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Top 3 Hosting Services for your Blog

Top 3 Hosting Services for your Blog
As I have already mentioned that Blogging is a wonderful career to start and now a days you can see several new bloggers are opting to this career. I also started blogging as my serious career and this month I have just completed my fifth anniversary in blogging. Before we discuss and analyze about hosting service provider, we must know that what is hosting and what make it different than free hosting.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a space to store your blogging content with other media like videos, images etc. It is an online space called hosting. When you search on any search engine about hosting service provide then the result shows a several web hosting providers and we stuck there because everyone is promising about their top service level among all. But if you really want the best hosting provider then you have to first go in the depth of their services portfolio and ask some basic questions about the service you want. For this I can help you in finding the best out of hosting provider crowd. If you find on google search engine just by typing "Best Hosting Services", then it will show you 'n' number of results for your search and you can then check the best hosting service according to your requirements. I suggest you to chose a low budget hosting service for your blog if you are a new blogger because once you establish your blog then any time you can upgrade to any plan as per requirement of your blog.

Paid vs Free Hosting Service

If you are starting a blog or you have considered an e-store, every newbie considers whether or not they should go with a free hosting plan or a paid hosting plan. Many people consider free hosting a bad start for online commerce. Even with blogs, free plans can be seen as a way of hurting yourself and will not go longer with you.

Before applying for either paid or free web hosting service, you must know the basic difference about both so that your valuable time could not get hampered. There are several factors that indicate for not to use a free web hosting. Have a close look on those factors for better understanding:-

Free Web Hosting

Paid Web Hosting

Less Server Speed

Less Disk Space

Limited Monthly Bandwidth

No Backup

 Faster Server Speed

 Unlimited / More Disk Space

 Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

 Regular Backup

Above are basic difference which you can find by registering to the free web hosting service provider or a paid web hosting provider company. There are several free hosting providers are available but you must start your blogging career with a paid and best webs hosting provider. Because when we are dealing with any free service or goods then it is not actually free and we should look some better options to establish a quality blog.

Free isn't Free Actually

Did you know that a free hosting service is not really free and how do you suppose that a company which offers free web hosting, from where they make money to run their operation? The answer is simple and that is money through advertising.

I must ask that do you also know, free web hosting companies need to make money somehow?. They do this by inserting advertising into your page. You have no control over what advertising is shown.

Top 3 Web Hosting Service Provider

For this post I have a solid experience about hosting and hosting provider companies. See as per my experience there are TOP 3 companies which are providing the worlds best hosting services as described from top to bottom (As per my opinion). However it may vary person to person.
  1. SiteGround
  2. BlueHost
  3. BigRock 

SiteGround Hosting Provider

As per technical terms and my own experience, I suggest SiteGround is the number one among all hosting provider I have used services of. I know that It is a matter of personal experience about anything new to join but still I will first go with SiteGround. It is offering 4 services in hosting parameter as mentioned below:-
  • Share Hosting 
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting 
  • Dedicated Servers

BlueHost Hosting Provider

This is the second best hosting provider company and it is most famous among the bloggers who have expertise on wordpress blogging paltform. But I don't suggest to new bloggers to start blogging immediately on wordpress, because it is not as easy as Blogspot blogs. Once you spent good time on blogspot then you can easily migrate to wordpress blogging and Bluehost for hosting purposes.
  • Share Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPs Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

This is an Indian web hosting provider and it is India's number one hosting provider among several others. I have started my career with BigRock and later switched to several others for testing purposes. It is the best as per below offered services one can rely on.
  1. Share Hosting

    1. Linux Hosting
    2. Windows Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting

    1. Linux Reseller Hosting
    2. Windows Reseller Hosting
  3. Specialized hosting

    1. WordPress Hosting
    2. CMS Hosting 
    3. Ecommerce Hosting
So, I hope I have written this post in details in terms of the Top 3 Web Hosting Services Provider and if you liked this then you may subscribe to my emailing system for best posts on blogging sphere.


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