Wednesday 16 September 2015

What is the Best way to Increase Search Traffic?

What is the Best way to Increase Search Traffic? How to increase organic search traffic? by BloggingFunda

How to increase Organic Search Traffic?

Everything in blogging just depends on the search engine traffic.

And the search engine traffic should be organic not paid.

Do you know that?

I guess you know about.


"Organic search traffic is more profitable than the paid traffic."
-Mohinder Paul Verma 

There are three types of traffic and we must understand about each before making any strategy to increase search traffic.

What are the best three types of traffic?

As mentioned in the above quote, Organic Search Traffic is the best among the below three types of traffic.
  1. Organic Search Traffic
  2. Paid Search Traffic
  3. Referral Traffic

Increase Search Engine Traffic

To increase search engine's organic traffic, you must change your blog template setting to show post title before the blog title.

Post title and blog title both are very important for search engine optimization of your blog.

And you must know how to customize and use for better search engine traffic because both appear in search results and most importantly appear as a clickable link.

Before customization of your blog and post title, we must know about both terms.

What is the meaning of Blog title?

Blog title is the first element of your blog which can be read by the search engine and seen by the human eye while search through any search engine.

Blog title is a unique element in blogging. This can not be changed either itself nor it is changed by the blog owner.

If one does so then that blog will be effected negatively in terms of search traffic and search engine ranking. 

What is the meaning of Post title?

Post title is the second element of any blog. This is not unique like blog title.

Every post should have a new title relevant to its content. However you can make series of post with the same title.  

Which is better, a blog title or a post title?

A blog title shows the main theme of a blog and a post title shows the theme of your content which is being written in that particular post.

So both, a blog or a post title have their own importance in blogging.

Do you know the Best way to Increase Search Traffic?

If you are aware that how to increase search traffic then this post is not meant for you. However you can share your knowledge with others

But you can contribute by sharing this post in your circle, so that others can take benefit from this post.

And, if you are a new blogger or has not implemented this trick with your blog, then you must read and make necessary changes in your blog's template to take maximum benefits of organic search traffic.

How to increase Search Engine Traffic?

This is a simple trick that anyone can do it alone without taking anyone's help. You can do these changes in just seven simple steps.

Now note down the 7 steps to show post title before blog title.

7 Steps to Show Post Title Before Blog Title

Step1 :- Login to your account
Step2 :- Click on Template
Step3 :- Click on Edit HTML

Step4 :- Press Ctrl+F to search the below code:

<title><data:blogTitle /></title>

Once the above code is found by your search query, 

Step5 :- Replace that with the following code: 

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType= =&quot;itemquot;'>


 <data:blog.pageName />|<data:blog.title>



 <data:blog.PageTitle /></title>


Step6 :- Save the template, and you are done.

Now, whenever you will write a post, the post title will show before the blog title. This will sure going to increase your search engine traffic.

Do you know why this is so?

Because, we use our search keywords in the post title and not in the blog title. In other words, we can not stuff our blog title with several keyword for each post.

The reason behind is that google search engine only searches first 66 characters and we place our keywords in each post title so it is more beneficial to show post title before blog title. 


How post title before blog title is a little trick and we are in process of teaching each and everything about the blogger template.

If you think that this post is worth for you and others as well, then please share this within your circle.


  1. This is a simple trick but it has a very strong impact on search engine ranking search engine traffic. Thanks for sharing this trick

    1. Hi Usha
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the post. It will encourage me to write more and more to help new bloggers.