Monday 13 July 2015

What Experts are saying about eMail Subscription Tools?

email subscription tools a review by BloggingFunda

Whether you are a new blogger or already setup your blog or you have a large base of your readers.

Then too, you must take care while using any eMail Subscription Tool or Opt-In forms on your blog, because it ma harm your over all performance of blogs, if you do not choose the right tool for your blog. Do you know how?

See, if you want to convert your visitors Into Subscribers & Customers, you must use a perfect tool which should have all the features inbuilt.

What are main features of Opt-in Forms?

Answer:-  However there may be different features of each tool. But still there are few common features which one should take care before using any email subscription tool. 

For your convenience, I am mentioning only major features that one email tool should have. So take care about these main features and forget all and rest will be taken care by the tool itself.

6 Main Features of any eMail Subscription Tool

  • Lets you create beautiful opt-in forms 
  • Generate easy to upload code for installing
  • It should really help convert visitors into subscribers
  • It should work on any website or blog
  • It should be optimized for all devices including mobile and tablets 
  • It should provide Every type of Opt-in form
    • Popover
    • Embedded
    • Top Bar
    • Scroll Box
    • Sidebar Form
Before using any of the opt-in form or email subscription tool, one must ask few questions to themselves, so that it should not effect worst on your blogging experience after using these tools. I am sharing few questions which are mostly asked by me to self before using any tool helpful for my blog.

email subscription tools a review by BloggingFunda
  • What Features should be Present?
  • Is it providing easy code for installing?
  • Is code generating and embedding is easy?
  • Is it providing A/B Testing feature?
  • Is it providing Page Level Targeting?
  • Is there Entry or Exit Technology available?
  • Is there any option of Analytic is available?
Apart from above questions, you must ask and explore the answers to satisfy the need of using email subscription tool or opt-in forms.I am giving those extra questions with answer with my own experience.

Who should use these tools?

Answer:- Well it depends on the owner of the blog or website. Because, if you really want to be a successful blogger then you must take care of all the features of your blog which you are using to increase readers.

If you want to read some of my questions which I thought before using email subscription tool then you can read below as per your convenience.

Who should use eMail Subscription Tool?

Answer:- The perfect solution for internet marketers, blogs, developers, and any other business which has presence on the internet is using any email subscription tool. Basically if you want to grow your email subscribers and improve your lead generation, then you need to use these tools.

What's required to use any eMail Subscription Tool?

Answer:- It should work on any website on any platform. Whether you use blogspot or wordpress, it should be easy to install. So that a non technical blogger easily can install the selected opt-in form or email subscription tool coding on their blog or website.

Will email Subscription Tool slow down websites?

Answer:- It depends on the service provider of these tools and as per my opinion, your traffic should not be disturbed by any tool being used by you on your website or blog. And if it is done wrongly then, you will loose your valuable reader. So take utmost care with this point.

Do I need coding skills to use eMail Subscription Tool?

Answer:- No, now a days, when everything is going to be automated, then this tool should also be automated and hence it should not require to learn any technical knowledge for installing the code to your blog.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Answer:- Yes, the money back guarantee should be there. So that one can feel secure by using these tools on their blogs or website.


Now, I think I have cleared all the doubts about using any email subscription tool or opt-in form and one can easily get answer to their queries about these tools.

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