posts, which you can use to learn and be your boss.

About BlogingFunda: A Blog for What?

BlogingFunda primarily focuses on how to start Blogging, how to Make Money online, SEO, Keyword Driven Blogging, Importance of Social Media in blogging, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, latest internet tools and Internet marketing. We talk about the money aspect of Blogging and how anyone can earn from home via Blogging.

We at BlogingFunda also allow bloggers to take part and contribute via Guest posts. If you wish to be a part of BlogingFunda, do read How to become a part of BlogingFunda or MyOwnStories blogs then first you should learn why you must write for us by visiting here.


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