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What is Micro Niche Blog?

How to find a Micro Niche Blog by BloggingFunda

As you all know that we are living in a world full of opportunities if we find the best way to capture those opportunities.

And internet provides an endless path of opportunities.

With every dip in the online ocean you can find thousand or even more than thousands methods of generating money through.

Did you ever find all the methods of earning money online? 

I hope you did not then worry not, in this post we will be discussing important tips about Niche and Micro Niche Blogs. 

Before we start discussing about the most trending term micro niche, we must know that what is the term niche or niche blog or niche blogging?

What is a Niche Blog?

It is a process or technique used while creating or setting up a new blog.

Also it is with the intent of using it to the relevant market based on a particular topic or subject is called Niche Blog or Niche Blogging. 

Before setting up a niche or micro niche blog you must know How to setup a Simple Blog?

In other words, when a blogger writes on a single topic in which he or she has an expertise in that particular area is termed as niche blogging.

How to choose a Profitable Niche Blog?

As per my experience, It is a terrifying question but this is an important one too.

See if you are committed to building a popular and profitable blog, you will just have to write, read, and talk about your blog topic almost every day for the next few years.

And if you want to be a successful blogger, you have to do that.

This way you will have to invest thousands of hours, quite literally gambling with your time for your blog success.

The main question is, how will you achieve this? 

Will you start writing and hope someone notices your content without your efforts? 

Or will you carefully research your blog niche or blog topic on which you are writing.

In this case you have to look for the precise angle that will make your content irresistible?

I have tried and I recommend the second approach is much beneficial that the first one.

It is never possible to know for sure whether people will like your content before you create it.

But keyword research sure helps. 

You can see how many people are searching for your topic in the search engines.

And you can use it to compare different topics to each other and gauge their popularity.

What are Most Beneficial Niche Blog Topics?

  • Food Blogs:- 

    This type of blogs help foodies to search different recepies of making food delicious with different ways. It is also used for circulating food related information globally. Also a food blog may contain the latest information about restaurants locally or globally.
  • News Blogs:- 

    A news blog is searched or used for getting all types of news or information around the word and around the clock. This is very useful in finding latest information on current topics. 

    Now a day these types of blogs have become so popular, they have created steep competition for traditional print newspaper and news magazines.

  • Health Blogs:-

    A health blog covers all information about health along with the methods or technical stuff being used for staying healthy. A health blog may also covers diverse health related concerns such as nutrition and diet, physical fitness, weight control(Lose or gain), about all types of diseases along with disease management system with an analysis about health etc. Now a day, almost everyone's concern is about how to be a physically healthy and mentally fit.
  • Political Blogs:- 

    Political blogs have gathered a huge crowd of online visitors in search of the current political affairs. But these types of blogs must be started with extra care because these are related with the high profile people and one have to write about if an only if he or she have sufficient proofs of said topic.

  • Fashion Blogs:- 

    These blogs are also become famous and these are sharing an explosive growth of the blogosphere. Fashion conscious consumers are offered an insider's view into the fashion industry. These blogs are used for spreading news about trendy fashionable or wearable goods.
  • Technical Blogs:- 

    Generally these blogs contain valuable information about latest and in trend technical stuff and that can be on Mobile Technology, Internet, etc. As you all know that this is an information technology oriented time and almost everyone love to hear latest technical news through technical blogs.

What are the Benefit of a Niche Blog?

There are numerous benefits of a niche blog. 

You can read online on different blogs about a Niche Blog. 

I am explaining about 4 best and most reasonable benefits of these niche blogs.

#1. Low Cost or No-Cost 

The best and the most significant reason for the popularity of niche blogging is the cost of setting up  niche blog. 

Niche bloggers can quickly and easily create a blog for free as there are several platforms are available which are offering free blog setup. 

In this way, the marketer can determine the viability of the selected niche before making a large investment of time and money in creating a blog . 

#2. Interest or Adaptability 

Did you know that visitor's interest in finding information changes frequently and you should know about the current changes.

So that you can get maximum readers towards your blog post and writing niche blog is best in fulfilling this requirement.

#3. Generating Traffic

I have written in above paragraph that a niche blog can get maximum readers online.

And if so, there it is no doubt that you will generate more traffic with your niche blog.

#4. Earning Online Money

If you are generating lots of unique visits or revisits then no one can stop you for generating online money with your blog. 

But you should know How to Start a Blog?

How to setup a Micro Niche Blog?

When everything about setting up a niche blog is well cleared and you have understand the principle or requirement of a niche blog then read below simple way to create a micro niche blog.

Now read carefully because the next part is very important part to setup a micro niche blog.

And if you know how to create a blog, then there is not much to worry about.

After setting up a niche blog the rest part will be taken care by the content of your blog. 

You just see the magic of your content.The exact tools to setup a micro niche blog.

Various Tools

  1. Register a Domain
  2. Register for hosting Service
  3. choose Relevant Keywords
  4. Perform on Page SEO for your Blog
  5. Proper Social Media Page Setup 
  6. Proper Social Media Linking with Blog
  7. Must be aware about google ranking
Building a micro niche blog requires good amount of time, patience and lots of dedication.

It also requires in-depth expertise in the topic you chose for writing on your blog. 

Where as, building a Micro-niche site, requires a perfect strategy to write, design and publish.  

Did you know, after Google Algorithm changes, niche sites are performing really well.

If you are a quality bloggers, you can always build a quality micro-niche blog, and earn a huge chunk of money from Advertising or other monetization techniques used in your blog.

Winding up

How did you find this post about setting up Niche or Micro Niche Blog? 

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