Wednesday 25 March 2015

18 Point to Remember that will Let the Professional Blogger Work for You

18 Do's and Don'ts by BlogingFunda
As we all know that Earning Online Money or monetizing a blog for earning money online is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. If you are truly passionate about writing and generating online passive income through your blogs then you must be an active blogger, regular blog writer, a good commenter on other blogs then no one can stop your blog to be the next successful blog. and with the time pass, you will also be a professional blogger.

These are few but must have qualities to achieve a milestone in blogging. For details keep a close eye on this post to understand the proper rules of blogging and Let the Professional Blogger work for you or you can say they they will guide you in your blogging journey, or they will help you wherever you face difficulty and finally they will write on your blogs.

Does it seem Tricky 

No, it is not a trick but just a way to let the other pro-bloggers work for your if you understand the basics of blogging. As you know that blogging is an interesting for every age group people and it can be written on any topic but there are some profitable niche blogs which can work for you in generating online money even if you are snoring. But How?

Well this question is quite simple to answer by asking some basic blogging related question to yourself. These questions should start with How-Tos. If you really want to earn a passive income through blogging then you must read these question before the start blogging as your career.

Let The Professional Blogger Work for You

Did you know that professional bloggers help you in becoming a successful blogger like them if you are passionate in delivering proper comments according to their blog content and if you really like and actively share their posts and communicate with them regularly. The identity of a pro-blogger is that they will never let you go wrong or do wrong with your blogs and guide you whenever you face any difficulty in setting up a blog, finding your blog niche, selecting optimized keywords etc. You just ask them for help, they will not deny.

For earning a passive money you have to start blogging within your blog niche and do not think that you alone will do all steps in building a strong or loyal readers of your blog. But this task would be achieved with the presence and help of professional bloggers. 

What You Should DO?

You just create your niche blog and start writing with dedication and rest should be left on the professional bloggers. If you are interacting genuinely and participating in social sharing with pro-bloggers then they will surely help you in achieving your goals in blogging. Now you should learn about "What is a niche blog?" if you don't know.

Now you will ask that why they would help you in making your blog a successful career. See this is a give and take in Blogging and we all must adhere this with honesty if we want a long time relationship with our readers. So keep an eye on below points to understand how the professional blogger will work for you.

TOP 10 Point To Remember

  1. Setup your niche blog - What is a Niche Blog? 
  2. Keyword Driven Blogging - What is KDB?
  3. SEO Keyword Selection - Download Free Keywords
  4. Regular writeup
  5. Proper formation of blog posts
  6. Reading other blog posts similar to your blog niche
  7. Commenting or interacting with professional bloggers
  8. In-depth knowledge about your niche
  9. Show your contact details Publicly 
  10. If a pro-blogger shared their email id then do not hesitate to write about the problems you are facing while writing your blogs
If you are remembering and taking care above 10 point carefully and writing your blogs according to the points then I am sure that professional blogger will also work for you in promoting your blog in their posts. You just interact with them regular basis and ask questions about how they succeed, or how they are writing their posts, or how they are interacting with their readers etc.

Don't Ignore These Eight DO-NOT

There are some other points which you should keep in mind while setting up a niche blog because if you are doing these silly mistakes then I am sorry to say that you will be kicked out soon from the blogging sphere by the bloggers because everyone want genuine blogger. So keep below point also in mind.

  • Do not Publish Cheap eBooks  

    If you really want to be a successful blogger then you must not publish a cheap eBook and avoid publishing any eBook while you are in your learning phase of blogging. Doing so will impact your blogging career badly and your career will reach to an end even it is not started. So make a note and keep ever in mind that do not publish an eBook unless or until you do not write a bundle of quality blog posts in your blog niche. If you do not know about a niche blog then I have something for your to Read Carefully

  • Do not be a Copy-Cat 

    What do you think about a Copy-Cat?See there are several definitions of this small phrase but in blogging if one blogger is copying and writing the same content whether in different format but content is same then this is called Copy-Cat and in blogging this has no space. You should be a genuine contributor in sharing your own idea in your niche blog. However most of the new bloggers do this mistake and their blogging journey ends before their bright future in the blogging career. So do not ever copy someone else content to write on your blogs and do not be a copy cat. 

  • Do not Ignore Guest Blogging 

    In blogging sphere the value of guest blogging is more than writing on self written blogs because you get huge amount of readers to your posts. This is the best way to make your brand in blogging. Some blogger do not understand the basic benefit of guest blogging. if you really want loyal readers of your posts then you must write guest posts to expose your area of expertise.

  • Do not Ignore Social Media Marketing 

    Now a day, social media marketing is the top most and best way of popularizing your blog among the readers and if you are using social media widgets on your blogs then surely you will get a huge response by actively participating with other social media contacts. If you do not know about how and where you can start this social media marketing by using these social widgets on your blog then I have something already written for you to start Free Social Media Marketing.

  • Do not Ignore Blog Readers 

    Your blog readers are the backbone of your content long life and if you are ignoring your readers then it will kick you out from the blogging sphere. You just actively engage with your readers and they will help you in achieving the height in blogging. In simple words "Do Not Ignore Blog Readers". 

  • Do not Spam Your Blog 

    While I have declare Social Media Marketing a top most way of advertising or marketing your blogs but make sure you are not spamming through social media. Because if you are doing so then this will make a negative impact on your popularity and people will start ignoring you and posts submitted by you.  You must use social media wisely and make sure this Do not harm or irritate anyone.

  • Do not Ignore On Page SEO 

    When you have read above points with carefully and ready to start your blogging career, you must take care one more point with utmost care. This is about Search Engine Optimization and you have to be very much clear on this topic. I suggest on page SEO for your blog as its result is much better in getting high search engine rank. For this you must use Optimized Keywords. If your primary goal is about online earning money through blogs and your blog niche is about blogging then I have something already written and uploading on my google drive account for you to read take a minute to click on the link and it will give you a PDF file to download for your use. Free Keywords Download for online earning money. 

  • Do not Spam Your Blog 

    The one and applicable for all blogger is that after when you have setup your blog and ready to travel in blogging sphere with your quality content, passionate about to start blogging journey, you must keep in mind that professional blogger are not professional bloggers in just one night. But they did hard work, day and night and had patience. Some pro-bloggers took few years in getting this Pro-Tag and you too should not expect overnight success in blogging.

So you do you like this post written with utmost care of grammatical error but still I am a human being and I request you to just concentrate on the core concept of this blog post and let me know if you find something irrelevant in this post.

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