Wednesday 25 March 2015

Welcome to BlogingFundaFest - Come and Win 3 eBooks Free

Today we are feeling glad to announce the first ever BlogingFundaFest in our Blogging Journey and you are all invited to participate in this simple 30 days challenge of sharing your blogging skills. This will give you a chance to win 3 Free eBooks of professional bloggers in PDF format and you can download these eBooks once you become a winner. And we will write an introductory post for that winner on our blog. 
BlogingFundaFest by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Before I start writing about the basic requirement, you must know What is BlogingFundaFest?, so that you enjoy while writing and sharing your blogging skills with us through this BloggingContest.

What is BlogingFundaFest?

This is an online challenge for all bloggers in blogging community whether they are in our circle or not but still every one can participate in this BloggingContest started by BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

As you know that everyone is writing for their blogs or there are several other bloggers who write for others blogs as a guest bloggers. But we invites all types of bloggers to participate in this challenge of writing on a Single Topic for next 30 days without reusing those same to same paragraphs except the title or topic you choose for writing. Each post should not less than 300 words and also not exceeding more than 500 words. You can send one post per day through the below mentioned email id. But there are some rules you should follow before sending your entries. What are those rules? 

Rules to Participate

Before you start writing, you must know the basic principal behind this BlogingFundaFest among bloggers so that everyone's entry should get a chance to win 3 eBooks Free.
  1. Must be a member of BlogingFundaCommunity 
  2. Share this community after joining
  3. Follow us through Google Plus
  4. Subscribe to our email list
Above four rules are compulsory for everyone to participate in BlogingFundaFest started by BlogingFunda a community of bloggers.

Along with the above simple 4 rules, the participant must adhere some strict rules and without following these rules we will nt be in a position to get your entry approved.
  • A participant will have to send 30 entries, one per day
  • Participant can not change topic once submitted
  • Topic should not contain less than 300 words per entry
  • Topic should not contain more than 500 words per entry
  • It should not be written or posted before or till the end of this BloggingContest
When you have read and understand everything required to participate in BloginFundaFest, then the question which can arise to your mind that How you will send your entries to us?

So here is the answer of above simple question. You can send your entries on the below mentioned email id.

Send Your Entries

@ (Admin BlogingFunda) 

NOTE:- Do not forget to mention your Post title in the subject line of every email.
After getting your entries one of our community member will collect ll entries submitted by each participant and this process will be going on till the end of this BloggingContest. After that we will sort the best topics along with the best content and then we will publish all the 30 entries in a single post with all the credits of that participant.

The winner  then will be given a link for downloading 3 Free eBooks. So lets prepare for the next 30 days and loose your belt for sitting more time than usual.

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