Friday 20 March 2015

33 Keywords To Earn Money Online - FREE

How to Earn Money Online?

The purpose of this article is to show you "How to Earn Money with Your Blog" just by using 33 Keywords which you will be downloading these keywords absolutely free and the downloadable link is in the below section of this post. So don't miss the opportunity to earn a passive income from your blog post written using these free keywords of making money online.

Simple Question

May I ask a simple question that "Whoever from you all want to earn money online through blogging? and I guess you are not alone. As you can check online with the help of Google search engine that more and more bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium of earning and
blogging is better than 9 to 5 job. Whether it be to earn a few extra dollars a week to feed their coffee habit, or making enough money to stop them having to get a part time job to get through college, or whether they have got it to a point where they are able to make a full time living from their blogging. There are tens of thousands of bloggers who earn money with their blogs. But everyone is not lucky as that because most of the blogger don't know that how and what keywords are to be used while writing for their blog.

What are Keywords? 

It is good to explain about Keywords before giving you the download link because without understanding keywords, you will not take full benefits after using these in your blog post. The purspose of this post is to share only keywords to Earn Money Online and if you are not using these keywords properly or in proper content then I am sorry to say that you will just waste your time in producing a meaningless post and that would not be my mistake. So don't do that. Lets have a look at a glance on  the topic "What are Keywords?".

Keyword Explanation

In online search, a keyword is a word or phrase that is the backbone of a topic of significance. Every searchers use keywords as a way to identify and shortlist he solutions of their problem or topic in which they are looking for more information about.

In short, a word which acts as the key to a cipher or concept of great significance is called a Keyword.

Keyword Types 

Did you know that keywords are of two types? I hope you knew about but if you don't then worry not below section will tell you about both types and the benefits or negative impact.

  1. Short Tail Keywords

  2. Long Tail Keywords

Long-Tail vs Short-Tail

While writing a blog post you will come across a mixture content full of short-tail and long-tail keywords and this will happen naturally. Both can be used to support your SEO ranking.

Short Tail Keywords

These are the root keywords that pertain to a particular topic, product or service and it starts and sometime ends with one word to  2-3 words. It represents a single idea. Short-tail words and phrase have more traffic potential than longer phrases but the negative impact on blogging is that they are harder to rank better for your blog in the search engines.

Long Tail Keywords

These keywords are further extensions of short words and phrases. The longer phrases help you attract a very specific audience every time when someone or a bunch of visitors will try to search with any word included in the long tail keyword. It’s also easier to rank well for these phrases, due to the reduced level of competition.

Why do you need Keywords?

Keep your attention on choosing keywords because these are the foundation of your blog content which are are going to write or publish online and the topic of every page and what it is about should tie directly back to a keyword or keyword phrase in terms of short or long tail keywords. these keywords will also help visitors and potential customers understand the purpose of your blog content. When reading the content of the page, a visitor will often scan for the keywords they searched for.  

The second most effective benefit of using these keywords is that it helps search engines understand the purpose of your blog. When a search engine crawls your blog content or blog pages to index them it will parse the keywords on the page to determine the purpose of your blog.

how to Download Free Keywords?

Now when everything is clear and you have understand the core concept of using optimized keywords then it is time to download the Free 33 Keywords to Earn Money Online. For this just click on the below download link and it will open a new tab or windows according to your browser settings, with a share or open dialogue box. You can save or direct open the PDF format file for your use.

Thanks for reading this post about 33 Free Keywords to Earn Money Online. How did you like this post, drop your comments or suggestion because this will boost my writing skills and I will write more informative posts for every new blogger.

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