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Beginners guide for ABC of Blogging - 50 Steps of Blogging

Beginners guide for ABC of Blogging with 50 steps for Blogging by BloggingFunda

If I am not wrong, you have already read my post on in-depth study of blogging.

It is written on finding the keyword for further Keyword Research and it includes the 7 steps of Keyword Research.

I hope you enjoyed my previous posts and thanks once again for your kind visit.

Let me tell you the truth that I am getting a fruitful change after adapting these steps in my blogging.

You too can use these 7 steps for researching the density of a keyword.  You can also check or research the popularity of your collected keywords.

Don't worry I am not joking or laughing at you, if you don't know much about blog and blogging but I can bet that after reading this post, you can too start your blogging as a serious career, if you will read about the basics of blogging as well as advanced blogging skills.

If you are following my basic tips about blogging then I am sure you can compete other top ranked blogs.

Also, if you are passionate about blogging and really want to know that  "How and where to start Blogging? ", then below are the 50 steps of blogging.

This is a beginners guide for ABC of Blogging.

What is ABC of Blogging?

The ABC of blogging consists of 3 layers of blogging which every blogger has to built to be a successful blogger.

Is may be possible that you already know about these terms but still I think it has to be publish here because most of the bloggers start their blogging career in hurry.

This is not the right way and one should avoid hurry in blogging because this kills your passion, enthusiasm and courage of writing when you do not see your blog progress or blog success.

3 layers of blogging with tips & tricks by BloggingFunda

3 Layers of Blogging

Layer A - The Beginner Level of Blogging

Layer B - The Intermediate Level of Blogging

Layer C - The Advance Level of Blogging 


Now let me discuss about each layer of blogging so that you feel comfortable while making your mind about start blogging.
Ever keep in mind that blogging is not a get quick rich scheme. You will be succeeded in blogging, if an only if you are passionate about blogging.
There are few must have qualities in a blogger to start blogging:-
  • You should be passionate about blogging
  • Do not be a copy cat
  • Write original content
  • Patience should be your first quality
  • Dedication is required
  • You should be a listener
  • Reading quality should also be there
  • An analytical mind is required to squeeze the result
  • A creative mind is required to create exploded content
  • Frequency of writing should be maintained
  • You should know how to use social media well

Layer A - The beginner level of Blogging

When you are a new to blog and blogging, then there are some basic steps of blogging, a blogger should follow to start their blog. 
You just need to follow these steps to be a beginner level blogger.
Make sure you do not skip any of the step, if you want to get 100% result from your day one of blogging.

16 steps of Blogging Layer - A

This layer consists 16 steps of blogging which a beginner level blogger need to prepare before jumping to this blogging ocean.

These are not difficult to understand, but require lots of time and understanding in fulfilling all 16 steps of beginner level blogging.    
  1. Planning about Blogging 
  2. Think or choose the topic you like
  3. Collect relevant information 
  4. Create a checklist of Do's and Don'ts 
  5. Selection of headlines or titles 
  6. Selection of sub-headlines or titles 
  7. Grouping all headlines or titles 
  8. Optimize your titles or headlines 
  9. Prepare draft of content 
  10. Create visual content 
  11. Optimize your graphics 
  12. Add graphics at appropriate place
  13. Preview your draft
  14. Check mistake of grammar 
  15. Analyze your blog content
  16. Publish your content
Above 16 steps are must to know and follow by every new blogger to start their blogging journey.
Also these steps are from scratch or start of your blog until publish your blog for the very first time or every time when you publish your new post. 

Layer B - 17 steps of Intermediate level Blogging

This layer consist of 5 steps along with 12 sub-steps, a total of 17 steps of blogging which is called intermediate level of blogging.

In blogging this is also called the 2nd step of blogging. Most of the bloggers who completed their first level of blogging or Layer A of blogging, sometimes ignores few of these steps.

But be alert while blogging, because every step is unique and you have to master each step.

17 steps of Blogging Layer - B 

  1. Creating blog menubar 
    • Adding blog pages
    • Removing blog pages
      Creating Blog Pages to build Menubar by BloggingFunda
  2. Easily understand blog statistics
    • How to check traffic source
    • How to check blog audience
      Understanding Blog Statistics by BloggingFunda
  3. Easily understand about blog layout
    • Change blog layout
    • Adjust blog layout width
      Understanding Blog Layout by BloggingFunda
  4. Easily understand Blog template
    • Customize template
    • Download template
    • Upload template
      Customize Blog Template by BloggingFunda

      Download or Upload Blog Template by BloggingFunda
  5. Advanced blog settings
    • Enable / disable blog comments
    • How to add meta tags Description
    • What is backlinks  How to Enable or Disable Blog Comments by BloggingFunda
How to add meta tag description of a Blog by BloggingFunda

Now it is time to re-format your blog with the other inbuilt features like a profession look of other blogs or websites.

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Layer C - 6 steps of Advanced Level of Blogging

This layer consists only 3 steps with 6 sub-steps but each one is most effective step of blogging and if you really want to be an expert in blogging then take care and understand these steps.

This layer is also called the expert level of blogging and you must go through these 9 steps to master whole blog and blogging.

6 steps of Blogging Layer - C

  1. Blog Tools
    • Import a Blog
    • Export a Blog
    • Delete a Blog
      How to import a blog - BloggingFunda

      How to export a blog - BloggingFunda

      How to delete a Blog - BloggingFunda
  2. Blog Permissions
    • Create Blog Author
    • Create Blog Admin
      How to create admin or author for a blog - BloggingFunda
  3. Other setting of Blog 

Blogging Tips & Tricks

Apart from above, one must follow some very useful tips & tricks to compete in online industry and if you are using these tips then you can easily fetch large readers towards your blog posts.

Have a look on the tips and tricks to follow:
  • Write from Scratch
  • Crystal clear Concept
  • Give reference of other blogs & bloggers
  • Think beyond the already written content
  • Use visual content or graphics wherever required
  • Use relevant examples or quotes to enhance readers interest
  • Engage with your readers by replying to their comments
  • Answer all queries your blog will generate after posting

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Now if you have followed above tips, it is time to spread the essence of your writing skills to the online readers.

How to Promote your Blog?

For this use several social networking sites or the one you are comfortable with and use below steps to make the most of your contacts.

  1. Actively use any Social Media i.e. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LookBook etc.
  2. Promote your content
  3. Participate in social activities
  4. Start engaging with your followers
  5. Use forums and participate in ongoing discussion
  6. Ask questions from your audience about the content
  7. Give Instant reply to others questions if asked by them 
  8. Re-schedule your published post after some interval of time

"Blogging Should be Crystal Clear and Easy to understand" Tweet: Blogging Should be Crystal Clear and Easy to understand

I hope you understand the concept of blogging. Now enjoy your blogging journey and all the best for your bright future in blogging.

Don't shy, do get back to me if you face any problem or difficulty in understanding any of these steps of blogging.

One thing more, I have left one thing intentionally in this post so that you can tell me that this is not mentioned here or is left for writing in my total steps of points.
Now it is your turn to share this post in your circle to show your gratitude. 

Thanks for reading this post till the end and I hope you enjoyed and learned some new thing for your blogging.

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