Monday 16 March 2015

5 Reasons Users Leave Your Blog

5 Reasons Users Leave Your Blog

What makes someone Leave a Blog?

If you want to keep your blog in healthy position then it is my personal experience to not to use infographic on any blog. 

These are heavy in size and take more time in downloading while opening blog, also more expensive to get it designed or if you know how to create then this is a time consuming task. 

It takes so much of internet bandwidth to download  /upload and that decreases the interest of your blog visitor to visit again. 

So don't use infographic often on your every post or every blog.

Why I am against the use of INFOGRAPHIC?

This is very simple to explain and I think most of you ever face problems of slow loading the infographic enabledd content of any blog. 

See, while opening a blog if we face slow downloading of infographic images then either we will close that blog or we will never visit again because, for everyone "Time is Money". As research already proven that every blogger is working for earning money with their blogs and if one will not revisit on your blogs then what will you earn with your blog, Nothing.

5 Reasons Users Leave your Blog?

Everyone want potential customers but it is hard enough. While grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult.

So it is important to design your blog in  an eye catching  so that user frustration is kept to a minimum, thereby for maximizing customer retention. 

We had also faced this when we started writing blogs in 2010 but later with hard work and ever ready to understand the concept of user requirement or expectation along with in-depth research about the topic, now we are able to write about the cons and pron of using infographic.
  • Improper Navigation

  • Too Many Advertisements

  • Improper Content Structure

  • Registration Requirement Request

  • Lack of Regular Updates

Above 5 reasons users leave your blog and will never come back. Now below is the explanation with "How to Fix it?" for your understanding and making correction on your blog from designing to content writing.
  1. Improper Navigation 

    If you have designed a blog with all the features as discussed in my post about 7 Secret of blogging then too yo have to make sure that it should be very easy for others to find the relevant information on your blog with the proper navigation system. Every link should be marked with correct small piece of information that what will happen if your click this link.  

How to FIX IT? 

Your blog navigation should be logical and easy to understand for all and always try grouping navigational links. If there are several links or pages with multiple link then you must add site map. Take care of below point while creating a navigational links.
  • Use Navigation Menubar either on top or left/right side of your blog
  • User similar different colors combination of Link, Active Link and Visited Link navigation.
  • Use same color combination on all the pages to understand visitors about it.
  1. To Many Advertisements

    Applying for advertisement is good to monetize your blog but too many ads on a single page will only suffocate to your blog visitors. Click Here For Example

    So it is advisable to use minimum ads and if possible avoid on home page. Also popup ads are most worse for your blogs.

  2. Improper Content Structure

    If your blog is designed with improper content structure the it can destroy your conversion and retention rates. Make your content easy to find (especially contact information). Don't make complicated things by showing duplicate content across multiple pages that could easily be written on one page.

How to FIX IT?

Always include introductory content in details on about page and a small introductory content on first page with a link to about page. Group similar content in a clear, concise way. It should be easy to understand by the visitor, not you.

Consider using bold headings in addition to highlighting certain keywords that visitors may be searching for.
Consider using bold headings in addition to highlighting certain keywords that visitors may be searching for.

  1. Registration Requirement

    Do not use pop-ups that require visitors to register before they can see content. How ever while scrolling you can show  email subscription pop-up with a request form. Also do not use excessive pop-ups, this will disturb your visitors.

    How to FIX IT?

    Always avoid putting up barriers between you and your visitors. If you think that a free information or ebook will be given to the visitors only to the registered users then, it should be clearly mentioned.
  2. Lack of Regular Updates

    Blogs which are not getting regular updates are not getting attention by any search information though these blogs contains valuable information. Search Engine Optimization requires proper or frequent updation of the blog.

    How to FIX IT?

    Keep your content always current and update your blogs regularly. did you know that not only will this boost the interest level in you blog, it will also contribute to higher rankings on search engines.

    Always add content which should be as per your blog niche. Regular writing is an easy way to keep a blog fresh.
Before Writing this useful post, I visited several blogs and it took few days in understanding the failure of those blogs. If you have further question or any suggestion relevant to this title of the blog then you are most welcome.

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