Tuesday 13 October 2015

Women Empowerment A Thought or Reality

Women Empowerment - A Thought to Change the World - A Guest Post by Prof. Hemlata for BloggingFunda

Hope you are enjoying with my technical articles but I found that we all need a break.

So today, I am presenting a guest article written by Prof. Hemlata to motivate girls who think that they can not compete with the world because they are girls.

But as per the author, every girl has a unique identity and can fight for their rights. It doesn't matter if they are girls.

About the Author

This guest post is written by Prof. Hemlata. She is a professor in a Govt. College and teaching is her passion. She is self motivated, self learner, daring and deserves a title of Motivational Guru.

Now let's start reading the article which is a motivational article based on the true story of a common girl named Gitika.

Happy Navratras to All

"Aum Sarva Mangala Maangalye
Shive Sarvartha Saadhike

Sharanye Trayambike Gauri
Narayani Namostute"

Oh Mother you are the source of auspiciousness, the consort of Shiva. The one who grants desires and bestows refuge. Oh mother who possess the third eye of awakening, known also as Narayani, I surrender before thee.

Women Empowerment - A thought by Albert Einstine

Women Empowerment - A Thought to Change the Wolrd

This is how a woman is worshiped in Hindu mythology. Women have given wonderful contribution in the development of India. 

But this article is not about all those renowned names. This is about a simple girl of a small town.

“Women empowerment,” today we all are talking about it but do we actually know its meaning? 

In the name of empowerment girls start getting dress up like boys, behaving like boys, they want all the rights, freedom given to boys but what about the responsibilities that is supposed to be performed by the boys? 

Even parent says that they consider their boy and girl child equal but a lot of difference can be seen here. 

The only example that I like to give is, girls can’t perform the last rights of their parents. When they are equal then why this discrimination? 

Today I’m not writing to teach anything to anyone, I’m compelled to write about a girl who is a true example of women empowerment and can be a source of inspiration of other girls too.

Gitika is among all those number of students who used to meet me during my work hours. Though I never taught her but there is a bridge set between us. 

And with lapses of time we came close to know each other, perhaps it was only me who was analyzing her at every step and more I noticed her more I got stunned. 

The way she talks, walks and behaves was all stunning for me and at times funny too. Once she came to meet me and before coming she called me up to ask about my whereabouts I played a prank on her and lied that I was sitting in girls lawn but actually I was not there. 

She went there and started searching for me and she got upset. The reason behind her being upset was not my absence but it was her staying among so many girls. It sounds strange and at times funny but actually she is like this.

Then I noticed her contribution in college function. She was contributing more than a boy could. She used to come early in the morning and stayed there till late night. 

She is not active at college or among friends only but she performs her family responsibilities with same enthusiasm, confidence and courage. Even she was the one who performed last rights on her father’s death. This is really something worth mentioning.

Though I’m not good at writing but this all compelled me to write about her because she can be a source of inspiration for other Indian girls who are confined to some set boundaries because they are girls and for their parents also who don’t give their girls opportunities like Gitika’s parents have given to her.

Gitika takes active part in politics. She is President of a well known political wing of her college. And to everybody’s surprise not even a single girl dared to oppose her during election. This is a noteworthy achievement and I congratulate her on this. She is really a source of inspiration for every girl.

I feel ashamed when I read newspaper because daily there are rape cases mentioned. That is really a screaming picture of India and miserable condition of Indian girls.

The one solution to this problem (that I personally feel) is equality. Stop telling your child about their gender and start teaching them that they are human being. And girls too have to behave boldly not only in their dressing sense and ideas but in their actions too.

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  1. Gud work my little sis.. God bless you.. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. This will give a boost in her progress.

    2. thanks nancy for reading this article keep supporting gitika to be an example for other girls..

  2. Totally agree we have to bring up little ones to recognise that both genders can do anything they wish while celebrating and respecting the difference in gender

    1. Thanks Ms Lata for stopping by and commenting with a thought which is the need of today's world for the progress of women

    2. Hi, Mohinder. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article! It is a much-needed message of empowerment for all women We should not be limited, no matter what country we live in. This post is a good example of how women can be "separate but equal."

    3. Hi Traci
      Thanks for stopping by and spending your valuable time in reading and understanding the importance of women empowerment. I am totally agree with you. Actually this is a guest post and the writer is a French Language professor in a Govt. College.

      And the girl who is mentioned in this post is her student and she is a good example of daring girl in the college.

      I hope you enjoyed this true story.

    4. very true Traci.. keep reading and guiding me with your ideas.. Thanks a ton

    5. I personally feel that we must come out of those narrow walls of gender nd start considering ourselves creation of God.. Thanks Lata Subramanian for sharing your valuable views..

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    1. Thanks +Rakshita Hegde for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this guest article written by Prof. Hemlata. Keep visiting and encouraging with your comments.