Friday 13 March 2015

7 Blogging Secret to Make a Professional Blog

7 Blogging Secret to Make a Professional Blog

How to make a Professional Looking Blog 

Without Spending Money?

More than thousands of blogs are being written daily basis on all the platforms used for blogging. And I don't think that every new blog is started by setting the basic requirement to setup a blog. Most of the bloggers, immediately gets started writing their content without even thinking about the layout of their blogs. After sometime when they feel the need of changing their look then, they face problems in doing so, in most of the cases except few who are either technically strong or higher services for doing the needful.

How to start a Blog?

Before starting a blog, you must know How to start a Blog with proper formatting of your blog, so that it should give a professional look to your readers. It is not an easy task of doing so but I will give you plenty of methods of creating a blog with professional look even without spending money on your blog. Now one question may arise in your minds that what is the difference in a simple blog and a professional looking blog?  I am here to give answer for this multimillion dollar question for new bloggers.

What is a Simple Looking Blog?

A Simple Looking Blog (SLB) means that you publish it with the default theme of layout of a blog which is by default set by the blogging platform and you just write your content to publish on that default blogger template without modifying its original theme.

What is a Professional Looking Blog?

 A Professional Looking Blog (PLB) means that either you are using a pro-theme after paying its paid price or you yourself creating a pro-look as most of the pro-bloggers are doing to get more reader by attracting them with their good looking blog themes.

Apart from above, there are several other features which make a blog more healthy and seo rank better than a simple blog look.

What are the Features in a Professional Looking Blog?

There are lots of features available in a pro-blog or pro-theme. The most effective features are mentioned below:-
  • You can use your copyright information
  • You can manipulate the design according to your content
  • You can make copyrighted content on your post
  • No one can challenge your authority of blog
If you are using your Blog for Money then there are more chances that you will be ranked higher in the Search Engine Optimization because only a pro-theme has all the features which are required for optimizing a blog in search engine optimization. This is itself a vast topic to discuss and I will share with you soon. Now getting back on the current topic of making professional looking blog.

Now take a closer look because we are going to demonstrate the 7 secrets to make professional blog. 

What are those Features?

Apart from above mentioned features of professional blog, you can use below trick to make professional look of your blog. whether you are using a free blogging template on your blogs as I did on this blog.
  1. Use proper color combination of text vs layout
  2. Use same font style for your each post
  3. Proper alignment should be there for blog content
  4. Use of relevant images should be there
  5. Use your own created images with proper tagging
  6. Use attractive social sharing method for your blogs
  7. Use fascinating social sharing buttons for your blog images
Here is the list for best websites, which are offering influencer marketing by creating attractive styles of social sharing according to the requirement of your blog. i am mentioning those which I'm using on my blogs.
  • Social Sharing Network - Use social sharing network in your blogs and sharing your blogs post every time you write a new post. As per my experience the best social sharing platforms are as follows:-
    • Shareaholic - The all-in-one content amplification platform. It will take your content to the next level.
    • Markerly - This will amplify your blog content along with images.
  • Blog Logo - Always use a logo instead of blog title because a blog logo give a feel like a brand.
  • Find your Niche - Before starting to write, find your blog niche. This will help you boosting relevant readers
  • Create your Email List - Like professional blogs, you must create your email list through your blog as most of the pro-blogger doing.
  • Value of your Reader - If you have already your blog readers and they are commenting on your posts then it should be your duty for back their credit by replying on their comments.
  • Regular Update - Your blog should be updated regularly with the latest in-trend content or topics within your blog niche.
  • Do not spam - A pro-blogger will never spam their blog urls blindly. If it is required to post on several social medias manually then a suitable text should be suuplied along with the blog path.
I hop now it is clear to your about the 7 secrets to make a professional blog. Now it is your turn to share your views in comments and you can also sent me an ****Email**** regarding this.

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